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    1. School, Stealing, and Flying – Dream of January 27th, 2013

      by , 01-27-2013 at 05:21 PM
      I first dreamt that I was at school. I think I was either there for review or exams. At the school I saw a guy from my school and acted like my usual shy self. At one point he put his head close and looked at me and said “Hi” quietly and I said “Hi” back as well. He then pointed and said, “Look”. I looked to where he was pointing and saw that Aurora (my pet dog) was lying down by me looking cute. Later I left to drive somewhere for some reason. It seemed pointless why I drove though since I simply drove into the country and then returned home. After driving though I said “Well, at least I got some driving practice.”

      When I returned home for some odd reason the same guy from my school was there visiting (don't really know him well at all). I feel like there might have been some of my relatives visiting as well but I’m not sure.

      I later dreamt that I was on a pirate ship and stole something from the pirates, then climbed up their mast, and flew away. I flew very high (I wonder if their ship was in the sky) and sprouted wings, but it seemed like my body was too heavy and the wings didn’t help that much and I started to drift downwards. I appeared to be semi-lucid at this point since sprouting wings again and flying has been one of my dream goals for a while. Strangely, the captain followed me. He jumped off his boat and fell from the sky with me. I was falling towards a city with tall buildings, but for some reason the stuff didn't look that interesting or detailed so I tried to focus to make it feel/look more realistic. While falling I saw a temple that apparently was related to me. It was supposed to have my special object inside, whatever that was.
    2. Aliens and Zombies – Dream of January 16th, 2013

      by , 01-16-2013 at 11:39 PM
      This morning I dreamt that there was a party of sorts in my yard or something like that, but it didn’t look like my yard. I left and went walking around some buildings. When I was walking some people came to chase me and said they were “Infected with the slime!” and tried to attack me. I simply said something along the lines off “You are cured of slime” and then it became so. Basically, I already knew that I was dreaming, but my thoughts weren’t that clear. I don’t even remember when I became lucid, I just seemed to be vaguely aware of it already.

      When I went back to my yard I saw that aliens were coming to attack us, so everyone evacuated into our spaceship. When I went back outside to see how things were the place was now surrounded by water and ancient looking pillars were sticking out from the water as well as some destroyed submerged buildings. It looked like a completely different place now. I looked up and above me I saw what looked like high tech jets. These were apparently the aircrafts/spaceships of the aliens. They kept flying by and shooting down blue glowing bullets, but they were mostly missing. At one point though a jet passed right above and shot some bullets. There was a small woven canopy above me placed at the entrance to the spaceship, but I knew it wouldn’t be able to hold back the bullets so I just braced myself. I knew that I couldn’t be killed anyways.

      I didn’t really feel the bullets when they hit me. I simply saw them pass through and go into the ground. But, when I touched my head with my hand it felt wet. I looked at the ground and blood dripped down onto the ground. The bullets had passed right through my head. The wounds had closed nearly instantly though and I was in no pain so I wasn’t really worried. I then jumped up and started to fly.

      For a while now, or really since forever, I’ve had trouble flying. I only ever seem to be able to fly to a certain height and then I start to fall down again. There have only been a few instances where I’ve flown really high and fast. Anyways, I kept dipping up and down when I flew and I had to move my arms a lot. I also kept trying to make wings appear on my back since for a while I’ve wanted to fly with wings again in a dream. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t working, and I kept going up and down. Sometimes I even fell in the water, which looked a little odd. It looked not quite natural, or like it was very murky when I felt it shouldn’t be. I flew on.

      Eventually I came to a broken down building which was mostly composed of metal, and it was very rusty. I went inside. The building was abandoned. On the inside though, it looked like it wasn’t only rusty, but also had blood on it. It reminded me of Silent Hill. It looked like it might have been a sports place of sorts before it was abandoned. While walking through the place I noticed a control room overlooking a big pit with stands, and sitting in there was a zombie. The zombie looked my way, but it seemed very weak and didn’t try to get up. Nonetheless, I was terrified. I turned around and headed back for the entrance, but when I got there a zombie was standing in front of the doors. Right away I jumped and flew on top of some lockers that were close by. The zombie ran towards me and clawed at the lockers, trying to get me. There was some stuff on top of the lockers as well so I threw them at the zombie, but it didn’t really have much of an effect. Soon, another zombie came, and I threw stuff at them as well, but it also did virtually nothing. Right after that though, I woke up.

