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    The journey of JussiKala

    The portal gun

    by , 10-10-2011 at 10:48 PM (493 Views)
    All references to the concept portal assume the portal from the game, portal

    So I had somehow obtained myself a portal gun. I had gotten accustomed to using it, though I still somewhat hid it from the general public.
    I was at this hotel with a friend of mine, checking the accommodations for possible future visits. I tried the bed. At first I sat on it. It was a king size bed. With a a blue mushy blanket. Lovely. The room walls had this tapestry, with a pattern mostly consisting of decorated vertical lines. A woman walked by the hallway and stopped near the door to talk with one of the janitor crew. I eventually got irritated with her, so I launched a portal on the roof and one under her on the floor in the hallway. She dropped on the bed. At first, she was confused. But after a while, her face assumed an expression of anger. I thought it'd be for the best of everyone to leave now. But the woman suddenly started chasing me. So I punched a window after running a bit in the hallway, jumped through, shot a portal on the ground, and on the hotel wall. That side of the hotel building was facing a beatiful landscape. A forest, with a lake in the middle. The hotel was on the top of a hill, and the lake was at the bottom of that hill. I hit the portal on the ground and shoot up from the portal on the hotel wall. As I fly through, it looks like I won't make it. I see her standing on the ground, on the parking lot, looking at me very confused and angry. I get a slight expression of satisfaction on my face. I look ahead again and it seems I might not fly far enough to reach the lake. But I barely do.


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