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    1. Out of Place

      by , 09-17-2013 at 02:33 PM
      A few nights ago I had my most memorable and successful LD to date. I used a WBTB and WILD Method with a mix of reality checks and talking to myself with the LD to solidify a very stable LD environment. This is a first for me.

      Time at approx 04.00am and checked the time again after at 04.38 my estimate is that it lasted around 15-20mins. I accomplished two of my three of my short term goals and had a lot of fun along the way. However at the end of the dream it took a rather unexpected turn.

      Setting: Laying on the couch listening to the Last DV's podcast that very evening, was especially motivated. Once again i can hear the sound of rain and wind outside (this could be trigger for me) As I closed my eyes HI was much more vivid than I can ever remember. I am still awake and appearing in my minds eye some items of clothing hanging together in a bunch, different colours and textures and scruffily placed on a hanger.

      All of a sudden, snap its solid, really there, fantastic clarity, textures and patterns extremely vivid. Now I realise I'm in. I think to myself I'm here, I should be able to change these old clothes to something else. I imagined the bunch of clothing becoming a tree, and sure enough they started morphing, growing leaves and shoots, budding and getting larger completely covering the clothes until it was a fully grown bush, it wasn't a tree but to see it change and grow In front of my eyes because I had willed it was magical, very emotional even.

      I decided to fly and jumped straight up, but only managed a kind of slow float, I kicked my legs as though swimming to travel up and as I did, water started pouring all around me, I reached to cover my nose ( At this point the dream became more stable than usual) and doing so reminded me to do a reality check. With water all around and me floating up I did the nose pinch and breathed in.

      I'm in a city scene shopping area at night, a widened pedestrian area somewhat rundown. The air is humid and wet, a pleasant night after a downpour, warm, and a smell of fresh rain on the roads. Neon signs and old posters hung in the shop fronts and many people where wandering around. At this point I talked to myself 'this is a dream, why don't you look around' I didn't think it, I actually said it out loud to myself in the dream and I felt this really anchored me in there. I used 'out loud' talking to myself more throughout the dream to maintain it. I also heard voices of people I knew from waking life and at one point my 4 year old popped in there and I actually saw him float on by.

      Last months 'task of the month popped in my head and i went into a store, a tall thin gentleman with black skin and short black hair was talking with another I couldn't see, I interrupted him, apologised for the intrusion and asked him excitedly 'what is the meaning of life' he opened his mouth to speak and as he did I got a sinking vacuum pulling dizzy sensation feeling in my chest and I was outside again. ( it's possible the LD destabilised through excitement)

      Some floating around a shopping mall now which was also an event venue, a sports competition was taking place but it was also a gaming convention, I spoke to a DC who told me a way to get a BETA key for a game I am waiting for.

      Outside again now and interacting with the DC's I would ask I young guy to look at a symbol on his tracksuit, I'd ask him 'what is it' , he said an Adidas sign, I told him to look again as it changed in front of his eyes, he looked confused and didn't say anything. I did the same thing with DC's and large digital clocks that I saw hanging in the shop fronts, asked DC's the time and then watched with them the numbers morph to something intelligible.

      ...I'm now in a small room, standing at the open doorway, there is a large wooden table in the middle and a woman is standing to the right of it. She is very out of context in my dream if i can explain it that way and i sensed different in some way to all the other DC's . I also knew her very well (within the dream) She has long red hair and is wearing a headband of vine and flower. She has on a long green, what I would describe as medieval dress, the embroidery and detail on it was amazing, it looked like a costume but was so well made and the fabric too was different in someway not modern perhaps. I went over to her and picked her up in my arms and we walked out the door...
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      by , 07-30-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Having a bit of a dry spell right now so I thought I would share one of my LD's from my journal. Hopefully spark some activity.

      Setting: Bedroom.
      Method: WILD
      Induction: Guided relaxation CD
      Lucid dream number One: after a nine year gap.

      Popped into LD straight from my relaxation, an amazing feeling of knowing you are asleep and yet totally conscious. Extreme clarity and detail, I could liken it to a comparison between a VHS cassette (RL)and a blue ray disc (LD)

      I'm sitting up and forward a little, looking back at my girlfriend on my left, she is heavily pregnant right now and in my dream her stomach was flat. A huge reality check for me. I floated over to the door to explore the house and reached to turn the bedroom door handle to let myself out, my hand passed through the handle ( felt surprise and amusement) so I leaned into the door with my shoulder and floated through to the hallway. Dream ends and I awake. I am really excited and want to try again right away...

      I manage to slip straight back into another LD ( not sure how or I would share) the only way I can explain is it was though I put my focus point at a certain feeling? From the last LD. (If someone knows what I mean and can explain this feeling to me I would appreciate the input)

      ...sat up in bed again, floating with arms and legs crossed hands in my lap, I hear a mocking laugh in my head, it was echoey, far away? and it unnerved me quite a lot, I decided It was my subconscious and if it was, I could make other sounds, so I tried to imagine music. What an truly amazing experience! I could hear the most beautiful symphonic music playing in my head as I was thinking of it, it started as classical, I heard beautiful choral voices and then electric guitars like some awesome rock anthem solo. Can't describe how good it sounded, really like the best music I ever heard, so weird.

      floating over to the window now and passing through the glass entering into a browny grey nothingness with the consistency of thick soup or porridge, definitely texture, movement, particles, liquidy yet not wet. My instinct is to swim, and I do in no particular direction, my brain thinks water and there is a slight panic as I am concerned I can't breath, instantly I realise I can breath and panic passes.

      Slight fear and concern now at the void and space so decide to do a Loving Kindness meditation in the porridge ( something I had been practicing during the week in RL, I had experienced some strange physical sensations and wanted to try it whilst in the LD. ) I leaned back opened my chest and said 'take my love' don't know why, just popped out, It sounds a little urgggh but there we go, as it happened..

      Pop I'm falling, blue sky, and passing through white clouds, sunny day, falling and flying, controlled fall?Feel the Wind, is noisy in my ears and eyes watering a little, I can see super vivid trees and grass, countryside fields, small roads and barns as I fall closer. I wonder how high I am, I drop past a passenger jet, I remember seeing the wing and engines, rivets and paint texture as I fell past.

      Getting close to hitting the grass but have no concern about an impact. levelling out now and floating over the country side, looking at tops of trees and the odd roof, nothing much but grass and hedges small roads, farms. I try to look behind and my body levels to sitting, still travelling, floating backward, am able to rotate in all directions, looking at the countryside, sensation changes from flying to floating and being pulled, I look around some more and then
      I wake up.

      Was quite an amazing experience and started researching LD's in the morning, found DV's that day.

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