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    Comp Night 10 W

    by , 03-11-2023 at 04:18 PM (115 Views)
    I'm back at nightly from the looks of it. Sweet timing.

    Someone on the discord server suggested I turned The Ink Cult (A modding community I built for a game) into an open source Unity Project. From this project we rebuilt the entire game from scratch. However, Everyone was strangely egotistical and self centered along the way, Not helping the team which was exactly what led to the failure of the original devs. Finally we were done. Some guy was porting detailed textures to the levels. That’s when someone else joined. Who was it? Death. From Puss in Boots. He walked over to the texturing guy (who was personified in the unity project) and sucked his soul out like a dementor. Dude collapsed. He looked at everyone else and they ran for it. Only me and a couple other people stayed. Death said that the Cult had a curse that would kill us all one by one. While everyone else panicked (another was killed in the process) I decided to stay calm and wise. I went down and all the bathroom doors were locked and it was dark out. Spending a bit of time, I went back to Unity and summoned Death. Had a calm talk with him about the afterlife and honestly he was chill and respectful. He was talking while killing one of the devs. My goal was to convince him not to kill me, but I was left ambiguous to whether it worked. With everything happening I couldn’t help but RC. What did I find? Completely normal hands. But, I was still convinced. I went and tried fusing into the wall to teleport, but that didn’t work. So I tried my classic PR method: “Jolt Energy Bars”. I asked a parent if they had any and they said yes. I was happy to hear that but they stalled giving it to me for conversation. In that time, I woke up.

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