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    The journey of JussiKala

    Boat trip

    by , 08-23-2011 at 06:55 PM (538 Views)
    (two days ago)

    I started out on this island. I got into this yacth type of boat, white, has maybe two or three rooms inside, not more. The boat went off to the sea. I was on it with a couple of people I thought I knew in the dream, yet I don't recognize them now that I'm awake. We drove around a bit. At one point I saw this lizard like creature slip through the waves. After a while, the three of us on the boat decided to go swimming. I jumped from the top of the boat into the sea below. I swam in it for a while without any issues. However, after a while, this small fish like thing with two huge eyes (in proportion to the rest of the body) started chasing me. It showed its teeth, and I got scared. I swam away from it as well as I could. It was a mere 2m or less away from me the whole time, sometimes missing me by only a bit when trying to bite me.

    I got on the boat safely again after a while. So we headed out again. After a while, we arrived at this deserted island composed of mainly sand and a couple of palm trees. We spent a while on the island, relaxing. The two of them stayed on the island and I headed out on the boat after a while of chilling. I drove it around a bit. Thought I was heading for mainland. But no... after a few hours, I arrived back at the same island. At that point, I had a huge mindrape moment, even though it wasn't that bizarre.

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