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    1. Dream Journaling about IOSDP - Martian Redblood

      by , 01-22-2017 at 06:41 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Jan 22, 2017

      Notes: Dreamed I was deam journaling about IOSDP members, dreamed of Mars
      Total sleep: 8-9 hours
      Techniques: meditation, focus on ardem glade as I fell asleep
      Fell Asleep: 2 am ish (late!)

      Dream Journaling IOSDP
      I get up from bed excited to dream journal about my experience. Apparently I had just dreamed with Windy and she was giving me dream lessons. Now, I don't actually remember that experience, just that I'm happy to dream journal about it. But as I open my dream journal, I notice that Windy wasn't the only member I just met. Apparently I had an entry that was about meeting Katsuno and Sensei they were also giving me dream related lessons. There were also other members in this dreamtime class, but I cant remember specifically who. I just kept rereading the dream journal entry to see if it would jog my memory.

      Afterwards I got up and ate breakfast, peanut butter puff cereal that turned invisible when I poured my almond milk on them.

      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7?
      Awareness: non lucid
      Length: 25 minutes
      Emotions: Excitement, curiousity, hunger
      Dream Signs: IOSDP, dream journal
      Awake: 8 am-ish and into the next dream

      Martian Redblood
      I'm one of the last remaining martians. Were indigenous to this planet, we look human enough, and most martians have left this dead world to live on earth instead. I'm of the Red Blood family line. Most of the Blue Bloods have interbred with humans. I'm walking around a ruined building remniscing younger times, when this community was more lively. And apparently I'm a warrior son....

      I'm by a building that from a distance you would think its just a rocky hill. The top is flat and for ceremonial purposes. But there's so staircase or anything to get up there. Then I remembered what my father taught me, its a test of athleticism to get up there. Its "staircase" is actually this strange material that's spiraling around the building going to the top. If you stand to long on it it'll fall down, so you have to run and jump your way up there. At first I thought, this makes no sense. But then I remembered mars has a different gravity, and that it is possible to perfectly balance on this weird thin material.

      I get to the top! Nothing happened. I dunno what I was expecting. A sign? I'm as lost as I was before. I think i was hoping my father would appear if I did this, but he abondoned mars a long time ago.

      Im hungry, so I go back to the village ruins. I find my little brother and snap at him to give me food. He tosses a pill packet. I recognize these pills as food my father prepared years ago. The pill is a dried mud with a preserved insect inside. I take a bite, the muddy texture isn't pleasant. The insect was still so warm and gooey, its so fresh I think that maybe its still alive. I double check to make sure, as this insect has a stinger. Its still dead. I eat the insect without the muddy casing. Warm, gooey, crunch, with a strange raspberry after flavor. It wasn't bad, can't believe I just ate that.

      On the horizon I notice a beautiful white building that looks brand new - its a spaceship! I go see our visitors. They're blue bloods and they've brought a lot of supplies with them. I remember we were talking about something, probably whether or not red bloods should abondon mars too

      Vividness: 7
      Awareness: non lucid, dream ego
      length: 30 mins
      emotions: loss, searching, hunger, irrate
      dream signs: alien planet?
      awake: 8:50 ish
    2. Death Battle Royale! And Ruby Again

      by , 01-19-2017 at 06:57 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Jan 19, 2017

      Notes: Non-Lucid. Dreamed of familiar neighborhood and ruby. Dreamed of a battle royale with devious characters and bloody items!

      Total sleep: 8 to 9 hrs
      Techniques: dream journaled
      Fell Asleep: 2 am-ish

      Familiar Dream Neighborhood and Ruby
      Me and Ruby are going for a walk in the neighborhood. This feels like a neighborhood I've visited a 1000 times before, but only in dreams. I know these streets, their twists and turns, the houses with their tall trees and overgrown yards. It feels a lot more like a suburb from NY than it does TX.

      Ruby has this crazy plan that we should walk to the post office, then stop at this other place, then walk back home. Miles! She runs off ahead. I agree to meet her at the post office but for some reason I go somewhere else first. My suburb transforms to the inside of a building. I'm trying to get back to Ruby but there's all these old people in the middle of the hallway blocking me.

      Awake: 7:00 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
      Awareness: non-lucid
      Length: 45 mins
      Emotions: nostalgia, friendship, frustration
      Dream Signs: friend, dream neighborhood

      Death Battle Royale
      I walk into the basement of a large mall like building, with only one entrance and exit and no windows. I feel like there's a lot of people, or rather, just their presence, with all their eyes at the center of this basement. At the center is a weird abstract structure. It reminds me of what you'd find when you fight a boss in zelda. It's a raised battle platform.

      There's a man in a black suit at the entrance, he makes a proposition for me. I don't understand what he's offering. He explains again. There's a bad guy here that I need to defeat! But I can't defeat this bad guy without the right weapon. And he happens to be selling it. I take the weapon from him and fight this bad guy.

      After fighting the bad guy, I thought I was free to go. But the game master, the man in the black suit, explains I can't leave unless I defeat them all! Each bad guy was tougher than the last, and each weapon, that he added to my arsenal was more vicious. I don't remember the order of fights anymore. Some bad guys were more like assassins, others were brutes. Some of my weapons included a bow n arrow, sharp daggers on a chain, a sword at one point I think.

      It was the final battle. And I have two opponents!? One of them is Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. But Ryoga is my friend, I can't kill him. The other opponent was a beast of woman. I began to feel lied to. This whole time the game master was telling me that I was defeating "bad guys". I finally realized I was just up against other combatants who were tricked to come down here. I try to fight the beast of the woman while avoiding Ryoga, but the idiot is content to come at me with all of his fists and kicks.

