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    The journey of JussiKala

    The search for the artifact + the gay marriage debate

    by , 08-14-2011 at 06:32 AM (407 Views)
    #1: So I was in this large old medieval castle. We were walking around with the tour leader, apparently I was in some sort of tourist group (again, lol). The layout of the old castle was the same as the internals of the house, now that I think about it after waking up. Everything was just a bit bigger. So at one point, the tourist guide was telling us about how there was this old magical artifact from the 1582 that belonged to some dude that had the power to control a lot of things. She said that multiple tries to find the artifact from the castle had failed. It has been lost. I didn't think it had been, and I went off. I arrived at what is actually the main store-room of my house, and looked a round. I knew, KNEW, the thing was here. So I looked around, not finding anything since the room was filled with stuff. I saw the bigger picture howerver, and knew that I had to summon it, so I went into this meditation like state, and hummed until it appeared to me. It was a ring with two stones attached to it. I put it in my hand and I heard hissing. Then I heard the wind, and saw how the ghost of the dude the tourist guide told me about flew threw me with an angry face. I laughed like an insane man and ran outside. I messed around with the ring but I do not remember how, since my recall ends here.

    #2: I was at my old elementary school yeeeaaars back and there was this lesson about what homosexuality is. After the class, both the teacher and one of the students started arguing about if gay marriage should be allowed. I listen to their debate outside the door for a while and decide that they're both complete idiots that dont' know how to argue, and I tell them that. They get mad but tell me to make better arguments than the ones they have made, and I spend an hour in the library on a computer typing up this argument. I come back with a 17 page thing and I hand it out to them. They are "mmmmkay" and I leave. Later when I come back, there is this group effort to build a mosaic on the unused floor space of one of the hallways. I participate. One of the people who made most of the effort realized she did it wrong and had to start again after disassembling what she had made.

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