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    21st of June.

    by , 06-21-2014 at 11:37 AM (676 Views)
    Date:2st of June.
    Total sleep: Unknown.
    Daytime Techniques: Awareness, mantras, rc's, WBTN/DEILD.
    Lucid Techniques: Memory, stabilizisation, sight, attempts.
    Recall Techniques: DJ, tags.
    Fell Asleep: Unknown.
    Dream Title: The prophet.
    Dream: This dream was strange, but great at the same time. I wont even try to explain the dream in chronoligical occurence. I will list the things i can remember, here we go: I start out at road, and i find a girl. I dont really think, i just act on instinct. I have however had this dream before, or atleast a similiar one. I put her on my back, and start walking. Now onto the events that happened after: -Me and the girl arrive at a restaurant, i put her in a seat and start talking to some of my friends. We eventually leave, but i notice something strange. Whenever i am not holding the girl, my gravity is messed up! -At this point i am lucid, and i try my best to ''fix'' the gravity, i eventually get it down and now i have normal gravity! I was super stoked over this, since gravity was one of my short-term dream goals! -I am in a car graveyard, i spot fredriksten festning. I look at the ground and at fredriksten. It feels strange having a dream this vivid and clear, and being lucid. -Me and the girl try our best to swin through some kind of water challange. -Me and the girl mow down some guy fighting a few kids. -Me and the girl arrive at stonehenge-like place with a mean looking guy in the middle, i realize the girl is some kind of prophet needed to beat this man. We scare him off and move on. Eventually we meet the same guy again, we defeat him using the girls powers. At this point the dream messes itself up, and it becomes some kind of pixelated jump game. Throughout this entire dream i woke up, and fell asleep MANY times.
    Awake: Unknown.
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: 10
    Length: 10
    Emotions/feelings: Happiness, temptation, success,
    Dream Signs: Games, my city, friends, roads.

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