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    A World In My Head!!

    Zombies Along the Wall

    by , 10-04-2013 at 10:28 PM (324 Views)
    September ?, 2013

    Zombies Along the Wall

    (attack on titan inspired dream?)

    We load our guns and enter the next room. Except it wasn't really a room but a large indoor space, big enough to contain a football field. There was grass, stone walls and in the center a gazebo. And zombies everywhere.

    The plan was to push through the center, hold back the zombies, meet at the center gazebo, and then push through to the next room. My team was along the wall, support for those pushing through the center.

    Standing on the low stone wall I look around me. So many team members are straggling to get to the center gazebo. I keep firing those zombies but its not making much of a difference.

    A swarm of zombies heads for the center. I try to shout out at them but they're too far away. The mission is a disaster! The center is falling fast, the zombies are eating them. I look behind at the team waiting by the columns. They aren't moving. Why aren't they moving?

    "Forget the mission! Just run to the next room already!" But they're so scared they just stay hiding behind the columns. Meanwhile, the swarm of zombies heads for them.

    My friend was comforting a young girl who just lost her parents. She knitted her a blanket in the midst of this chaos. "Thank you, its so warm". I notice that her face looks sickly and pale. I grip my gun tighter, why is she sick?

    She moans, standing below my wall "My face, it itches. It itches!!" her voice dips monstrously deep "IT MAKES ME WANT TO EAT YOUR FACE!" Her eyes bulge out red and - BAM!

    I shot her right between the eyes.

    Zombie! "What a waste......." I dont know if I was commenting on her life, my friends time, the blanket or my bullet. I felt indifferent.

    Were falling apart, frustrated I yell "What are you all doing! Why are you just standing around! Hurry up to the next room!"

    "Where's the commander?"

    I look back at the center gazebo, its completely taken over by zombies. With nothing left to eat the swarm heads towards us. I look behind me at those by the column. Too late, they stood around scared for too long. The zombies are eating them and they aren't fighting back.

    So fast! The zombies are swarming up my low wall. I'm not afraid. IM PISSED! I steady my gun and shoot them all between the eyes. So many! But I dont stop firing! My friend standing behind me also helps me kill the zombies.

    Im out of bullets. A female zombie grabs my ankle and tries to drag me towards her mouth. Shit!

    "Backup! I need more ammo!"

    I look below at the backup crew, they are just doubfounded, just staring off into space scared as shit. "What are you doing! I need ammo!" What a lost cause.

    The female zombie is still trying to drag me down. That's when I remembered my gun has a knife. I flip the switch and knife her right between the eyes.

    My hand is still steady. I look at the field and calculate how long it will take me to run to the next room and how many zombies I'll have to run by. I can do it! I'm going to survive! I can't say the same is true for anyone else.

    Then I woke up

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