      The beastly woman is coming at me with everything too! I use a tablet device to select my weapon. First I try the bow and arrow. I goes right into her throat. But she's still standing. Next I try that weird dagger weapon. But it doesn't even penetrate her thick skin. I try another weird weapon I got from the last battle. Its like an orb with a spinning blade attached to a chain. It was wicked and difficult to control! I hurl it at her, but its not working too. This woman doesn't die and Ryoga is still an idiot!

      I escape from the battle I run to the entrance. The game master isn't there. I run further into the hallway "Where are you game master? You lied to me!" I find him trying to be sly behind a booth. I tell him that he broke his promise, he promised to help me win so I can go home. And also promised me a new weapon every battle, wheres my new weapon? I can't defeat this beast of a woman without it.

      He just laughs and says something un-helpful. "You're not going home until you defeat all of your opponents" Frustrated, I go back to the battle stage. I quickly scroll through all my weapons, desperately trying to find the one I need. I try them all!

      I was thinking so hard on how to win this battle, without killing ryoga, how to defeat the game master and win my freedom home - that I woke up with a headache.

      Awake: 8:30 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
      Awareness: non-lucid
      Length: 45 mins
      Emotions: frustration, anger, violence
      Dream Signs: basement, mall building, strange DC

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    3. Reality Check- Bathroom

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      abstract dream, plague, bathroom rc, missed lucid opportunity

      Reality Check-Bathroom
      There's vomit in the hallway! That's disgusting! The employees start murmuring about a disease outbreak, a horrible stomach flu. Ew! I don't want to catch it!

      I skip work and run outside. Instead of "outside" its a restaurant. Look at all these people eating, and they're all just going to catch this horrible stomach flu. I don't want to be around when that happens!

      So I fly above them instead. Perfect, not only is this fun but now for sure this disease won't get me.

      Next thing I know I'm taking a shower. Wait, there's something weird about this shower, it has a window beneath the shower head. The window looks directly out into a hallway. That's weird! What kind of shower has a window looking out into a hallway? I'm exposed! Everyone can see me!

      But I guessed this is the way my shower has always been...
    4. Double-Jump or Die!

      by , 01-20-2014 at 08:03 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 20, 2014

      Adventure, nightmare, an apocalyptic future where formless creatures threaten mankind at every turn. We jump from pillar to pillar to stay safe. Hindu demi-gods and demons.

      Double-Jump or Die
      I don't know anything about this apocalyptic future, it's like I just woke up and I'm trying to understand whats going on. My dad (a random DC and not my real dad) is going out to collect supplies. I insist on going with him and learning about surviving in this future.

      The buildings are empty and very quiet. As I learn more about this dangerous place, there doesn't seem to be anywhere safe. Outside is dangerous because a monstrous titan roams the streets. So we only go outside to run from building to building.

      Naturally, the shadows are dangerous. But the biggest and most surprising rule is, stay away from windows.

      There's something really weird about that rule, because a window is a long time dream sign for me.

      We find a staircase leading to a cellar. It must have food and supplies! But its completely dark down there. We take one step in, when the device I'm holding in my hand goes off. This device has a screen and its measuring the monsters. The screen has hundreds of dots approaching us fast!

      We run back up into the light but we aren't safe yet. From the corner of my eye I see that the monster is a fuzzy formless orb. That was my only brief glimpse of one of these monsters. For the most part, they remain unseen in the shadows.

      We climb up on a pillar. I can sense the monsters are below us. As long as we stay up here were fine. Luckily the pillar as a narrow ledge that leads straight back to our hideout.

      Mom *not my real mom* opens the door and lets us in. Our hideout is our home and its a real hole in the wall. There are no windows. And the only light source was a single candle. It was dark and kinda eerie in here, but the monsters can't reach us and that's what matters.

      I curl up and take a short nap and mom begs me to stay inside, safe and away from the monsters. But I can't stay in this box. I have to go back outside.

      I leave the hideout with the my sisters and they want to show me something special. How to jump.

      We climb up a pillar. It's a bit like a zelda video game in that there's lots of pillars for me to jump on. But there pillars are all different heights and very far apart. There's a pattern you have to follow or you'll fall down and you'll have to start over again.

      My sisters explain to me "out there, if you fall down, that's it!"

      Sis hands me a pen and makes me draw an imaginary line in the air, connecting my pillar to the next. She tells me when I reach the half-way point of my imaginary line, to jump again.

      The instructions leave me confused, and although I'm jumping, I keep falling short of that next pillar! Finally I understand, they're trying to teach me a double-jump. Just like in video games, double-jump for a longer distance!

      I climb back up the pillar and perform a flawless double-jump! This is a lot of fun! By jumping again in mid-air I can jump longer and higher. I jump all the pillars, climbing higher and higher.

      My dream gets fuzzy at this point.

      At some point, I went on a venture with my sister, mom, and grandma, but we got too close to a window. Hordes of formless monsters pour through the window!

      We quickly run away and make it back to an area with pillars. But something is wrong with mom and grandma. They're non-responsive, like zombies. The formless monsters must have attacked them, consuming their minds in an instant.

      Sis helps them across the pillars anyways and leads us to a door. This door isn't our hideout! What is this door?

      Sis says "I'm in charge now! This is the door I've chosen! I'll go inside first and check it out."

      We open the door and there is nothing on the other side but a chute (or a hole), going down and down and down into blackness. Were both hesitant to even poke our heads inside. What's down there? Sis thinks this door leads to the source of our problems and answers.

