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    The Chase (Dream of September 4th, 2010)

    by , 09-11-2010 at 04:30 AM (982 Views)
    I dreamt that I was at a funeral. The building that the funeral was being held in reminded me of the Whitehouse. The inside had long red carpets and white walls and statues. In one part of the building was a bar and my cousin was working there. I asked them if I could have a limeade but she didn’t know how to make it because she was new at the job.

    Since my cousin didn’t know how to make limeade a lady came and made it for me by just squishing the lime on a lemon press, and then she poured the juice into a glass and ordered me to drink it. I did drink it but it was a bit sour.

    After drinking the lime juice I went outside. Outside I saw a giant bronze globe which was supposed to be some kind of crypt. There was also a bunch of people lining up to play a game; I joined in with them. Once the game started everyone had to go in a line and go through obstacles. I was behind a friend of mine who broke an earring which parts looked like they were from a clock. We went up a hill then up some stairs with bushes and trees on each side and then we went down the hill on a different part.

    After going down the hill I appeared in a new area. Well, I wasn’t really in the area I was actually watching it from above like a camera. The scene was of an alleyway in an Arabic country and the globe/crypt was there on a transport truck. The truck drove into the alleyway and the drivers, who were a woman and two men, exited the vehicle. The drivers talked about stopping and getting lunch but strangely they were speaking a different language and I could see subtitles at the bottom of my view. I then started to get a feeling of déjà vu and then I remembered that I had had the dream before (or at least I think I did).

    Since I remembered the dream I knew that a gang was going to come and try to steal the globe so I floated down from where I had been watching and my view changed to 3rd person. I tried to tell the transporters what was going to happen in their language but I couldn’t speak it so instead I used my powers to make them understand what I was saying. The drivers were still confused though, maybe they didn’t believe me. Soon enough though, the gang came.

    The first few gang members came out from one of the warehouses at the side of the alleyway and then more came from the front of the alleyway. There were quite a few guys but I wasn’t scared, for I knew they wouldn’t be able to hurt me. The men had clubs and bats with them and they circled around us. Some broke off from the circle and charged at me so I used my mind and sent out a shockwave which sent them all flying into the walls. This got most of the guys but some of them weren’t hurt too bad and got back up and tried to fight me again. Instead of sending a shockwave out again I used telekinesis and moved them around like puppets by moving my hands. I made them hover in the air a ways and then I’d send them crashing to the ground, but sometimes it was a bit laggy.

    Eventually I had beaten all of the men, or so I thought. I walked towards the truck that was carrying the globe and saw that in the driver’s seat was one of the gang members. I cursed and went to get them but they I was too slow. They smirked at me and then drove away quicker than what seemed possible.

    I think that maybe if I had this dream before that this is where it had about ended, but I did not want to lose.

    I quickly shot up into the air and flew super fast after them. When I was following the truck we somehow teleported and ended up in a mall. In the mall there was a wall that the truck had somehow gotten past so I tried to follow them and go through the walls like a ghost. I ended up only getting my arm through but then I doubted myself briefly and I got it stuck for a few seconds, so instead I brought my arm back and flew through a door. I flew through the mall a ways and then up an escalator. After going up the escalator I ended up in a new scene.

    I ended up in another white building that appeared to either be the nut house or an old folk’s home. An old man was sitting in an armchair and there were other elderly also sitting in the chairs. The man was mumbling how he thought he was going crazy. When I flew past him I said “Now you know you’re crazy for sure.” and then I flew towards the television and window and teleported again.

    Now I was at a big open plane on top of a tall building. In the distance I could see the truck carrying the globe. I was going to chase them again but then I remembered how I wanted to make a portal and go to Hyrule. I tried to make a portal but then my dream started to fade and I woke up.

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    1. WakataDreamer's Avatar
      This was fun to read

      Next time you have a lucid, you should find the gang's hideout/warehouse/whatever and go get that globe once and for all (and then go to Hyrule of course).