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    1. Dream of June 5th, 2015 - Pirate Ships and a Train

      by , 06-06-2015 at 04:23 AM
      I donít know how the dream began, but this is the furthest back I can remember. I was with my mother and some other people. Iím not sure what we were doing. Suddenly, some of my teeth began to become loose so I pulled them out. I looked in the mirror though and it didnít seem like I had lost so many, I only noticed one spot, and Iím not sure if the gap was right.

      The dream later changed to be more like a video game. I was playing with a guy and my sisters. We were trying to steal a pirate ship that was docked. We died the first time we tried though. We later tried again and then retreated but the owners of the pirate ship chased after us. The owners were two caucasian teenage or young adult guys. The boss had light brown or dirty blond hair and I think his friend had brown hair. For weapons they had two daggers and a saber.

      The order of events becomes a bit fuzzy after this point, mostly in relation to the pirate ship stuff.

      The game became slightly less game-like and a bit more real, as in I didnít view everything from 3rd person. Again, I attempted to steal from the pirate ship, but the boys chased after me. They chased me up many series of steps to the top of a platform. The leader held a dagger to my throat and threatened to slit my throat. I knew that I would not die in real life, but I still did not want to die. I donít remember exactly what I said, but somehow I stalled them enough to slip out of the boys grasp and jump off the platform and soar away. I remember saying something along the lines of ďSorry, I donít feel like dyingĒ before soaring off. I soared to a white stone-brick tower a little ways away and landed at its entrance. I then ran up the stairs. The boys were fast though and after not long I could hear their feet stomping up the wooden stairs. I ended up getting to a balcony before they could reach me though and jumped off and soared away.

      I soared to the ship while they were away and stole it. The ship somehow shrunk to kid size and it could no longer carry all of its items effectively. Many of its items floated in the water nearby, most of them food. My guy friend and I ended up gathering the floating items together and bringing them further out to sea, which was not far at all as our feet were still touching the ground. We later found a wooden shack though that we hid the stuff in. The pirates ended up coming looking for it but I donít think they found it, or maybe they found us. I remember leaving for one reason or another anyways.

      For some reason I ended up getting on a flying train with my sisters and a guy friend, but Iím not sure if it was the same guy (btw, not any guy I know in real life). The train was white with brownish floors had a sort of bubbly shape to, it sort of looked like a blow-up vehicle (like a bouncy house sort of feel). The train ride was very cool. We flew over beautiful nature landscapes, an ocean, and brilliantly lit city at night. Some of the buildings were all glass so that the whole building glowed. The city felt a bit familiar, like I might have dreamt about it before. During the ride though, a few strange things happened.

      On the train, I somehow became pregnant, and the guy that had come on the train with me was apparently the father. The supposed father was pale and fairly tall with short black hair. He was busy during most of the train ride though and we didnít really talk much. On the train was also my mother. I know we spoke to each other, but I canít remember the details. All I know was that it had something to do with my pregnancy.

      After some time, I had my baby. It was very weird though. Well, the whole pregnancy had been weird really. It had lasted only a short time and Iím not sure if I had any signs of being pregnant (no large belly). When I did ďgive birthĒ the baby actually just appeared outside of me and began walking around. The baby did not look like a newborn. They were very clearly toddler age. They had light skin and red hair like Disneyís Ariel. After only a few minutes they grew again and their hair grew halfway down their back. I tried to get their ďfatherĒ to interact with them but they were always busy working. Not long after I woke up.