      I consider turning back, but my monster device starts to blip again! There are swarms of formless monsters coming at us from all directions!

      "We have no choice! Its jump or die!"

      I jump through the door and down the hole, but sis doesn't follow. I slide past through formless monsters and land in a pit below.

      I'm face to face with a giant head buried in the earth.

      My dream is playing music, an indian chanting I've heard before, its about Ayurveda. Beautiful music but it made this scene seriously creepy.

      The head is slowly emerging from the earth. I'm trying to move my character but nothing is happening. Like a zelda game, this is a boss fight cut-scene and I have to wait for the cut-scene to be over to move.

      The giant emerges from the earth, dressed in indian garb. I prepare to fight the giant but he disappears in the shadows.

      Instead, he summons hundreds of hindu demi-gods and demons from the earth. Oh shit. The chanting is getting louder and louder. Their demi-god and demon eyes turn to me. Is this what the formless monsters really look like?

      I try as fast as I can to run through that demi-god and demon crowd! Their hands reach out for me! This is impossible! Its like trying to run in rock fest!

      I see a pillar up ahead. If I can just reach it and start jumping - I'm kicked down by a giant. The demons run at me like ravenous wolves. There's too many of them! I'm not fast enough! The chanting won't stop.

      I somehow manage to climb that pillar, I just need to jump. I try to jump but the demons grabbed my ankle, they bite down and pull me down. Thats it, its over. I can't bear this madness any longer. I close my eyes and wish myself awake.

      It's a FA. A friend hands me a video game, the apocalyptic future I was just in! I look at the games ratings. There are different boss levels. Some are labeled easy, difficult or advanced. But mine was simply labeled "MAD".

      I woke up shortly after and I could still hear that chanting.
    5. Ghost Runs from Zombie Witch

      by , 11-01-2013 at 12:15 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 31, 2013

      review: its halloween

      Ghost Runs from Zombie Witch
      The zombies have nearly decimated the human population. A hero, who looked like Bruce Willis, was at his breaking point. He was trapped with other random survivors. Like Walking Dead except the prison was much darker, dank, run-down and just all around creepier.

      Random innocent people were being eaten by the zombie masses. Bruce gave up. Before, he would have run over there to save them. But now he's lost hope, and scarcely cares for his own survival. Until I came onto the scene. I was roleplaying as a character in this zombie story.

      When Bruce saw me, he recognized me. With his energy back, he quickly comes to my side and rescues me from that terrible zombie prison. We tried to run away, but we were captured, by all things, other humans.

      The hostile humans were being led by a witch. Not only did she have us captured, but she also had my mother captured (not in rl). The witch queen gathered us with her minions and like any bad guy, told us her evil plan.

      Apparently, the girl I'm roleplaying as, is as powerful as that witch. The witch explains she plans to use my powers to transform everyone into a zombie, the whole process only takes minutes. My red headed dream mother cries out "Bruce, she's our daughter!" Apparently, Bruce never knew!

      I'm not gonna let the Witch destroy the world! While she was blabbing on I quickly brake away from the group! I run for the front door, damn its locked. Unlocking it took forever. I run out into the dark night, filled with zombies.

      My dream has a cut scene. I've died. Or rather I choose to die. I'd rather let the zombies have me then have the whole world destroyed. As I effortlessly fly and bounce around the dark night, I psychically communicate to my mother. "I'm fine, I choose this!"

      She tells me that Bruce came running after me. I communicate to Bruce and he tells me, he can fly too. "I'm here Bruce, you can fly? Does this mean?" Bruce was also killed by the zombies.

      But it wasn't so bad being a ghost, not when I had Bruce to keep me company. He joins up with me and we continue to run away. I don't know why ghosts have to continue running away, but I was convinced, I had to get as far away from the queen as possible.

      As we were flying through a supermarket (with no lights on ofcourse) Bruce suddenly falls down. He's weighted. He's heavy! What's wrong? I realize the reason why Bruce can't fly anymore is because he isnt completely dead yet. His body, wherever it is out there, is waking up. I say goodbye to Bruce, and his spirit returns to his body.

      I guess I'll have to suffer being a lonely ghost a little longer. I fly inside a house. But the witch enters the building. She had a white fluffy dog in her hands. "I know you're in here! I'll sniff you out!"

      My flying was weakening. She would hold up the dog high into the air. I got the impression if I was too close, game over. That witch had instincts, she kept predicting where I was.

      "So you thought death would be an escape? But did you know, postmortem is hard to determine, especially for one like you? Did you really think you were - dead? We've retrieved and revived your body. We just need your SOUL! WHERE ARE YOU!"

      She was so close now, my powers were weakening. At this point I stop roleplaying the girl, and watch as her spirit grows mad. She haunted the fields, wailing in suffering, can never die, can never live. I felt bad for her, but her sacrifice saved the world.
    6. Time Travel with Friends

      by , 10-31-2013 at 11:46 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 30, 2013

      review: non lucid, adventure dream, low memory. I join new friends, meet a cute guy and time travel

      Time Travel with Friends
      I'm the newest member of a group of young time travelers. Most of them are in high school, but the group is really a mix of all ages. Either way, we meet at the high school. The members would just skip class and we would meet in a secluded room.

      Mostly we just chilled and hanged out, I felt like I joined a group of hippies. Most of the hangouts included stories of most recent adventures. My dream gets a bit fuzzy, but one of my first adventures was to a waterfall, hidden away in some forgotten temple like place.

