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    Vacation by the Volcanic Flats

    by , 08-13-2010 at 07:01 PM (464 Views)
    July 28, 2010

    Synopsis: Me and my family stay at a strange hotel, and an even stranger landscape charred by volcanoes. Some abstraction, some vivid.

    Vacation by the Volcanic Flats
    It's a beautiful warm summer night, and me and my sisters have gone for a stroll with mom. My dream already feels like it's been going on for a while now, but I can't remember it until now. We walk through a giant stone tunnel connecting the downtown to the little town were staying at. Lots of other tourists were also enjoying the stroll through the old castle tunnel, lit by the moon.

    The tunnel opens up into a field of grass under an amazing starry sky. We can see our hotel up on a hill. It too looks like an old castle. The hill is rocky, jagged, and black from the volcanic waste it was built on.

    In one weird abstract scene a tiny train almost runs us over. We just hop over the tracks and continue our night time stroll up the hill. The grass gives way to boulders and craters.

    Sis sees some water in one of the craters, thirsty, she bends down to take a drink. "Stop!" I yell "That's poison! That's volcanic water!" After saving my sis we finally climb the steps to the hotel. The door was open. A little red flag goes off in my head, why is the door open? Did someone break in?

    There's no one in the living room, or the kitchen. My sisters check their bedrooms and I check mine. Standing in the doorway I scream "IS ANYONE IN HERE!" Suddenly a cabinet door from the back of my bedroom swings wide open, and then shuts. Scared that my room is haunted, I yell at it - kinda totorro style.

    The next morning it was dad's turn to take us out. We climb down the stone steps when a scene of birds catch our attention. Holy crap the birds are HUGE! They're like dinosaurs! Sis gets too close and the birds snatch her. They quickly drop her back down. The giant birds were battling each other. We run down the spiraling steps before they decide to attack us instead.

    This scene looks like from a zelda video game. The steps were tiny and narrow. If you fell off the ledge you fell several hundred feet before falling into a deep pool of misty - toxic - water. There was an island in the middle of the misty pool, with a simple wooden cabin. We quickly run into the cabin and take refuge from the crazy giant dinosaur birds.

    I love this cabin! There were some other tourists inside, but when we came in we came wanting to own the place. Feeling uncomfortable, the other tourists leave and we lock the front door. This is the kind of cabin I would love to have. It was so warm and adorable! All the doors were gnome like. The hand crafted furniture was for sell and sis has her eye on one of the chairs.

    I remember that this part of the dream was the most vivid. It's hard to describe the front room but I remember it pretty clearly. And the cabin actually FELT warm and stuffy. We hear some noises coming from outside. Damn, people are trying to get in! We quickly try to find any doors or windows we forgot to lock. I woke up shortly after.

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