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    Apparently I've played too much gmod recently

    by , 08-10-2011 at 12:43 AM (727 Views)
    I was "playing" gmod (though the dream was in 1st person perspectie with nothing outside of the game and all the visuals life like). (it's a sandbox game where you build stuff) with some folks from the other internet forum I am on. One of them was building this highly realistic cave like sturcture in the middle of the map. I was passively observing the construction process while I was messing with my train carriage system I had built for the track on the map. At one point, this dude invited me to try the cave structure out. I went in, he put and froze a big boulder in the opening of the cave, so I couldn't get out. I walked inwards, the cave was sloping downwards. At one point, I saw bars like those from a jail cell in t he middle, and I continued, I knew this was a map change in game, even though I was technically in the game myself, and not just controlling it. I went through a fwe more of those, and finally arrived at this longer corridor. At the end there was this dark haired young girl singing awkwardly and sadly and staring at me. She got up and started walking towards me. Then she jumped towards me at inhumane speeds. I tried to noclip but instead hit my head on the ceiling. I went through a few map changes while trying to get out, but in the end, the cave was a maze of sorts, and I couldn't find my way out. Dream end.

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    Tags: cave, girl, gmod
    non-lucid , nightmare