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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. 22nd of June.

      by , 06-22-2014 at 10:03 PM
      Date: 22nd of june.
      Total sleep: Unknown.
      Daytime Techniques: RC's, mantras, awareness, melatonin.
      Lucid Techniques: Mantra.
      Recall Techniques: Dream journal
      Fell Asleep: Unknown.
      Dream Title: The food pebbles.
      Dream: I start out in a schoolyard, surrounded by large school walls. I eventually leave for a graveyard to collect some magical pebble-like item, it seems i collect them by a fruitninja-type game. It is way too much work for 1 person, so my familiy picks me up in a car and we collect them together, but at a different place. Some of the keywords lying in the back of my head about this dream are> Kite, car, zombies.
      Awake: Unknown.
      Vividness: 8/15
      Awareness: Occasional.
      Length: 5
      Emotions: Happiness, fear.
      Dream Signs: school, friends&family.

      LD fragment: I am in a fotball binge. The only keywords that linger in my mind are: Animal rights and discussion.
    2. 21st of June.

      by , 06-21-2014 at 11:37 AM
      Date:2st of June.
      Total sleep: Unknown.
      Daytime Techniques: Awareness, mantras, rc's, WBTN/DEILD.
      Lucid Techniques: Memory, stabilizisation, sight, attempts.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, tags.
      Fell Asleep: Unknown.
      Dream Title: The prophet.
      Dream: This dream was strange, but great at the same time. I wont even try to explain the dream in chronoligical occurence. I will list the things i can remember, here we go: I start out at road, and i find a girl. I dont really think, i just act on instinct. I have however had this dream before, or atleast a similiar one. I put her on my back, and start walking. Now onto the events that happened after: -Me and the girl arrive at a restaurant, i put her in a seat and start talking to some of my friends. We eventually leave, but i notice something strange. Whenever i am not holding the girl, my gravity is messed up! -At this point i am lucid, and i try my best to ''fix'' the gravity, i eventually get it down and now i have normal gravity! I was super stoked over this, since gravity was one of my short-term dream goals! -I am in a car graveyard, i spot fredriksten festning. I look at the ground and at fredriksten. It feels strange having a dream this vivid and clear, and being lucid. -Me and the girl try our best to swin through some kind of water challange. -Me and the girl mow down some guy fighting a few kids. -Me and the girl arrive at stonehenge-like place with a mean looking guy in the middle, i realize the girl is some kind of prophet needed to beat this man. We scare him off and move on. Eventually we meet the same guy again, we defeat him using the girls powers. At this point the dream messes itself up, and it becomes some kind of pixelated jump game. Throughout this entire dream i woke up, and fell asleep MANY times.
      Awake: Unknown.
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 10
      Length: 10
      Emotions/feelings: Happiness, temptation, success,
      Dream Signs: Games, my city, friends, roads.
    3. 20th of June.

      by , 06-20-2014 at 06:32 PM
      Date:20th of june.
      Total sleep: Not sure.
      Daytime Techniques: RC's, dream yoga, awareness.
      Lucid Techniques: Memory.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, lying in bed remembering.
      Fell Asleep: Unknown
      Dream Title: The magical ring.
      Dream: I am in a tower. It is a long way down in a spiraling staircase. I am a lower ranking person of sorts. I go outside the house, i find a lake, and i dive downwards into it. I find 2 silver rings, a green ring, and a gold ring. The green ring can crush anything that is hit by it, into a thousand pieces. The gold ring makes me invisible. The silver rings are just pretty/valuable. With closer inspection, i find that the tower is my house, just very altered, and that the outside with the lake, is simply my yard, slightly altered.
      Vividness: 9
      Awareness: 2
      Length: 4
      Emotions: Surprise, temptation.
      Dream Signs: My house, magic.

