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    A World In My Head!!

    Two Punks - Chase Dream

    by , 07-27-2012 at 04:37 AM (469 Views)
    July 26, 2012

    Synopsis: two men break into the house and then chase me

    Two Punks
    Im in a mansion again, living with friends and family. Our happy little world was ruined when two guys decide to break in. It was broad daylight and they had no shame. They busted into my bedroom, attacked my friends and started to tear the place apart.

    I wanted to get their attention away from my friends, so I attacked them using magic "over here!"

    They focus on me now and I jump out the window. They followed me as I planned, now I just have to lose them. I fly over the stone wall (dream wall) and on top was an abstract landscape. It looked like a maze arranged with potted plants in giant concrete planters.

    The plants are too short, they can see me. I couldn't lose them in the maze. I was hoping to find a forest to hide into, but the maze led to a wide clearing instead. Damn.

    They're still following me. I take a sharp turn to the left and find some city folk to mingle with. Theres some sort of festival or concert going on in the park. I thought for sure Ive lost them in the crowd.

    Just past the crowd was a forest - yay! I race towards the forest when - the two guys step out of the crowd and block my way.

    "Going some where?"

    I didn't like their feeling. They didn't feel like the rest of the dream characters. I wake up, but its actually a FA.

    I felt uncomfortable, as if two entities were in my bedroom - just hiding in the corner. It was daylight in my FA. I write on the wall in big fat letters - MICHEAL. As in Archangel Micheal. The wall was already doodled with stars, ready for me to write his name.

    I felt more comfortable and went back to sleep - which made me wake up for real.

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