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    pyramids again

    by , 02-08-2014 at 09:33 PM (374 Views)
    The color came first. Warm golden sandy color. Image formed into a classic pyramid. High point at the top. Like the Mason symbol. As I was inside I looked up to the top and saw a pyramid shaped opening. Suddenly someone was pushing a heavy stone across the opening. I was startled only for a flash, then I laughed and said " hahaha..oh yeah I'm scared".
    Next a huge pit opened by my feet
    I figured I was supposed to be afraid but I laughed and was like " oh yeah mutherfucker! I don't play like that! I jumped feet first into the pit and down I went what seemed like miles. I was laughing and thought "come on bring it bitches".
    Finally the colors and the walls of the pit began to close in. I just hovered before the bottom of the pit and looked down. There in the bottom was a tremendous golden brown eye seemingly made of glass, yet alive at the same time. Again I laughed and thought"I win" I'm in the eye and now you are blind!", as I shoved my foot through the pupil.

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