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    A World In My Head!!

    Surrender to the Storm

    by , 10-14-2010 at 03:54 AM (480 Views)
    October 13, 2010

    Synopsis: A very symbolic dream of a storm destroying my home. Futile. Surrender.

    Surrender to the Storm

    A hurricane ravages my home town. Already, all the homes around are deep under water. My home, made of cardboard, has been spared from the flood from the little hill its sitting on. I run home, passing by bursting gullies. I think, "I still have time to save my belongings!". But when I got home, my little cardboard home was flopped over and all soggy.

    There was nothing left inside because the winds blew it away. The water is still rising and now I'm in threat of drowning. I leave my home and escape out of the city, treading waist deep.

    My dream fades away, and now I'm in a city. I guess this is my new home now. My family went to some lame movie I didn't want to go see. And my friends went to a death metal rock concert, which wasn't my thing. So I just went for a stroll in the city by myself. Not that it was lonely, it was like the crowded streets of New York.

    Suddenly a burst of lightning erupts and a group of innocent people vaporize! I look up to see one nasty storm over head! If ever a storm could be pissed, well, this is one pissed off looking storm.

    The clouds condense over the tallest building, engulfing the highest floors of the building. There are thousands of people now watching the spectacle. Im worried now because this is the building my friends concert is in! I try to get closer, pushing through the crowd.

    All the windows from the building have been bursted, as if the weight of the dark clouds are crushing the building! Scared now, I scream my friends name! But then I logically decide that the building was evacuated and my friends are safe some where in this massive crowd.

    Nearby I see another building making a mass exodus. Its where my family were watching a movie. I find them, but their confused why they were kicked out. They have no idea how nasty this storm is, vaporizing people with its lightning strikes.

    The dream fades away into a new one. I'm in an apartment complex, I guess this must be my new home. Me and my sister change our shoes, and go for a walk in the light drizzling rain. Which felt nice when you aren't so worried about getting wet.

    For a brief moment I became lucid, but went along with the dream. I was just happy to see that the apartment I'm living in this dream was a new one. Even if the old folks were still around, any change felt good. After having a weird bathroom-dream moment, I woke up.

    Edit: After reviewing my night time notes, there was something I forgot. At some point I'm told that this dream is about the Story of One

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