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    Memorable Dreams

    1. 21st of June.

      by , 06-21-2014 at 11:37 AM
      Date:2st of June.
      Total sleep: Unknown.
      Daytime Techniques: Awareness, mantras, rc's, WBTN/DEILD.
      Lucid Techniques: Memory, stabilizisation, sight, attempts.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, tags.
      Fell Asleep: Unknown.
      Dream Title: The prophet.
      Dream: This dream was strange, but great at the same time. I wont even try to explain the dream in chronoligical occurence. I will list the things i can remember, here we go: I start out at road, and i find a girl. I dont really think, i just act on instinct. I have however had this dream before, or atleast a similiar one. I put her on my back, and start walking. Now onto the events that happened after: -Me and the girl arrive at a restaurant, i put her in a seat and start talking to some of my friends. We eventually leave, but i notice something strange. Whenever i am not holding the girl, my gravity is messed up! -At this point i am lucid, and i try my best to ''fix'' the gravity, i eventually get it down and now i have normal gravity! I was super stoked over this, since gravity was one of my short-term dream goals! -I am in a car graveyard, i spot fredriksten festning. I look at the ground and at fredriksten. It feels strange having a dream this vivid and clear, and being lucid. -Me and the girl try our best to swin through some kind of water challange. -Me and the girl mow down some guy fighting a few kids. -Me and the girl arrive at stonehenge-like place with a mean looking guy in the middle, i realize the girl is some kind of prophet needed to beat this man. We scare him off and move on. Eventually we meet the same guy again, we defeat him using the girls powers. At this point the dream messes itself up, and it becomes some kind of pixelated jump game. Throughout this entire dream i woke up, and fell asleep MANY times.
      Awake: Unknown.
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 10
      Length: 10
      Emotions/feelings: Happiness, temptation, success,
      Dream Signs: Games, my city, friends, roads.
    2. 14th of june-> 15th of june. Great dream!

      by , 06-15-2014 at 10:02 AM
      Date 15th of june.
      Total sleep: 9.5 hours (estimate)
      Daytime Techniques: RC, mantra, meditation, preperation.
      Lucid Techniques: Anchoring/ stabilizisation, commands/mantras.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, tags/simple notes by my bed.
      Fell Asleep: around 12.00- 12.30?
      Dream Title: The dreamers island.
      Dream: I start out in a city, i wander around with a few friends. We enter a few shops, and since it's pretty late we make one last visist to the gorcery shop. They sold ice-cream, so i bought some mango icecream, and some more which i cant remember. We exit the shop, and i ask if i can get a ride with Lars, and Joakim. We drive over a bridge, and eventually hit an island which is sitting on a gigantic pillar, far over the sea. I try to climb a small, almost vertical road, but fail. I start driving downwards when i realize. The cars are not cars, they are 1 man electrical, wheelchair-like things. I jump off the cliff since i realize this is a dream. I wake up just when i start flying, out of excitement. I chain the dream, and enter the same dream. I am the place i fell off, i stagger upwards while shouting:''MORE VIVID'', ''MORE CLARITY''.I am the top of the island, and in a skype conversation with a few other dreamers (Tobias, Dennis and Aleks). They dont dream IRL, but in my dream, they dreamed. And they were much better than me. Remember, that i was jumping in and out of the dreams ALL the time, i'm pretty sure i did it like 5-ish times (isn-t it called DEILD or something?). Anyway, i attempt stabilizing myself in the dream. I look at my hands the closest i have ever done. i had all the right knuckles, and fingers, BUT the first joint on most of my fingers, are way too short. It was strange, i didn't get to try the : ''MORE LUCID'' commands, sadly. I did try some other commands/mantras, as seen above. I decide to try something i had tought of while reading a tutorial about dream stabilisisation, about the word ''anchor''. I decide to actually summon an anchor and bind my existence to it, it doesn't work since i get excited, so i wake up again. In the skype call we talk a lot, but we eventually agree to battle on the Island. We use all kinds of abilites and such, all while i am daring in and out of the dream if i get too excited. I use a devestating laz0r beam, that is as thick and wide as my whole body, to decimate large parts of the island, but it might be regenerating, i cant remember. I jump in the water, but suddenly i cant fly ( I probably could have if i calmed down and focused). So i suddenly teleport the the top of the mountain, which now are made of pixels somehow. I gain 3rd person view and start killing everybody wih my bow (BTW some brat named Tobias said he was going to win the competition, so step my game up). I have my other memories from this night that i cant pinpoint where happened. They will be stated below.
      Awake: 10.30
      Vividness: 9
      Awareness: 2-10 (2 at the start, 10 at the end)
      Length: Very long
      Emotions: Happnines/joy, excitement, accomplishment, succes!, anger (slight), jealousy.
      Dream Signs: Game related stuff, friends, familiar places, game-like.

