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    13th of june -> 14th.

    by , 06-14-2014 at 01:29 PM (550 Views)
    Date:14th of june.
    Total sleep: 9 hours.
    Daytime Techniques: RC's, mantras.
    Lucid Techniques: Stabilizisation, ''increase vividness'' mantra.
    Recall Techniques: DJ, mantras, tags.
    Fell Asleep: 00.45
    Dream Title: Satan teacher/shounen fight.
    Dream: Satan teacher;I walk to school over an orchard, strangely, it is dark outside . I was having a large test, when my teacher gives me an ''annmerkning'' (norwegian punishment). I get really mad and say the reason i havent done anything is because i have not at school the days we worked on the test, which is weird since it was a test, and not a project. I roll around the classroom talking to friends about how stupid the teacher is.

    Shounen fight: I gain lucidity, and try to keep it by jumping around outside my house. After a while however i completely forget since i was not paying attention or being aware. I end up fighting some enemies inside my house in a really shounen-anime-like style, where i power up after each enemy and then barely beat them. It seems like the enemies had taken control of our house.
    Awake: 08.30
    Vividness: 8/8
    Length: 5/6
    Emotions/feelings: Madness, dissapointment, ''unfair'', heroic, happiness.
    Dream Signs: Magical powers (super strength), not-human enemies, school, my house, friends.

    Fragments/small dreams: I suddenly appear in the classroom of the ''satan teacher'' dream. I am completely lucid, and as i realize this i start to lose control. I try my best to stabilize my dream by look at my hands, and spinning. I also shout ''increase vividness'', but since i was not really focusing, nothing happened. I almost fall out of the classroom and i realize i am going to wake up. As a last resort to figure out why i'm waking up, i grab my chest. My heart is beating really fast, this is why i woke up. It lasted around 30 seconds i would think.

    DC's: My class, the teacher, erza scarlett (i cant remember seeing her).

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