      Eventually I came to a broken down building which was mostly composed of metal, and it was very rusty. I went inside. The building was abandoned. On the inside though, it looked like it wasn’t only rusty, but also had blood on it. It reminded me of Silent Hill. It looked like it might have been a sports place of sorts before it was abandoned. While walking through the place I noticed a control room overlooking a big pit with stands, and sitting in there was a zombie. The zombie looked my way, but it seemed very weak and didn’t try to get up. Nonetheless, I was terrified. I turned around and headed back for the entrance, but when I got there a zombie was standing in front of the doors. Right away I jumped and flew on top of some lockers that were close by. The zombie ran towards me and clawed at the lockers, trying to get me. There was some stuff on top of the lockers as well so I threw them at the zombie, but it didn’t really have much of an effect. Soon, another zombie came, and I threw stuff at them as well, but it also did virtually nothing. Right after that though, I woke up.

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    3. Snow and Bears - Dream of December 6th, 2012

      by , 12-06-2012 at 11:38 PM
      A lot of the details of the dream are fuzzy but there are a few things I remember. I had somehow ended up in a place with a bunch of snow, which triggered my memory and made me remember one of the basic tasks for the month, to make it snow. I also remembered reading about dream stabilization though so I tried to do that first. I crouched down and felt the cold snow on my hands and feet and its grainy texture. The snow felt very real, but I still had trouble focusing on things far away and some things in the distance seemed to change slightly every so often. Even if the dream wasn’t that stabilized yet though I decided I’d attempt the basic task for the month. I waved my hands in the air and willed the snow off of the trees and swirled it in the air, then I focused on the clouds in the sky and willed some snow to fall from them as well. When I was done I looked up into the sky and watched the snowflakes gently fall to the ground.

      After the previous event I somehow ended up indoors, and lost my lucidity for the most part. There was a wall of snow indoors and I was trying to dig behind different layers of it to get something but I don’t know what. Later it changed again, and I remember being at some place with a lot of big, intricately decorated buildings with my mom and dad who were talking about pregnancy for some reason. We left that place on a boat. There was supposedly somebody evil that lived there even though it looked colourful, bright, and happy.

      The next part in the dream I remember is being at some sort of park place. I think I’ve been there before in previous dreams. The place I was at was surrounded by pine, spruce, birch, and other trees found in a Canadian forest. I was getting onto a miniature train that took people from one end of the forest to the other. In the middle of my ride though I decided to get off at the top of a grassy hill, which wasn’t very smart I soon realized. The train I had been on went on without me and sun was setting and it was beginning to get dark. I knew that a lot of carnivores would be coming out at dusk. Soon enough, I saw four large brown bears. I they walked around in the middle of the path and along the tracks for a bit then walked back into the woods. As soon as they were behind the trees I ran down the hill to try to get back the entrance of the park, but the bears were only slightly in the bush and saw me. One of the bears jumped on top of me. I screamed and then made squeaking type noises. The bear put my arm in its mouth bud didn’t hurt me. It was only playing. They bears reminded me of my dogs. It appeared that they were still fairly young. After that one of the train type things came back and I and all four bears went inside it for some odd reason. While in the train we saw a wolf but I wasn’t really worried since I had the bears with me. As we rode further we eventually met up with another person on a train. Soon after that I woke up.
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    4. Dream of March 6th, 2011

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:25 PM
      Dream of March 6th, 2011

      Yay! I made progress! Last night I actually had a lucid dream. (btw the dream is very weird and hard to understand at parts, and it is also sloppily written at parts)

      The part of the dream I can remember the furthest back was where I was at this place with a village. At one point I was talking to either my mom or some other lady who was asking me what kind of dinosaurs the people usually were there. I said that they were either baby t-rexs or baby velociraptors, and if not they were pterodactyls. After saying that, we all changed into dinosaurs and went to the beginning of the dream. In that dream it was about these other dinosaur children bullying me. It wasn’t very interesting.

      Once that part was over I somehow went to a store where they were holding some kind of game show. The people were chosen to go into two teams where the leaders were already set. I’m not sure who the left team leader was but the right one was David Bowie. They didn’t really explain the game very well and it seemed as if

      people were going to the other guy’s team for some reason even though they started with David Bowie.
      At one point in that chapter I somehow realized it was a dream. Once I realized this it felt as if I had opened my eyes and everything felt extremely realistic. I was so happy but then I remembered that I had to remember my dream goals. I then remembered that I wanted to have a shared dream with saltyseedog, though I didn’t quite say their name right. Instead I called out “salt-sea-dog!?” multiple times, but nobody came. So, I left the store and went into the parking lot.

