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    Comp Night 5

    by , 06-05-2023 at 04:49 PM (85 Views)
    About time for some good lucids!

    Dream 1: I was working with a friend to build a road, with the very same tractor that was at my old construction job. In the sky though I saw an eye, which got me lucid. I believe I teleported through a wall to a dark room before losing lucidity. I then remember turning the lights on and watching some old movies when a set of grenades was put on my desk from the movie. I was fine until it was turned on accidentally. I threw it as far as I could but it was still pretty close. Hiding under my bed, it didn’t just explode. It had a mini machine gun inside that shot me a couple times but was blocked mostly by the bed, and eventually went away. I then woke up.

    Dream 2: I was going into town with a friend of mine. (Who I'll refer to as FE) In this dream, she was a catgirl for some reason. We stopped at this coffee shop in the middle of town and shared this cinnamon roll. I was outdoors when I realized something wasn’t right and got lucid. I tried teleporting but it didn’t work. The dream felt like it was ending so I grounded yet lost lucidity. Came over to another friend’s house. (C) Somehow FE turned into this yellow 2D horse thing. Then for some reason C was this huge asshole, and his girlfriend was just as irritating. They didn't let me leave. Suddenly though, FE turns back into a catgirl and sits on C's lap and starts licking him. Me and his girlfriend were shocked as hell, and I woke up.

    Dream 3: A friend of mine sat me down to watch the Mario Movie 2. It was about Mario, Luigi, and DK climbing this impossible mountain that people lived in, but the height brainwashed them. Turns out some witch was there. I made it a few minutes in and it ended. Apparently the guy who showed me said it was a collection of some leaked clips posted on reddit. I was confused, because I thought I would’ve heard of this by now, and then he insulted me. I gave him a “fuck you” and walked away

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