      My new friends wanna skinny dip, but one of our older members, a woman of about 45, feels too embarrassed to undress. My friend, Richmond, ensures her that she's beautiful and that no one in the group cares about her age.

      My and Richmond were growing real close. His girlfriend is still time traveling in the past, but Richmond still insists on being closer to me, more and more through our adventures. I was falling for him.

      I wasn't the only one in the group developing a complex relationship. There was also a pair of inseparable best friends. By the looks of it, you'd think they were both guys, just two best pals. But in reality, one of them was actually a tom boy. She was madly in love with her best friend. But her best friend? He was idiot who had no idea that his best friend, is actually a she. She was so embarrassed, "how do I tell him I'm actually a girl?" Oh well

      Richmond is driving me to the new location of our adventure, just before waking up he steals a kiss.

      I immediately fall back asleep into the same dream. Richmond and the group is planning their next trip, this time through time. I'm not missing my first trip through time!!

      We were split into three time traveling teams. The first one was sent out on a pirate ship. But their transition into space-time went all wrong, and they were gone forever. The remaining teams understood the risks, but were crazy and don't car.

      My team with Richmond is waiting for our magical bus to arrive. Suddenly I need to pee. I quickly use the toilet, I can't miss my ride! When I get back the bus is fully loaded (in my dream it looked like a shoe box filled with items). There were no seats left for me! NO WAY! I'm not missing this ride!

      I double check the seats again, some of them didn't have people, just random items. Why does the bible need its own seat?? I scoot aside the bible and take the front seat, which was next to Richmond. Someone hollers from the back "if you're going to take the bible seat then you have to tell us biblical stories when we get there!" "fine!" Whatever!

      I squeeze down into the seat, which was hard at first because it was a shoe box. But slowly my dream goes back to sanity, and I'm safely boarded inside of a roller coaster. The clerk double checks our belts.

      "All ready for space-time travel!"

      I'm scared! I look over at Richmond and he seems annoyed that I'm sitting next to him. It's his fault he flirted with me when he has a girlfriend! The ride starts! Its just like a roller coaster!

      "Hold my hand!!" Richmond smiles and obliges

      And were off, flying through space-time, galaxies, stars, planets. Were entering our destination. Team 2 screws up and is lost somewhere in space time.

      Just before landing Richmond turns to me and asks sternly "What is it that you want from our relationship? What do you hope to gain?" And I answer "Your friendship!" With that he smiled and stopped acting weird

      We land safely. It's earth, pre-war era. Not exactly fun. This time period is stiff and has all sorts of social norms and rules that would hold our group back. Already members are complaining that the bar is closing early.

      The city was dreary, as if in black and white. A security guard walks out from a building. "Quick act natural!" We quickly scurry and try to blend in. For us female members this past really sucks because we weren't exactly equal citizens. Still it was an adventure.
    7. Black Void Box

      by , 10-04-2013 at 11:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      September ?, 2013

      notes: its been a couple of days, its hard to recall this dream

      Black Void Box
      The evil bad guy has everyone trapped in a room. But because of my special powers he considers me a threat.

      To display his mighty power, he gathers everyone to witness my demise. In front of all my loved ones, family, friends, mom, he traps me inside a black box. Its a void. No time no space. I was in that darkness for an indefinite time. I wondered if years were passing by and I have no way to know. I wondered if I would stay inside this empty lonely darkness forever.

      My eyes adjust to the light. My friends had gotten me out of the box as soon as the evil bad guy retired to his bedroom. Its in these simple moments that we enjoy our lives and freedom. And also when we plan how to defeat this bastard.

      A new girl in town tries to socialize with us. My dream transforms into a high school cafeteria. But her behavior is odd. It wasn't long before its revealed that she's actually our enemy - in legion with her evil overlord.

      Actually at some point her overlord was defeated, how I dont remember. So now its just us against her. Some are worried that she's actually possessed by his evil spirit. I didn't care. I decided to kill her before she kills us.

      I'm about to fight her, unequipped, when my friends jump in the middle. "We'll hold her back and buy you some time!" "Hurry!" They're referring to a needed special weapon. It's back at the overlords base.


      I search the place up and down for the right weapon. This gun doesn't feel right for the job. The knife is too flimsy. Time is running out and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I woke up shortly after
    8. Zombies Along the Wall

      by , 10-04-2013 at 10:28 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      September ?, 2013

      Zombies Along the Wall

      (attack on titan inspired dream?)

      We load our guns and enter the next room. Except it wasn't really a room but a large indoor space, big enough to contain a football field. There was grass, stone walls and in the center a gazebo. And zombies everywhere.

      The plan was to push through the center, hold back the zombies, meet at the center gazebo, and then push through to the next room. My team was along the wall, support for those pushing through the center.

      Standing on the low stone wall I look around me. So many team members are straggling to get to the center gazebo. I keep firing those zombies but its not making much of a difference.

      A swarm of zombies heads for the center. I try to shout out at them but they're too far away. The mission is a disaster! The center is falling fast, the zombies are eating them. I look behind at the team waiting by the columns. They aren't moving. Why aren't they moving?

      "Forget the mission! Just run to the next room already!" But they're so scared they just stay hiding behind the columns. Meanwhile, the swarm of zombies heads for them.

      My friend was comforting a young girl who just lost her parents. She knitted her a blanket in the midst of this chaos. "Thank you, its so warm". I notice that her face looks sickly and pale. I grip my gun tighter, why is she sick?

      She moans, standing below my wall "My face, it itches. It itches!!" her voice dips monstrously deep "IT MAKES ME WANT TO EAT YOUR FACE!" Her eyes bulge out red and - BAM!

