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    A World In My Head!!

    Volcanic Eruption by the Beach

    by , 01-17-2014 at 07:39 AM (345 Views)
    January, 2014

    review: beach, friends, volcanic eruptions, dinosaurs, monsters, forest

    Volcanic Irruption by the Beach
    Me and my friends were swimming in the ocean, while talking about swimming in the ocean. As if talking about it made it happen in my dream.

    My friends were experimenting with different dream skills and seemed concerned "Do you think there is a way we could harm the ocean?"

    I look at the giant waves and say "No way! The ocean is constant energy flowing in and out, it breathes. Nothing can hurt it"

    The giant wave carries us to shore. And then I joke "Nothing could hurt it but say - A Giant Volcanic Explosion! So big, it boils up the sea and the sea rains back on us!" Why did I say that?

    Suddenly a volcano is birthed right on the beach. It hurls giant volcanic rocks that explode into a horrible greenish lava, burning with acidic gas. The whole beach and city panics. Herds of people try to flee the growing volcano and its acidic lava. The ground is shaking and the sky turns dark from all the ash!

    In the madness I was separated from most of my friends but one. We ran into a warehouse, even though we know we can't stay here because the lava is coming. Still, were so scared we take cover and duck.

    Things only got worse. Now there are dinosaurs attacking people. Suddenly a necromancer pops out of nowhere, summoning demons and goblins. He enters our warehouse and attacks us with his legion of demons. What the hell is going on!

    I grab my friends hand and we run, we just run. We ran until we reached the forest and the sky was blue again. Inside the forest we continued to run, afraid we were being followed. We hide behind a boulder and hope we've lost our assailants. I woke up shortly after.

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    non-lucid , nightmare