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    My Dream Goals

    Recall 3 dreams in one night
    Have a stable lucid dream
    Recall at least 1 dream per night for a whole week

    Meet my dream guide

    Get a job in-dream
    Cook a meal in-dream
    Use a non-physical superpower

    1. No Dreams Tonight.

      by , 05-08-2016 at 05:01 PM (My Dream Goals)
      I do not recall any dreams from last night.


      Last night, I watched a series on the "Layers of Lucid Dreaming" per suggestion by Jadegreen. It's quite interesting, if you would like to watch it you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywwlib29LgU
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    2. Weird Sims 2 (1 NLD) + "Dream Perspective"

      by , 05-04-2016 at 11:24 AM (My Dream Goals)
      After the dream began with me seemingly scrolling through some sort of texting timeline, my perspective faded back to the dream world. I looked around and saw some DC's watching TV. The TV screen quickly changed to something else as my perspective switched to it. It was some weird version of The Sims 2 where you select choices from a dropdown menu and the game judges your choices before the Sims do them. I remember a DC directing one in-game boy to tell another in-game boy a secret. The boy just whispered "secret" to the other boy over and over. Then I was woken up by my alarm.


      Dream Goals

      Beginner Goals:
      Remember 3 Dreams in one night.
      Remember at least 1 dream/night 7 nights in a row. (2/7)
      Have a Lucid Dream.

      Intermediate Goals:
      Meet my dream guide.

      Advanced Goals:
      Get a Job In-Dream
      Make a Meal In-Dream
      Use a non-physical superpower


      In dreams, I have something called "Dream Perspective". If I'm looking that a picture or screen and I concentrate on it, it will morph to fill my entire field of vision until I want to look at/do something else. So yeah.
    3. Superpowered Teacher (1 NLD Fragment)

      by , 05-03-2016 at 04:17 PM (My Dream Goals)
      I remember a female teacher with superpowers in my dream. A male student threatened her, but she just scared him off by conjuring fire.



      Remember 3 LD's in one night
      Remember at least 1 dream/night for 7 nights in a row (1/7)
      Have a Lucid Dream

      Meet My Dream Guide

      Get A Job In-dream
      Make A Meal In-dream
      Use A Non-Physical Superpower


      Special thanks to JadeGreen for Apprenticing me, at least for the time being!
    4. So Close Yet So Far

      by , 06-12-2015 at 03:24 AM (My Dream Goals)
      Lucid Nonlucid Notes

      Before I begin, I'd like to announce 2 things:

      1. Due to a spotted consistency of lucids I have, I have ridded of the TOTNLD, TOTW, and TOTM and replaced them with simply "Tasks".
      2. Starting June 30, animated dreams are back! My shorter dreams and more interesting long ones will be animated, the animation posted in the journal!

      And that's about it. Now, let's get into the dream.

      The first thing I recall was being in class, although my teacher was walking around the front of the room switching between wordlessness and saying random nonsense phrases. Due to the strangeness of this, I became lucid without having to perform a reality check. At first not thinking about my tasks, I decided to just go all out, picking up other students' desks and throwing them at amazing speed at him (I don't hate my teacher, I was just having fun). He did not seem scared, but rather confused as he barely managed to dodge my attacks. I noticed a huge table on the side of the classroom which seemed to have grown, and picked up and threw it at him almost effortlessly, hitting him and knocking him into a bloodless unconsciousness in the back of the room, most of my classmates slightly injured, and all of them in shock. At this point, the dream faded, although I instantly became lucid (albeit unclearly) when I next found myself in my house. This time, I decided to do some normally impossible parkour, moving at lightning fast speeds and destroying parts of my house in the process. I raced past my father and crashed through the door, although it was no longer obliterated when I looked back. Calming down and remembering my task, I realized that the dream was fading and got right on it. I stepped onto a very large plot of mulch outside of my house and to try to improve clarity focused on how it felt, not realizing until after stopping this focus that I was barefoot and was in nothing more than a t-shirt and some underpants. The mulch was quite dense and very dry, and the feel of the wood chips and dry soil felt almost real. At this point the dream was clearly fading so I went right onto the second part of my first task, trying to summon clothes instead of wasting the time to go put some on. I tried this once, but forgot it in order to complete the task when it didn't work. While walking up to a tree, I felt a very sharp (but light) pain in my right foot, accompanied by an unknown voice screaming "OH MY GOD!" as this happened. As I assumed that this had meant that a wood chip was stuck in my toe, I continued walking without looking down, as at this point the shock of seeing blood would wake me up. I reached the tree, hugged it, and closed my eyes as I tried to lift it, but failed. I noticed that my hands would not fit around the tree fully, so I moved them down to a thinner part of the tree to get a better grip. I repeated and felt that it had worked, but I opened my eyes to find the tree still there. Suddenly, I saw a strange distorted view of myself from the outside accompanied by a sound, and in shock lost lucidity although surprisingly stayed in the dream for a bit. After this, I was stuck in a position of my hands behind my back touching the tree and me facing the opposite way and my view was stuck to a profile view of me and the tree. A DC walked up to me (possibly the one that had screamed earlier) and the dream faded.