      I shot her right between the eyes.

      Zombie! "What a waste......." I dont know if I was commenting on her life, my friends time, the blanket or my bullet. I felt indifferent.

      Were falling apart, frustrated I yell "What are you all doing! Why are you just standing around! Hurry up to the next room!"

      "Where's the commander?"

      I look back at the center gazebo, its completely taken over by zombies. With nothing left to eat the swarm heads towards us. I look behind me at those by the column. Too late, they stood around scared for too long. The zombies are eating them and they aren't fighting back.

      So fast! The zombies are swarming up my low wall. I'm not afraid. IM PISSED! I steady my gun and shoot them all between the eyes. So many! But I dont stop firing! My friend standing behind me also helps me kill the zombies.

      Im out of bullets. A female zombie grabs my ankle and tries to drag me towards her mouth. Shit!

      "Backup! I need more ammo!"

      I look below at the backup crew, they are just doubfounded, just staring off into space scared as shit. "What are you doing! I need ammo!" What a lost cause.

      The female zombie is still trying to drag me down. That's when I remembered my gun has a knife. I flip the switch and knife her right between the eyes.

      My hand is still steady. I look at the field and calculate how long it will take me to run to the next room and how many zombies I'll have to run by. I can do it! I'm going to survive! I can't say the same is true for anyone else.

      Then I woke up

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    9. Random September

      by , 09-21-2013 at 06:00 AM (A World In My Head!!)

      Leaving in the Pick-Up

      Me and Al finish packing the back of the pick-up. Its going to be a long trip, but I figured if we also pack some cushions or even an entire mattress, then the ride will be easier. I almost forgot my toothbrush! I'm finally ready and go wait by the pick-up with others. Al has been waiting the longest and eats his lunch in the meantime.

      Were only waiting on mom. I thought she was almost ready. It seems to take her hours to wash her face. Finally were ready to go. We pile up in the back of the pick-up. I gripe at some girls to take off their sneakers while they are sitting on my mattress. After that, I woke, disappointed that I didn't know where we were going or why

      Thanksgiving and Roaches
      Mom has cooked a huge meal for everyone. She serves me turkey wing, even though I told her I didnt want any. Sis asks "how much is it going to cost?" and mom looks offended "Im not charging, I cooked this for you". At the time in my dream that seemed illogical. 'who keeps for family for free?'

      After enjoying the meal R's boyfriend shows up. His hair is orange. That's when someone mentions "what the hell dude! what were you doing!" That's when I notice that the orange hair isn't orange hair, but roaches! His head is covered in roaches!

      "Its on you now!"

      I flip out and wake up

      Free Willy
      from the airplane view I can see an orca in the ocean heading towards the beach. I wasn't expecting to see them so close to the city, along the pacific ocean.

      On the ground, I run inside seaworld, only briefly questioning how the hell did I get in for free? I run into the penguin room. The penguins are running around free, unrestrained, around people. And they're smiling like people too. But, there was a sign not to interact with them or feed them. Ignoring the penguins I run up a flight of stairs and stop on a deck over looking the ocean.


      From up here you can clearly see an orca. First two, then three, then four. The crowd was stunned as we counted them. The wild orcas were gathering just below the enclosure of the seaworld orcas. The captive orcas were in a pool on the 4rth floor deck. One by one, the captive orcas heaved over the ledge of the pool and gravity plummeted them into the ocean. The crowd cheers for the newly freed orcas.
    10. Deeper than Undergound-My Friend Nyu

      by , 09-15-2013 at 06:50 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      September 15, 2013

      notes: a rather long dream, hard to remember all the details, lucid towards the end, attempted a dream share

      Deeper than Underground
      There are bad guys beneath this office building, the corporate kind you know about but you can't do anything about it. We just go about our office life pretending the bad guys aren't down there.

      But a couple of my friends want to find out the truth of what's happening down there. In the basement of the office building is a giant door leading to the underground. We can hear noises, footsteps, voices. My friend, whose gone down there, tells me about what he's seen. Its a huge labyrinth down there, possibly for the military industrial complex. The scientists down there are conducting experiments. Either way, its too dangerous to go down there unless you have a death wish.

      The dangerous scientists are climbing up the stairs. They see us and we run before they can catch us. We run outside but were afraid to be seen outside as well. There guards are everywhere. There's even people who look like ordinary civilians on the other side of the street who work for this "underground".

      We climb the chain link fence into this tiny square of a patch of grass. There's a cross and roses, someone died here. But still, it felt like the safest place to be. Me and my friends stay in this little grassy square for a while before deciding we have no choice but to face the underground agents head on.

      Walking back we joke about how were gonna beat the shit out of those agents. "we'll go wild on them!". My friend howls like a wolf. "You're doing it all wrong!" I said, so I out howl him. But my other friend shakes his head "This is how you howl" and he out howls all of us.

      Were back to that room that leads to the underground, but the agents surround us and in moments my friends were taken away. Dragged underground to who knows what. At that point I meet the leader of this underground - its my uncle???

      Traitor! How could he! (attack on titan ref?)

      His army has surrounded the office building. The employees pretend they don't see the war happening outside and continue to stay glued to their computer screens.

      I scarcely recognize my uncle with that sinister smug. He tells me that his current mission is to capture me. He tells me there's no point in running because his agents are literally everywhere. So his mission is to capture me? For what? What does he plan to do to me?

