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    Lucidity, My Dream Guide Dies, and a FA

    by , 02-01-2015 at 12:10 AM (822 Views)
    Notes Lucid Semilucid Non-Lucid

    I do not remember anything prior to becoming lucid. This is organized to be written in a chat, so it is sort of a bulletpoint-type organization.

    I was in a grocery store when I realized I was lucid.
    I made everyone in the store sing for a short time
    I ran into MrEnter and PewDiePie in a way I don't remember
    I ran into 2 ladies (actually a sim from the sims 2 and my 5th grade teacher)
    I decided to run around at hyper-speed with E. and P. for a while before realizing I had to stabilize.
    I realized that I was on some sort of gravel parking lot.
    I stabilized by touching the ground, which felt just as it was supposed to: rocky and really shifty.
    I went on to wreck havoc for a while, getting some sort of riot to chase us.
    I found out that my 5th grade teacher was my dream guide.
    I threw her into the rioters, who proceeded to kill her with spears. (oops... glad it's just a dream)
    As chaos goes on, Pewds decides we should get into his car to escape.
    We agree, MrEnter questioning why we need a car in a dream.
    After a while we crash the car into some kind of hill. The car's totaled, but no one's injured.
    We step out to find ourselves on a bright road, no chaos, car nowhere to be seen.
    We all decided to get a Delorian time machine and travel in time.

    MrEnter (driver) suggested that we go to year 104.
    I reply that it is dangerous as that was "Aztec time" (actually in the early 1000s)
    I suggest going to the year 1774, but the others flatly decline.
    Before I have a chance for rebuttal, Pewdiepie (passenger) sets the year to 104.
    MrEnter speeds up within seconds and we find some sort of Native American tribe.
    They wield blowdarts, and look over to us menacingly when we see them. They do not look realistic, but rather like they're part of an animated cartoon.
    They chase us and we quickly drive back to the current year of 2015.
    We find ourselves on the same road.

    I had a FA and next thing I knew I was in a wooden chair with my laptop on a table in front of me.
    I went to MrEnter's twitter feed to find him describing the Delorian part of the dream.
    I note him on Deviantart saying that we may have had a shared dream.
    Moments later he replies saying that it's unlikely, and we just had a shared part-of-dream.
    I tell him about the first part of the dream (before the FA) in the comments.
    I refresh to find that nothing has changed.
    I scroll to the comments to find people complaining about a rushed Animated Atrocity.
    I refresh to see that his twitter feed contains an apology about it.
    He has posted a journal containing the Animated Atrocity apologizing on the fact that it was rushed.
    I check my replies, but there are none.

    I wake up.

    Links: youtube.com/user/themysteriousmrenter (MrEnter's Youtube)
    youtube.com/user/pewdiepie (Pewdiepie's Youtube)
    mrenter.deviantart.com (MrEnter's Deviantart)

    I walked into a traditional-style kitchen to find a man eating a blueberry pastry while a woman in the corner played intense, depressing music on a piano.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      What do the colors in your color code mean?

      *Reads the top*

      Nevermind I see it.
      I threw her into the rioters, who proceeded to kill her with spears. (oops... glad it's just a dream)
      Oops. Not a good way to make a first impression on your dream guide.
      Updated 02-01-2015 at 12:41 AM by JadeGreen
    2. justme13's Avatar
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Have any ideas on what to do in my next LD?
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    3. JadeGreen's Avatar
      *Updates profile picture for the thirteen billionth time*

      Hmm... I think it is best for you to make decisions about what you want to do in your next lucid dream. I could give you a list of ideas a mile long.

      Though, being someone who is experienced with dream guides, I would recommend making amends with your guide after accidentally killing them. (I'm gonna let you in on a little truth here, the idea that there are no consequences in a dream doesn't hold true all the time...)

      Also, when you reply to comments, be sure 'Like' the comment that you are responding too. I was lucky I caught you, but you could have easily been lost in the sea of DJ entries and comments that I've left/read. It's sort of a secret code on this blog, you leave a 'Like' to notify someone that you are responding to what they have commented/posted and are carrying on the discussion.
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    4. justme13's Avatar
      Ok, I'll keep note of that!

      One last thing, I'm just letting you know that although I DO write in my actual dream journal daily, I will only post it on Dreamviews if I can remember at least 2 visuals and 1 "story element". As you can see here, this was much more than just that. Just a heads-up in case you're wondering why I don't post a lot.
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    5. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Good job .

      Well I suppose that that is a matter of personal choice. Myself, I prefer to update my DJ daily because I like having other people read my dreams and talking about them. It keeps me more motivated and actively thinking about LDing. (Though I do preform written autosuggestion and plan my lucid dreams in a notebook.) Whatever system works for you is fine, however.