      Task 1: Develop better clarity, lift a tree.
      Task 2: Punch out someone with my bare fist without shutting my eyes.
      Task 3: Destroy a large structure with my bare hands.
      TOTY: Cause (didn't even realize until now that I did this!) and stop a crime using supernatural powers.
    5. Huge Progress

      by , 05-16-2015 at 11:09 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Although it is too unclear in memory to thoroughly journal it, last night I had a lucid dream that completed not 1, not 2, but THREE tasks that I had previously set. In the dream, I was outside (TOTNLD Go Outside), picked up and uprooted a very large tree (TOTM Develop a Supernatural Power), AND when picking it up and dropping it, sunk a couple feet into the ground due to the weight and threw tons of dirt into the air, respectively. (TOTW, Dig a Hole). On top of that, I almost completed half of my TOTY by almost being able to swing the tree over my back and onto a house (TOTY part 1 Commit a Crime with a Supernatural Power). Also, I would like to share my strategy for developing super strength in dreams, at least for the use of lifting a heavy object. I first grab the object (as for the tree, I had to hug it to grab a large enough part), close my eyes, try to lift, and then as soon as I feel a lifting sensation I open my eyes and due to momentum, I am now able to lift the object.

      Task 1: Pick up a tree again, Develop better clarity.
      Task 2: Punch someone out with no effort.
      Task 3: Destroy a large statue with my bare hands.


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    6. "Mortal Kombat 10"

      by , 05-03-2015 at 05:50 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream

      Non-Lucid. I was watching someone play "Mortal Kombat 10" which I purchased 3 days ago, but it seemed more like a Soul Calibur game with characters from the Mortal Kombat series. Each character had 2 or more "icons" to represent them, and I remember that Sonya Blade had a green star and a gray skull to represent her.
    7. On-Topic

      by , 05-02-2015 at 10:50 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Now that I have less distractions IWL, I am going to begin to get much more on-topic with my LD work. I used to lucid dream just when it came naturally and doing "Whatever" when it happened, but starting now, I am going to write in my dream journal every morning as long as I am physically able to and I am going to set myself tasks for each lucid dream I have. I plan to have at least one LD per 3 nights (the one time I was on-topic I had a very good success rate) and am going to prepare in advance. As of now, here is my tasklist:

      TOTNLD (Task(s) of the next lucid dream): Go Outside; Stabilize the Dream
      TOTW: Dig a hole
      TOTM: Develop some sort of supernatural power (Flying, Fireball, ETC.)
      TOTY: Stop & Commit a crime with said supernatural power

      Please comment with task suggestions if you have any.
    8. Why I Never Post

      by , 04-12-2015 at 05:25 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Hello, guys! Today I thought I would tell you why I never usually post my Lucid Dreams.

      In the waking life, I love the night. It gives me a chance to clear my mind, get work done, and practice some WILD. When I LD, whenever I become lucid, it is almost always night. However, unlike waking life, this always fills me with a small sense of dread. I do not feel safe enough to explore, and due to my emotional state when this happens, I am unable to reach the level of lucidity required to change night to day. While I do sometimes have daytime LD's, these are short, uncommon, and not worth posting online (I use a private dream journal, then post the highlights online). However, there is one feat I have completed that may allow me to change night to day during Night LD's. On my first elongated LD (which took place at night), I became suspicious that I was dreaming when while walking around my house I looked at the clock to realize that it was 1:00 AM. I went to go to sleep, but when I checked again, it was only 7:00 PM. I got suspicious, but passed it off as nothing... until I looked again and it was 9:00 PM. So, for a reality check, I put my hands (which looked normal) on the sides of my view of the clock and flicked my right hand's index finger. The time increased by one minute. As I continued, this kept happening, and I realized that it was a dream, although at this point, although still in control of the clock, I developed the sense of dread that I still get today during night LD's (Surprisingly, NLD's are fine). Please tell me if you would know of any ways to get over this.

      side notes
    9. Lucidity, My Dream Guide Dies, and a FA

      by , 02-01-2015 at 12:10 AM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Lucid Semilucid Non-Lucid

      I do not remember anything prior to becoming lucid. This is organized to be written in a chat, so it is sort of a bulletpoint-type organization.

      I was in a grocery store when I realized I was lucid.
      I made everyone in the store sing for a short time
      I ran into MrEnter and PewDiePie in a way I don't remember
      I ran into 2 ladies (actually a sim from the sims 2 and my 5th grade teacher)
      I decided to run around at hyper-speed with E. and P. for a while before realizing I had to stabilize.
      I realized that I was on some sort of gravel parking lot.
      I stabilized by touching the ground, which felt just as it was supposed to: rocky and really shifty.
      I went on to wreck havoc for a while, getting some sort of riot to chase us.
      I found out that my 5th grade teacher was my dream guide.
      I threw her into the rioters, who proceeded to kill her with spears. (oops... glad it's just a dream)
      As chaos goes on, Pewds decides we should get into his car to escape.
      We agree, MrEnter questioning why we need a car in a dream.
      After a while we crash the car into some kind of hill. The car's totaled, but no one's injured.
      We step out to find ourselves on a bright road, no chaos, car nowhere to be seen.
      We all decided to get a Delorian time machine and travel in time.