      As stated, this dream was large, and me jumping in and out of it didn't help with the fact i have a few memories, i cant remember where happened. Here they are: I go into a store which i think sells DVD's, this was the start somewhere. The entire arena suddenly gets pixelized, this was near the end. I had my first false awakening, weird as hell.
    3. 13th of june -> 14th.

      by , 06-14-2014 at 01:29 PM
      Date:14th of june.
      Total sleep: 9 hours.
      Daytime Techniques: RC's, mantras.
      Lucid Techniques: Stabilizisation, ''increase vividness'' mantra.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, mantras, tags.
      Fell Asleep: 00.45
      Dream Title: Satan teacher/shounen fight.
      Dream: Satan teacher;I walk to school over an orchard, strangely, it is dark outside . I was having a large test, when my teacher gives me an ''annmerkning'' (norwegian punishment). I get really mad and say the reason i havent done anything is because i have not at school the days we worked on the test, which is weird since it was a test, and not a project. I roll around the classroom talking to friends about how stupid the teacher is.

      Shounen fight: I gain lucidity, and try to keep it by jumping around outside my house. After a while however i completely forget since i was not paying attention or being aware. I end up fighting some enemies inside my house in a really shounen-anime-like style, where i power up after each enemy and then barely beat them. It seems like the enemies had taken control of our house.
      Awake: 08.30
      Vividness: 8/8
      Length: 5/6
      Emotions/feelings: Madness, dissapointment, ''unfair'', heroic, happiness.
      Dream Signs: Magical powers (super strength), not-human enemies, school, my house, friends.

      Fragments/small dreams: I suddenly appear in the classroom of the ''satan teacher'' dream. I am completely lucid, and as i realize this i start to lose control. I try my best to stabilize my dream by look at my hands, and spinning. I also shout ''increase vividness'', but since i was not really focusing, nothing happened. I almost fall out of the classroom and i realize i am going to wake up. As a last resort to figure out why i'm waking up, i grab my chest. My heart is beating really fast, this is why i woke up. It lasted around 30 seconds i would think.

      DC's: My class, the teacher, erza scarlett (i cant remember seeing her).
    4. 9th of June 2014.

      by , 06-09-2014 at 06:44 PM
      Bedtime: 12.PM Waketime: 11:AM.

      Preparation: The normal (see DJ entry 1)

      Dream 1:Me and my little brother were in some kind of large house, and i had recently been given a cat. The reason for this was because i for some reason had to prove my responsibility, and that i could take care of things. I think me and my little brother then walk to a different house, or most likely a different part of the large house. My little brother brings the cat, and we stay there for some time playing with the cat. After we leave the house, i ask my brother where the cat is. Darn, he forgot. I rage at him for a little while and there my memory cuts.

      Dream 2: In a large amazon-like environment, me and and ome my friends find a snowscooter and race down a snow-clad hill that we somehow found. We take turns being the steerer, as there is no brake or engine. We drive past a crowded area in the snow where children and people are playing. Accidentially we drive off a cliff. I cant remember if i woke up here, or if i actually didn't fall, but just went off the tracks.

      Dream 3: This was the clearest dream out of the three, and the only one where i very faintly seem to remember i was lucid. In the same environement as the first dream, my brother (could have been a different DC) seems to be having a bit off a fight with some random people chillig inside a crashed plane of the mountains. He cuffs his arm to mine, and asks me if i dare to dangle off the side of the mountain. There is a little cut here where i dont remember anything.
      I then encounter one of my other friends, he is injured and needs blood. This is where i realize i'm in a game, because i try to find out what bloodtype i am by using the menu. What i did most in this dream however, was being a smite/dota-like character running around and killing mobs to level up with my friend (we didn't kill many however as i woke up soon after).

      Other things i did, but can't remember when/which of the dreams it happened in is:
      -Shoot a bazooka at a tanks that was FAR away, missed every shot.
      Climb around the beautiful mountain inspired by the norwegian place, engevika. I was very far up, and there was a vertical drop of a few hundred feet down. I know i was lucid in this scene because i remember myself thinking:''This is a dream, i can survive this fall''. For some reason (maybe i lost lucidity) i didn't jump.
      -Stared at a fabolous ass (sorry Linn)
      -Go through a type of ''gear up'' corridor where we prepared for battle?
      -Traversed the jungle with my friends (seem to remember it was a part of a game, much like capture the flag in f.eks battlefield).
      -Saw one of my female friends fail at parachuting down the mountainside.

      Explanations/descriptions: Mountain: The mountain was absoloutely beautiful, and was had a long, vertical drop if you were to run straight ahead. If you went left or right however, you could get down to the jungle. It was inspired i think by engevika and hvaler in norway, just much larger. It seems there was a base inside the mountain where you could gear up fpr battle in the jungle below. There was also a plane (could be car) that was crashed into the mountain, you could go inside. The mountains were also shaped like a ton of squares forced together, making it hard and interesting to climb around on.

      Jungle: Here me and my friend farmed a few mobs to level up our dota/smite characters. It was lush, green and head vines that snirkled over the forestground. It had broad pathways through it, making it easy to traverse. There seemed to also be some temples of sort, that me and my friends explored. It had tall trees, and many ups and downs.Very fun to explore.

      The house: In dream one; It was large, and i think it had white walls. My father was on here, and though i think he was the one that gave me the cat, i'm not sure. The other part of the house, where i lost the cat definately had white walls, and some chars. The walls were also strangely deformed, i think.

      The snowy place/hill: Very basic, had extreme drops downwards, not fit for anyone to go down (even though kids were playing at the bottom of the hill. It was nice, and went down for a VERY long time. At the bottom i think i saw lake, there were few trees that were covered in snow as well.