      Dream Title: The cluttery mess of the long-road city.
      Dream: This dream was an INSANE mess, with parts of the dream scattered in my memory, and the dream constantly evolving and changing. I start out in the normal world, it seems like my ''person'' in the dream grows. Eventually i am somehow teleported to a different universe, the universe in new or something, since i am much higher ''level'' (level 13 to be exact) than everybody else. My friends were baffled how i was oneshotting every enemy. I eventually tell my friends in the new universe how i am actually from a different place. It seeems the new universe does not have the word remove or anything similiar. I was very popular in the old universe, but now i have to rebuild my relationships. I see a beautiful girl, we start flirting for a bit. She then takes something that is mine and run off (cant remember), i chase her and pin her to the ground. I give her a long kiss. I get up and jump over the brushes, i gain lucidity (actually i may have been lucid earlier, cant remember). I look at my hands for a second, and try to feel the ground. However i quickly lose lucidity since i was not paying attention. I end up in a house, where some man brutally murders this girl i knows' familiy. He doesn't kill me or her, however. We give him some eggs, and he passes out somehow (did i hit him?). We escape upwards using bikes
      Awareness: 1-9
      Length: 9
      Emotions: Happines, disgust, temptation, pride.
      Dream Signs: My city, friends, games, supermarket.

      Dream fragments/parts of the dream i cant pinpoint: -I am biking with a large group of my friends.
      - I am in car
      - I buy GoT in a supermarket.
    4. 19th of june.

      by , 06-19-2014 at 12:53 PM
      Date:19th of june.
      Total sleep:7-ish hours.
      Daytime Techniques: RC's, awareness, mantras, dream yoga.
      Lucid Techniques: Stabilizisation,
      Recall Techniques: Dj, lie still in bed.
      Fell Asleep: 00.30 AM
      Dream Title: The mystery of the coins.
      Dream: I remember quite a bit of this drea, but since it was so long, there are parts i do not recall. Here we go: I have no recall of the starts, but i know i was somehow granded the ability to switch places with some, just by flicking my wrist. Suddenly, i can no longer do it. I wander of into a different classroom, and a guy named Simon is about to throw some coins, that are magical, somehow. I dive after them, and i get quite a few. I go out of the school area, to the grocey store. And i buy a pack of buns. It seems the the coins have the ability to transmutate items. I bought the pack of buns to transmutate them into something. Suddenly there is a gap in my memory, and i am toilet that floats above the ground. 2 bullies lock me in the toilet, but i eventually convince them to let me out. We walk up gågata in Halden, Norway.
      Vividness: 8
      Awareness: 2
      Length: Very long.
      Emotions: Happiness, sadness, dissapointment.
      Dream Signs: Magic, school, my city.

      Dream Title: Stabilizisation training in a large city.
      Dream: I walk down a large road, and go into some kind of hospital room with my mother, the doctor gives me ice-cream. I walk a bi farther down the main road, and i decide to take a look at my hands. I look for a second, then suddenly i almost lose control of the dream. I decide to try train my stabilizisation, and go over to a girl, grab her hand, and start running. We run by the docks, and it doesn't take long before i wake up.
      Awake: 08.20
      Vividness: 9
      Length: 5
      Emotions: Happiness, feeling of success
      Dream Signs: Ice-cream, small city.

      Dream fragments: I am talking to one of my teachers, Bente Haug. I explain the second dream to her.
      Parts of the dreams that i cant remember where happened: I flirt with a girl by switching places with her.
    5. 13th of june -> 14th.

      by , 06-14-2014 at 01:29 PM
      Date:14th of june.
      Total sleep: 9 hours.
      Daytime Techniques: RC's, mantras.
      Lucid Techniques: Stabilizisation, ''increase vividness'' mantra.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, mantras, tags.
      Fell Asleep: 00.45
      Dream Title: Satan teacher/shounen fight.
      Dream: Satan teacher;I walk to school over an orchard, strangely, it is dark outside . I was having a large test, when my teacher gives me an ''annmerkning'' (norwegian punishment). I get really mad and say the reason i havent done anything is because i have not at school the days we worked on the test, which is weird since it was a test, and not a project. I roll around the classroom talking to friends about how stupid the teacher is.

      Shounen fight: I gain lucidity, and try to keep it by jumping around outside my house. After a while however i completely forget since i was not paying attention or being aware. I end up fighting some enemies inside my house in a really shounen-anime-like style, where i power up after each enemy and then barely beat them. It seems like the enemies had taken control of our house.
      Awake: 08.30
      Vividness: 8/8
      Length: 5/6
      Emotions/feelings: Madness, dissapointment, ''unfair'', heroic, happiness.
      Dream Signs: Magical powers (super strength), not-human enemies, school, my house, friends.

