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    My Dream Goals


    by , 05-02-2015 at 10:50 PM (410 Views)
    Now that I have less distractions IWL, I am going to begin to get much more on-topic with my LD work. I used to lucid dream just when it came naturally and doing "Whatever" when it happened, but starting now, I am going to write in my dream journal every morning as long as I am physically able to and I am going to set myself tasks for each lucid dream I have. I plan to have at least one LD per 3 nights (the one time I was on-topic I had a very good success rate) and am going to prepare in advance. As of now, here is my tasklist:

    TOTNLD (Task(s) of the next lucid dream): Go Outside; Stabilize the Dream
    TOTW: Dig a hole
    TOTM: Develop some sort of supernatural power (Flying, Fireball, ETC.)
    TOTY: Stop & Commit a crime with said supernatural power

    Please comment with task suggestions if you have any.

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