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    22nd of June.

    by , 06-22-2014 at 10:03 PM (578 Views)
    Date: 22nd of june.
    Total sleep: Unknown.
    Daytime Techniques: RC's, mantras, awareness, melatonin.
    Lucid Techniques: Mantra.
    Recall Techniques: Dream journal
    Fell Asleep: Unknown.
    Dream Title: The food pebbles.
    Dream: I start out in a schoolyard, surrounded by large school walls. I eventually leave for a graveyard to collect some magical pebble-like item, it seems i collect them by a fruitninja-type game. It is way too much work for 1 person, so my familiy picks me up in a car and we collect them together, but at a different place. Some of the keywords lying in the back of my head about this dream are> Kite, car, zombies.
    Awake: Unknown.
    Vividness: 8/15
    Awareness: Occasional.
    Length: 5
    Emotions: Happiness, fear.
    Dream Signs: school, friends&family.

    LD fragment: I am in a fotball binge. The only keywords that linger in my mind are: Animal rights and discussion.

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