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    A World In My Head!!

    Time Travel with Friends

    by , 10-31-2013 at 11:46 PM (277 Views)
    October 30, 2013

    review: non lucid, adventure dream, low memory. I join new friends, meet a cute guy and time travel

    Time Travel with Friends
    I'm the newest member of a group of young time travelers. Most of them are in high school, but the group is really a mix of all ages. Either way, we meet at the high school. The members would just skip class and we would meet in a secluded room.

    Mostly we just chilled and hanged out, I felt like I joined a group of hippies. Most of the hangouts included stories of most recent adventures. My dream gets a bit fuzzy, but one of my first adventures was to a waterfall, hidden away in some forgotten temple like place.

    My new friends wanna skinny dip, but one of our older members, a woman of about 45, feels too embarrassed to undress. My friend, Richmond, ensures her that she's beautiful and that no one in the group cares about her age.

    My and Richmond were growing real close. His girlfriend is still time traveling in the past, but Richmond still insists on being closer to me, more and more through our adventures. I was falling for him.

    I wasn't the only one in the group developing a complex relationship. There was also a pair of inseparable best friends. By the looks of it, you'd think they were both guys, just two best pals. But in reality, one of them was actually a tom boy. She was madly in love with her best friend. But her best friend? He was idiot who had no idea that his best friend, is actually a she. She was so embarrassed, "how do I tell him I'm actually a girl?" Oh well

    Richmond is driving me to the new location of our adventure, just before waking up he steals a kiss.

    I immediately fall back asleep into the same dream. Richmond and the group is planning their next trip, this time through time. I'm not missing my first trip through time!!

    We were split into three time traveling teams. The first one was sent out on a pirate ship. But their transition into space-time went all wrong, and they were gone forever. The remaining teams understood the risks, but were crazy and don't car.

    My team with Richmond is waiting for our magical bus to arrive. Suddenly I need to pee. I quickly use the toilet, I can't miss my ride! When I get back the bus is fully loaded (in my dream it looked like a shoe box filled with items). There were no seats left for me! NO WAY! I'm not missing this ride!

    I double check the seats again, some of them didn't have people, just random items. Why does the bible need its own seat?? I scoot aside the bible and take the front seat, which was next to Richmond. Someone hollers from the back "if you're going to take the bible seat then you have to tell us biblical stories when we get there!" "fine!" Whatever!

    I squeeze down into the seat, which was hard at first because it was a shoe box. But slowly my dream goes back to sanity, and I'm safely boarded inside of a roller coaster. The clerk double checks our belts.

    "All ready for space-time travel!"

    I'm scared! I look over at Richmond and he seems annoyed that I'm sitting next to him. It's his fault he flirted with me when he has a girlfriend! The ride starts! Its just like a roller coaster!

    "Hold my hand!!" Richmond smiles and obliges

    And were off, flying through space-time, galaxies, stars, planets. Were entering our destination. Team 2 screws up and is lost somewhere in space time.

    Just before landing Richmond turns to me and asks sternly "What is it that you want from our relationship? What do you hope to gain?" And I answer "Your friendship!" With that he smiled and stopped acting weird

    We land safely. It's earth, pre-war era. Not exactly fun. This time period is stiff and has all sorts of social norms and rules that would hold our group back. Already members are complaining that the bar is closing early.

    The city was dreary, as if in black and white. A security guard walks out from a building. "Quick act natural!" We quickly scurry and try to blend in. For us female members this past really sucks because we weren't exactly equal citizens. Still it was an adventure.

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