      Fragments/small dreams: I suddenly appear in the classroom of the ''satan teacher'' dream. I am completely lucid, and as i realize this i start to lose control. I try my best to stabilize my dream by look at my hands, and spinning. I also shout ''increase vividness'', but since i was not really focusing, nothing happened. I almost fall out of the classroom and i realize i am going to wake up. As a last resort to figure out why i'm waking up, i grab my chest. My heart is beating really fast, this is why i woke up. It lasted around 30 seconds i would think.

      DC's: My class, the teacher, erza scarlett (i cant remember seeing her).
    6. 11th of june -> 12th of june.

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:11 PM
      Date:12th of june.
      Total sleep:10 hours.
      Supplements: B6 and melatonin.
      Daytime Techniques:RC's, mantras, sensory awareness training.
      Lucid Techniques:was not lucid.
      Recall Techniques: Mantras, dream journal.
      Fell Asleep:12.00
      Dream Title: sex scandal at the supermarket.
      Dream: I only remember bits of the dream, some of it being: Having sex with someone named Suzie? (wtf) Outside of a supermarket. And finging she posted pictures of my penis on the internet to get back at me, for what, i cant remember. Also being by a trailer at the highway, before eventually swimming out to raft in the ocean with my little sister. After we arrive at small raft, we spot a bigger one, and swim out (my little sister clinging to me). When we reach the raft i see a familiar face, Hannah. My memory stops there.
      Recall: 2
      Emotions/feelings: happines, shame, aroused.
      Dream Signs: common DC's (Trym, familiy)
      Objects/places/DC's: Supermarket, highway, ocean, trailer, raft, people, alcohol, Trym, George Clooney, Suzie, Hannah, Mia, Video.

      Dream fragments: Have a faint memory of a ''beauty and the best'' kinda scene.
    7. 10th of June -> 11th of June

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:39 AM
      Preparation: The normal
      Products: Applejuice and a multivitamin pill (which had 4 mg of b6)
      Number of dreams: 3
      Sleep: 11.30 PM to: 08.40 AM.

      Dream:1 Lucidity:0
      Vividness: 7
      Recall: 4
      I start out on a shore, and walk around for a bit. I seem to have a sword (some kind of rapier). Eventually i see 2 of my friends riding on some type of strange fish down the river. I jump on. We eventually jump off when we hit a bridge, and cant go any further. Some girls are sitting under the bridge, I challenge 1 of them to a swordfight, if i win, she raises the bridge. This is all i can remember. But i know there was more to this dream.

      Dream 2 Lucidity:0
      Vividness: 8
      The earliest thing i can remember is me sitting on a crowded bus, one of the girls jump of the bus in speed, but the rest continue on. It seems we drove past our point on the bus, so me and a few friends want to get back up. We take an insanely hard way though. It is almost impossible to climb, with steep hills and long drops. We get to a very steep part, which has few parts go grab onto. But there is a car trying to get down. The road isn't big enough for both of us.
      My friends are about half way up, but i am lagging behind, as i got the hardest route. When they both get up the small, steep hill, Trym (one of the DC'S) tries to help me up. It is not enough, the stronger friend i have, tries to help me up, and he succedes. However he is cocky, and boasts of his ability to lift me into the air, we end up danglig at the end, and we both fall of.

      I cant remember if i woke up here, but i know the dream continues. My friend died, it seems, but i lived. And the mood has changed, i am half grieving for him and half pissed. For some reason i walk into some rich family's yard, and see a large amount of people playing and having fun. If i walk a bit further into the yard, a group of people are chatting. They bring up my climb, and asks me how it went. I say it didn't go very well, because Vetle died. I go out the mansion using a different door, but now some annoying kids are following me. They ask me questions as i slam the exit door and leave the mansion, only to see a beautiful city. I think there were 3 kids.

      Dream 3: Lucidity:8
      Vividness: 8
      Insanely short dream. I realize i'm dreaming somehow in the middle of my schoolyard. I see a few people i think, but i focus on the fact that i am lucid, really lucid. I first try to make a DC appear ahead of me, doesn't work. So i try to summon a teddybear behind me, and it works! I think i get pretty excited here since i wake up.

      Extra: In the second dream, the hill and place in general seems VERY familiar, so much i almost know i've dreamt something about it before. The city is inspired by Fredrikstad, the hill in dream 2 by engevika, and schoolyard in dream 3 by my school.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment