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    meditation visions

    by , 02-10-2014 at 12:11 AM (498 Views)
    While meditating just about 30 minutes ago. Maybe 2:15 pm on 2-9-14.
    Swirling orange colors resembling the suns bursts of heat and swirling slowly to the counter clockwise position. After about 1 minute I had a clear glimpse of an old white house. Simple rectangular construction with a fairly high A shaped roof. In front of the house to the right of the front door ( looking at the house) was a small tree. It looked similar to an aspan. And had very golden yellow foliage.

    Next clear image was a woman by the ocean. She was facing west/ Northwest and she had somekind of headdress on. She may have been a sculpture, but the headdress was tall and pushed back similar to an American Indian stereotypical headdress but not the same. She was quite majestic and proud.
    The third was me sitting next to someone on the bluffs near a shoreline. I could feel water spray from the heavy surf that were watching. It seemed that it was either near sunrise or sunset by the vibrant hot pink, orange and violet skies and those colors were reflected in the waves. I don't know who that other person was as I never looked directly at him or her, I just knew someone was there next to me.

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