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    14th of june-> 15th of june. Great dream!

    by , 06-15-2014 at 10:02 AM (839 Views)
    Date 15th of june.
    Total sleep: 9.5 hours (estimate)
    Daytime Techniques: RC, mantra, meditation, preperation.
    Lucid Techniques: Anchoring/ stabilizisation, commands/mantras.
    Recall Techniques: DJ, tags/simple notes by my bed.
    Fell Asleep: around 12.00- 12.30?
    Dream Title: The dreamers island.
    Dream: I start out in a city, i wander around with a few friends. We enter a few shops, and since it's pretty late we make one last visist to the gorcery shop. They sold ice-cream, so i bought some mango icecream, and some more which i cant remember. We exit the shop, and i ask if i can get a ride with Lars, and Joakim. We drive over a bridge, and eventually hit an island which is sitting on a gigantic pillar, far over the sea. I try to climb a small, almost vertical road, but fail. I start driving downwards when i realize. The cars are not cars, they are 1 man electrical, wheelchair-like things. I jump off the cliff since i realize this is a dream. I wake up just when i start flying, out of excitement. I chain the dream, and enter the same dream. I am the place i fell off, i stagger upwards while shouting:''MORE VIVID'', ''MORE CLARITY''.I am the top of the island, and in a skype conversation with a few other dreamers (Tobias, Dennis and Aleks). They dont dream IRL, but in my dream, they dreamed. And they were much better than me. Remember, that i was jumping in and out of the dreams ALL the time, i'm pretty sure i did it like 5-ish times (isn-t it called DEILD or something?). Anyway, i attempt stabilizing myself in the dream. I look at my hands the closest i have ever done. i had all the right knuckles, and fingers, BUT the first joint on most of my fingers, are way too short. It was strange, i didn't get to try the : ''MORE LUCID'' commands, sadly. I did try some other commands/mantras, as seen above. I decide to try something i had tought of while reading a tutorial about dream stabilisisation, about the word ''anchor''. I decide to actually summon an anchor and bind my existence to it, it doesn't work since i get excited, so i wake up again. In the skype call we talk a lot, but we eventually agree to battle on the Island. We use all kinds of abilites and such, all while i am daring in and out of the dream if i get too excited. I use a devestating laz0r beam, that is as thick and wide as my whole body, to decimate large parts of the island, but it might be regenerating, i cant remember. I jump in the water, but suddenly i cant fly ( I probably could have if i calmed down and focused). So i suddenly teleport the the top of the mountain, which now are made of pixels somehow. I gain 3rd person view and start killing everybody wih my bow (BTW some brat named Tobias said he was going to win the competition, so step my game up). I have my other memories from this night that i cant pinpoint where happened. They will be stated below.
    Awake: 10.30
    Vividness: 9
    Awareness: 2-10 (2 at the start, 10 at the end)
    Length: Very long
    Emotions: Happnines/joy, excitement, accomplishment, succes!, anger (slight), jealousy.
    Dream Signs: Game related stuff, friends, familiar places, game-like.

    As stated, this dream was large, and me jumping in and out of it didn't help with the fact i have a few memories, i cant remember where happened. Here they are: I go into a store which i think sells DVD's, this was the start somewhere. The entire arena suddenly gets pixelized, this was near the end. I had my first false awakening, weird as hell.
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