      His thugs chase me but I evade them each time. So my uncle throws a curve ball, he tells me "You can go back inside the office building, if you do so you'll be safe. We won't chase or use you anymore. But know if you make this decision I'll use children in your place"

      What's he going on about? I go back inside the office building and for a few moments I consider that I should stay here because its safe. The employees are mindlessly away ticking at work. I look outside and I can see the thugs dragging away two young black children that they picked up from the street. The little girl was crying as they were pulling her by the hair.

      I look behind me and think, did everyone in this "safe" building make this blind sacrifice? I can't stand the sight anymore! I jump outside and try to attack my uncle, but all of my attacks are useless.

      I don't see the kids anywhere "Where are the kids! Where did you take them!"

      My uncle blabs on making sarcastic remarks, but I'm too pissed at this point to pay attention. The thugs surround me again, they really do mean to capture me. I can see behind them that the two children were released. My uncle goes up to them and hugs them as if he actually cares for their safety. It disgusts me!

      I clench my fist waiting for the thugs to make their move - when - I see an Asian girl on the other side of the street motion for me to come towards her. She's hiding in the buildings shadow. A rebel?

      I rush through the mob of thugs and join my new friend on the other side. "Hurry its not safe here!" She guides me safely out of these dangerous streets filled with agents of the underground.

      "Who are you?"

      "We - are Deeper than Underground. The only way to survive is to know your friends."

      I understand what she means. The underground has infiltrated even the common work place, then they are everywhere and can be anyone.

      As I ran next to her I felt I could trust her with my life. I also felt she was extremely alert, aware, alive and someone I've always known. "Wait, what's your name? I don't want to forget it!"



      "No, Nyu"

      I'm not sure I'm pronouncing or spelling it right.

      "Over there is a safe house, keep your head low!" I ran all over the city, but the "safe house" was overlooking the office building I just left. Now I get it, the bad guys aren't expecting this safe house to be right in plain sight. We couldn't exactly run to the house. We had to crouch and keep low and make sure the thugs still standing in the office parking lot don't see us.

      "A kitty cat!" There was a fat lazy cat outside. The grass was super green. And this house, in the middle of a desolate city, was so damn cute. "In here" We go inside the house and its pure magic for me. I'm just in awe of every little detail. The dishes. The chair. The cabinetry. Who ever lived here must have been a happy person.

      "There is your house right?"

      Nyu doesn't answer. She just warns me "Don't stand by the window or they'll see you"

      But the dining room window caught me off guard. It was directly facing where my uncle is. Why, why is he doing this? Suddenly my dream goes through a weird shift, like slow motion.

      I can see a blonde girl lived here with her little brother. They were happy. "I" was standing in the dining room watching them play outside in their yard. My "friends". Suddenly the agents of the underground slaughter them. The window glass shatters! They're coming for me! And ----

      I wake up startled and disoriented in the back seat of a car. Nyu looks just as taken back. "What was that, it was like a memory. Nyu it was your memory wasn't it!"

      Nyu was the one who was standing in the dining room watching the agents slaughter he friends. "---gasp---You saw my memory! I saw your memories too!" But Nyu doesn't tell me what memory of mine she saw.

      The woman driving us also looks asian, she must be Nyu's mother. "That house isn't safe anymore. You two are lucky"

      I don't remember what happened, but something went wrong. Me and Nyu are once again on our feet on the run. Its night time now and nearly pitch black. The thugs are right behind us and in front of us, tall ass chain link fences. I go right through the fences as though I'm water, again and again and again. I look behind me, Nyu is having a harder time. The thugs are right behind her. "Hurry!"

      I realized we have to run in a zig-zag pattern to lose them. I quickly change direction and run up the emergency fire-escape. Its so dark in front of me. But I can still sense a shadow in front of me. The thug didn't think I'd see him coming, so when I guarded myself I threw him off guard and falls off the fire-escape. Me and Nyu make it through the night.

      "This way!" We run down a city street. "This entire street is deeper than underground. Were safe here." She kicks open a door to a basement apartment - headquarters. "You're okay!"

      For the first time I got to meet the rest of the Deep. Just a random mish-mashed group of civilians, whose eyes have seen war. The HQ was fast away tracking down the movements of the undeground's activities. They hid nothing from me, showing me their plans and everything.

      "But one thing I don't understand is how did you escape. Nyu told me you evaded an agent who attacked from the shadows?"

      "You see, they were chasing us from behind. He didn't expect us to see him attacking from the shadows in front of us. It was easy to throw him off guard."

      The Deeper than Underground seemed impressed with my first victory. They talk to Nyu, assigning her a new mission. "Were going to meet up with a new team. But be on your guard, we don't know whose side these guys are really on"

      Its daytime now and me and Nyu head to our mission's destination. As always, we keep our heads low and out of sight of strangers. Hiding behind some bushes we meet up with our team leader "You see those guys down there? They're a notorious gang. But we need to know if they are agents, or if they'll help us" Nyu jumps to the task without fear. I had my hesitations to jump in the mix of a gang of boys.

      But around this time I had something else to worry about. I'm dreaming. And I have a lucid goal that I need to perform. I wont be able to help Nyu fight the Underground anymore. I fly down to her side "I have to go. But before I do, please tell me your whole name so I don't forget"

      Nyu smiles, she tells me her whole name. But, I've forgotten her last name. All I remember is Nyu.

      I close my eyes and start my lucid task - dream sharing. It didn't work and a few minutes later I woke up.

    11. Escape Russia

      by , 09-12-2013 at 05:34 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      September 11, 2013

      dreamed I had to escape the Russian army (gee I wonder why), long and fairly stable dream. remember the third tower

      Escape Russia

      The rest of my team had already tried to escape. They leaped off the roof top hoping it would be enough to escape the Russian Army below. Instead, they just leaped to their deaths instead. The army catches them in mid air.