      MrEnter (driver) suggested that we go to year 104.
      I reply that it is dangerous as that was "Aztec time" (actually in the early 1000s)
      I suggest going to the year 1774, but the others flatly decline.
      Before I have a chance for rebuttal, Pewdiepie (passenger) sets the year to 104.
      MrEnter speeds up within seconds and we find some sort of Native American tribe.
      They wield blowdarts, and look over to us menacingly when we see them. They do not look realistic, but rather like they're part of an animated cartoon.
      They chase us and we quickly drive back to the current year of 2015.
      We find ourselves on the same road.

      I had a FA and next thing I knew I was in a wooden chair with my laptop on a table in front of me.
      I went to MrEnter's twitter feed to find him describing the Delorian part of the dream.
      I note him on Deviantart saying that we may have had a shared dream.
      Moments later he replies saying that it's unlikely, and we just had a shared part-of-dream.
      I tell him about the first part of the dream (before the FA) in the comments.
      I refresh to find that nothing has changed.
      I scroll to the comments to find people complaining about a rushed Animated Atrocity.
      I refresh to see that his twitter feed contains an apology about it.
      He has posted a journal containing the Animated Atrocity apologizing on the fact that it was rushed.
      I check my replies, but there are none.

      I wake up.

      Links: youtube.com/user/themysteriousmrenter (MrEnter's Youtube)
      youtube.com/user/pewdiepie (Pewdiepie's Youtube)
      mrenter.deviantart.com (MrEnter's Deviantart)

      I walked into a traditional-style kitchen to find a man eating a blueberry pastry while a woman in the corner played intense, depressing music on a piano.
    10. Facebook, The Legend of Korra, and Jack's Diddy From 1589

      by , 01-14-2015 at 09:41 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream Semilucid
      Dream shift: ####################

      I attempted a WILD, but gave up since I was too tired. I went to sleep and had this semilucid dream:
      I began by doing something I don't remember (Woke up late, no time to write) When I asked myself: Am I dreaming?
      I was no longer lucid, and was in front of a frameless computer monitor. The full screen was taken up by Jacksepticeye, with the exception of a Facebook chat menu in the bottom right corner with a black box where the chatbox should be. I feel that I want to leave the page to watch some of season 2 of "The Legend of Korra", and in my mind I see a FM of an episode of it; this was an episode generated by my mind in a previous dream. Before I can do this, a video of a teenage girl (about 15) appears in the black box. She and Jacksepticeye are talking with a conversation I cannot recall, before the box goes black again and Jack seems extremely overly-happy, exclaiming that the chat is "so fun" and the people on it are "really nice". 2 identical kids, about 12 or 13, appear in the box. Jack suddenly exclaims "Let me sing a little diddy i know from the year'of 15 of 8 9. At this point, I get up out of my seat, but still try to listen to the "diddy" (which is more of a sort of classical love song) when I suddenly think: wasn't I dreaming?

      I wake up.
    11. 2 Failed WILD's and Leonardo Da Vinci's Computer

      by , 01-13-2015 at 05:55 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Awake Dreaming Hypnogogic

      Unsuccessful night. I attempted a WILD 15 minutes before I usually go to sleep, and these were the results:

      I was lying down, legs and arms straight by my side, my mind clear. Thoughts that did come I just passively swept away. After about 7 minutes, I started to get the feeling that my body was more independent now: that I was more separate from the bed. I waited for another 4 minutes or so when I saw a red blob growing from the outside of my line of sight. When it reached the middle, I was overtaken with extremely strong emotion. (I wouldn't call it fear or excitement or happiness... I guess the closest it came to was surprise.) I started to get the sensation that I was lying on a brick of thick air and I began to feel the illusion of vibrating. I swallowed. Seconds after I did this I fell out of my hypnogogic state. I preformed a few RC's to ensure I wasn't dreaming, then tried again, leading to the exact same thing happening.

      Here's a Non-Lucid dream that happened at some point that night: I was behind some sort of counter. When I stood up, the perspective switched to third person from the front and I saw Leonardo Da Vinci drawing something with a computer program, me still behind the counter. He got up and walked out of my line of sight, and I got on the computer, perspective still the same. The dream faded out from here.
    12. Giant Iron Man From 2002

      by , 09-06-2014 at 10:54 PM (My Dream Goals)
      I was floating in a red void in the 3rd person with a giant iron man in front of me. This dream was recurring, and for some reason I thought it was a nightmare, so I'd become lucid at this time, although I'd usually wake up as I did not know what you could do with lucid dreams. If I remained asleep, the giant iron man would punch me and I would begin to tumble and float to the right. I'd pass a few random objects and some sort of moaning cartoon characters before landing on a gray floor. I would see a black ghost/spectre thing, and I'd wake up a few seconds later.

      If you would like to see the dream, watch this video:

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