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    19th of june.

    by , 06-19-2014 at 12:53 PM (635 Views)
    Date:19th of june.
    Total sleep:7-ish hours.
    Daytime Techniques: RC's, awareness, mantras, dream yoga.
    Lucid Techniques: Stabilizisation,
    Recall Techniques: Dj, lie still in bed.
    Fell Asleep: 00.30 AM
    Dream Title: The mystery of the coins.
    Dream: I remember quite a bit of this drea, but since it was so long, there are parts i do not recall. Here we go: I have no recall of the starts, but i know i was somehow granded the ability to switch places with some, just by flicking my wrist. Suddenly, i can no longer do it. I wander of into a different classroom, and a guy named Simon is about to throw some coins, that are magical, somehow. I dive after them, and i get quite a few. I go out of the school area, to the grocey store. And i buy a pack of buns. It seems the the coins have the ability to transmutate items. I bought the pack of buns to transmutate them into something. Suddenly there is a gap in my memory, and i am toilet that floats above the ground. 2 bullies lock me in the toilet, but i eventually convince them to let me out. We walk up gågata in Halden, Norway.
    Vividness: 8
    Awareness: 2
    Length: Very long.
    Emotions: Happiness, sadness, dissapointment.
    Dream Signs: Magic, school, my city.

    Dream Title: Stabilizisation training in a large city.
    Dream: I walk down a large road, and go into some kind of hospital room with my mother, the doctor gives me ice-cream. I walk a bi farther down the main road, and i decide to take a look at my hands. I look for a second, then suddenly i almost lose control of the dream. I decide to try train my stabilizisation, and go over to a girl, grab her hand, and start running. We run by the docks, and it doesn't take long before i wake up.
    Awake: 08.20
    Vividness: 9
    Length: 5
    Emotions: Happiness, feeling of success
    Dream Signs: Ice-cream, small city.

    Dream fragments: I am talking to one of my teachers, Bente Haug. I explain the second dream to her.
    Parts of the dreams that i cant remember where happened: I flirt with a girl by switching places with her.

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