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    Days 5 and 6:

    by , 09-08-2023 at 05:44 AM (96 Views)
    At the time of writing my sleep/misophonia earplugs arrived so hopefully I have more sanity to LD more often now lol

    Day 5: A new mmorpg came out. Literally named something like "The world's perfect mmo". Generally fun, like a mix of Starfield and Zenith. I had a problem when I named my character after one of the PR characters however. I got an achievement criticizing me for some reason and the NPCs were more aggressive than usual. Woke up while writing about it.

    Day 6: Was with a friend and we were just having fun. I gathered a list of memes for us to laugh at, but got occupied with Starfield instead. I was in Neon (one of the in-game cities) when a character looked extremely familiar for some reason, despite me never seeing them before. I asked about it and she just said "I moved on." Stopped playing and watched some Mario 3 speedruns.

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