      Just behind the army was a wall dividing them from a river. I knew if I could make it there I would be safe. I jump off the roof top and before the Russian army can do anything about it I safely fly over their heads, cursing at the general as I go. I climb over the wall and jump into the river.

      I felt I only had moments to get a head start before the Russian army catches up. Apparently I have sensitive information that they don't want to leave the country.

      Suddenly I can't fly and running along the river was hard. So many twigs. I magically find the airport.

      It's a total mess in here! They are cancelling flights left and right and vacating the place. Its as if they're afraid of some sort of aerial attack. I tell the lady at the register that I need a flight out. But she gives me some weak excuse why she can't do that.

      I lose control and scream "I'm a fugitive and the russian army is gonna kill me unless you give me a flight out, right now!"

      The whole place went dead silent. The lady agrees to help. She ushers me to a back room and tells me about the last flight out of Russia. But its going to cost a lot. I pull out my credit card and remember how damn broke I am. I can't believe money is deciding my fate!

      Suddenly mom and sis shows up. I beg them to help! But they don't have the funds for this last flight out either. Mom comes up with one of her crazy schemes - drive us out of Russia and act like everything is okay?

      Mom is driving us through an old city. Wait, I remember this place. This is where my team escaped from earlier. For what ever reason it was a middle eastern city. Or maybe thats not ironic. I gripe at mom "What are you doing! You're taking me right to my enemies!"

      We couldn't drive any further because of road blocks so we walk through the square, still acting like everything is fine. But a soldier recognizes my face. I make mom and sis drop their bags, and we run like hell.

      We've made it past the border of Russia. The countryside is gorgeous, with giant green mountains. Were standing by the mountain highway trying to hitch a ride to the airport. In my mind its a european country. But when a car pulls over clearly its a chinese family.

      Language barriers. They don't understand what we want. So they shrug and drive off.

      Another car with english speaking europeans pulls over. Apparently they know us. The blonde chick, who was high, tells us she knows another way out.

      She takes us to her rundown apartment and shows us a device that creates portals. It seems simple enough. You first place a picture of your destination. Then you pour a mixture of different liquids, press random buttons, and voila, a magical portal.

      The portal she activated was the wilderness of Texas. Gorgeous! So close to home! But mom and sis just frown. The blonde chick says she has to go on a date now and leaves us with this machine.

      Since my folk don't like any of the preset pictures, I quickly try to doodle my destination. It feels like its taking forever. At one point I realize its a dream and ask myself "is my family really still behind me?". Usually in long drawn out moments like this dream characters who are standing behind me - disappear.

      I look behind me and mom and sis are still waiting for me to finish with my drawing. I doodled an alien for my imaginary planet. I pop in the picture, hope for the best and wake up.
    12. (30 Day Challenge) Night 17-Lucid Dream Snippets

      by , 08-29-2013 at 04:57 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      August 29, 2013

      : the only thing I tried to do last night was fall asleep happy. Several dreams, but I only remember bits and pieces of each. Two lucids, only remember one.

      Drawing Time
      I brought all my drawing supplies with me, all I need now is the perfect spot. This building was big, open and also really lonely and kinda creepy. But I'm here so whatever. To make it less creepy I look for a sunny spot, which was right dab in the middle of two staircases.

      I sit down, unload my backpack and I was just about to doodle when - the bell rings and all the classrooms let out all their students. Little elementary kids running around everywhere. Some teachers find me and yell at me. They accuse me of being a teenage vandal.


      We're running down a long grassy hallway, flanked by apartment buildings. The stray cats were everywhere and they all had their own little turfs and gangs. Some of them harass but, they're still just fluffy household cats.

      The seminar was being given by some older blonde lady. Her talk was really fascinating but of course I don't remember squat. Afterwords she was having a book signing and taking comments. The comment I wrote for her went something like this "thanks for selling cupcakes so that you can raise money so that you can raise awareness of lucid dreaming!"

      So I guess it was a dream seminar

      Militant Leader-Lucid

      Maybe its not ironic that after the dream seminar we all ran into this guy. Some crazy nazi war general. He had us oppressed with all of his militant rules. I finally rebel against him by showing him something that I can do that he can't - fly.

      I fly around his head and out the building - lucid. I remembered my dream goal, to bring the objects closest to me in full clarity. I land by a bush by a brick wall. I start with the leaves, bringing them into clarity. At first they were just dream leaves. But then they became life like. The leaves had fuzzy hairs that I could see and feel. Some were realistically torn, or dried up, or eaten by bugs.

      I was about to move onto the next object when I woke up suddenly.

      I dreamed of giant robots attacking the school ground. But as long as you remained out of their sight, their laser beam can't blast you. The school itself was safe. So we just hanged out casually in one of the classrooms.
    13. (30 Day Challenge) Night 15-Dust Storm and Short Lucid

      by , 08-29-2013 at 04:33 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      August 27, 2013

      Dust Storm

      I'm sitting by the window ledge and see a storm coming. It's a massive opaque brown cloud covering the entire sky with it. It's quickly sweeping towards us. I warn mom and quickly shut the windows. (this house looks like the one in NY)

      The brown dust still seeps in through the cracks. "Don't breathe it!" As quickly as it came it was gone. I'm walking outside, it looks like I'm near the coast. The brown dust storm left brown poisonous sludge everywhere. Everyone who didn't close their windows was sick, which was most of the neighborhood.

      Weird Lucid

      At some point I became lucid. Maybe it was because I flying over a weird abstracted landscape and oddly placed crowds of people. I remembered my dream goal, 'to bring the objects closest towards me into full clarity'. Still in the air, I decide to land over there by that brick building.

      I started with the bricks and like magic they looked more like a mosaic. Next I found a tray of tiny toys. I remember trying to say colors and I kept getting them wrong, I'd say "green" when pointing to a yellow object and so on. And then there were these tropical banana leaf plants, made from purple and blue plastic.

      After that I wondered around in this strange open aired building. No doors, just entryways. The building had smooth curves, like adobe or cob, but made from something more modern.

      I ran into a lanky tall black man and told him "Hey did you know this is a dream!" and he goes "Yes!......No, wait, what?" He told me his name but even in the dream it didn't make sense to me, and its hard to remember what doesn't make sense. It was something like Agnosio.

      Peering out a window I could see the deep blue ocean below me. Hallelujah! I jumped straight into it. I sink to the ocean floor and for the first time in a dream I could actually see the floor. Its usually just murky and dark in dreams but this time I could see colorful pebbles beneath my feet.

      There were tiny sting rays and other fish. Then I saw a table, underwater, with random objects. I tried telekinesis on them but that totally didn't work. That's when I see a kitchen to my right with little old ladies. I thought I was underwater? My dream fades into nonsense after.
    14. (30 Day Challenge) Night 13-Frozen

      by , 08-26-2013 at 05:34 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      August 25, 2013


      Every group had their own area in this apartment building. I was with the artsy group. We were all getting ready for something when suddenly snow covers everything. And its not just snow outside, its everywhere, inside the apartments. The freak weather has everyone flipping out! We had no choice but to leave.

      I quickly pack what I can and head outside to dump my bags in the car. But I'm only wearing socks and the snow is so cold. Where are my shoes, and what about my furniture? Isn't the snow ruining it?

      I see my dad outside laughing with some random dude. I get frustrated and yell "my things are inside!". Dad gets the message and heads inside to help with the heavy furniture.

      I was still dumping stuff in my car when suddenly this giant ice slab just falls right on top of the apartment building, large enough to cover the entire apartment roof. I held my breath. How can the roof support something so massive?

      Moments later the roof collapses, the ice slab crushes everything and breaks apart. They're all dead, my friends, dad! I'm gripped with absolute horror. All I could do was fall down to the snow and scream frantically.

      My dream re-winds.

      The ice slab part happened. Instead I'm frantically trying to pack my things, find my shoes, and make sure I'm not missing anything. This time it was mom who was helping me. I woke up shortly after.

    15. (30 Day Challenge) Night 12 -Cavern Lake and Werewolf Anime

      by , 08-26-2013 at 05:08 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      August 24

      Notes: I had wrote down notes for a dream around 3am, but by the morning I didn't remember the dream. The only thing I remembered was that I was trying to order queso flamenco.

      Cavern Lake

      I dont remember how my family got here. But we were swimming in a lake deep in a cavern. There were penguins living in the cavern and I used one of them to help me propel through the water. After our adventure mom says "That was so refreshing! I don't even need to shower!"

      And I remark "If only that were true. Since were dreaming we'll still need to shower when we wake". But the lucidity went over my head.

      This entire cavern is full of challenges for me and my family to overcome. A lady opens a door within the cavern and shows us the next challenge, a kitchen. She tells us its a cooking challenge. I tell her "i dont cook!" and I'm convinced she's the devil.

      I storm out of the room and tell my family they can do that challenge without me! My dream fades out. I fall back asleep and re-enter the dream. My family tells me the challenge is over and we can proceed to the next step. Or we can just skip everything and go outside! I opt to go outside.

      Again I wake up and fall asleep

      Werewolf and Gang Anime
      I'm watching an anime with a guy I don't even know. I am glued to the television! The first scene was action packed. These different beings were each taking their turn invading an ancient temple and making their way to the bottom level.

      There was a family of werewolves, goblins, zombies and robotic people? The werewolves easily fought their way through to the bottom level. The goblins were hilariously clumsy and simply fell through a hole. When the goblins got up their fur had accidentally fallen off, and they didn't know whose fur-suit belonged to whom.

      The next challenge was to be done alone. The first one to step up was a brave little werewolf girl of about 10 years of age. She enters the room by herself.

      A totem on the wall explains the scenario "I am darkness. I will swallow you whole if you are unable to defeat me. This light" a light appeared in a closet "is all you have left". The light begins to flicker.

      The little furry girl gets all pumped up "I'm not scared of you! My claws will slice right through you! You just wait! I'm ready! Lets get this started!" She didn't realize the challenge already started. As she was talking big the flickering light suddenly goes dark.

      "Times up!" The totem becomes a shadow and swallows the girl.

      Her brothers howl furiously! "Its not her fault she didn't understand the rules!" But next up for the challenge was the old goblin.

      He walks and talks like an old black man from the heart of Louisiana. He takes his sweet time walking up to the challenge door, jabbering away with the other goblins, and swinging a large fish in his hand.

      When he gets into the challenge room the totem again explains the rules, but his fish is suddenly gone. The old goblin protests! "Now wait a minute! I had a fish in ma hand!"

      "A fish is not a weapon"

      "Ohhh yes it is! You give me back ma fish!" The fish appears back in the old goblin's hand. "And take that! And take that!" He slaps that totem hard with a smelly fish! The light gets so bright it explodes and the totem is destroyed!

      The fish slapping goblin was too damn funny, I woke up laughing. Good anime.

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