      Outside the sky was stormy and gray; well, not very stormy but very gray. I ran and then jumped and flew towards a road and dodged some vehicles. Once across the road I tried to fly, but every time I hit this one tree while flying I would start to sink. This started to annoy me so while I was flying I yelled “fly, fly, FLY!!!” but it didn’t really help much. Instead of flying I decided to climb the tree. Near the top of the tree was a big rock thing. I thought of flying but was too scared that I’d fall all that way.

      After that I somehow got back in town and I walked by some stores. I was really angry and wanted to teleport to Hyrule or maybe the moon so I tried to imagine behind the doors would be one of those places. As I ran past the shops I pushed or broke the doors open, and when it didn’t work I just moved on. Eventually I came to a strange district where a pub was. Out of the pug came a man who told me to watch out for a conning pixie. Right after he said that a male pixie (really just a drunk with wings) came out and started talking to me, but the other guy interfered and started arguing with them. As they were talking I woke up.
    5. Drawing portals

      by , 10-09-2010 at 02:20 PM
      Dream of October 9th, 2010

      Well….. I’m making progress. ^_^

      Last night I attempted a WILD, but it didn’t work, although later I ended up having a DILD. I can’t quite remember how it happened because I had two dreams last night and in the first one I was lucid.

      In the dream I was at a house where a lady was and maybe my sisters. The lady that was there ended up chasing me, but I can’t remember why. To escape her I flew, which caused me to suddenly realize, “Hey, I’m dreaming”. Strangely, I started to feel almost like I was dreaming and awake at the same time, like I could feel light near my eyelids in bed, so I tried to concentrate on the dream and make it stabilize, and I tried to remember my goals. After flying for a ways I either teleported or my flight just brought me to a different area. The area I was in was quite dark, and I think I was in a building. I tried thinking about my goals again.

      The first thing that came to my head when I was thinking about goals was making a portal, and going to Hyrule. I had imagined many times in waking life how I would make a portal. I would draw an oval like shape in the air and then the air would shimmer inside the oval and on the other side I would be able to see my destination; it did not go as I had planned. When I went to draw the portal a blue marker materialized in my hand. I used the marker and drew an oval in the air. The air did not shimmer like I had wanted, and when I put my head through the floating oval I found that I was still in the same area, but I was determined to make it work.

      I took my head out of the floating drawing of an oval and then I focused my will and tried to rub the area inside the oval as if I were trying to defog a window; it worked. The area I had rubbed started to become a semi-transparent image of a underground tunnel. Rubbing the air was difficult, for I had to focus to keep my hand from just going through the oval, but I managed. Eventually I had a big enough area to go through and there was now a clear opaque image of a scene on the other side. Now I had to figure out how to get through the floating window; I decided that I would break it.

      I smashed the floating window and bits of glass, or something of that nature, fell onto the ground. Now it seemed like there was a big hole floating in the air. I jumped into the hole. Once I was through the hole I saw that I had indeed made a portal, for I was now in a completely different area, but unfortunately not in Hyrule. I remember running or flying down the tunnel after that and meeting some enemies but I can’t remember what happened after that, and think it might have been because I had woken up.


      My second dream involved a game. There was this shadowy inky stuff that infected people and somewhat controlled them. I was flying around in the area, which was a valley with a crater lake on one side and a tower on the other. I flew by the tower when the black goop tried to attack me. The goop was trying to control me but I wouldn’t let it. I flew away and saw a group of people who appeared to have been infected by the goop and some other people who weren’t infected. The two groups started fighting each other and I could hear the infected telling them “Join us, give in”, or something of that nature.

      After that the dream turned into even more of a game, well, more like a game editor. My sisters were there and they were telling me what to make. I was able to use the characters and set them up in different areas, change their personalities, and basically just change the whole story. My sisters and I ended up deciding on a story about a large black dragon, and soon after I woke up.
    6. Flying once again :)

      by , 09-18-2010 at 04:47 AM
      Heh… I didn’t write this down right when I woke up so I kinda forgot some of the details. ^_^’

      I don’t remember quite how I ended up at this point. I was in a rather plain area and a monstrous creature with blade like arms had stabbed me through the chest. The pain felt quite real but then I realized that it was a dream. When I realized that it was a dream everything suddenly felt more vivid, which included the pain. Since I knew it was a dream I sat down and just told myself that everything was part of my mind and that it could not hurt me, the pain soon faded after that.

      I’m not quite sure what happened after that but I remember going to a large tower with many levels that could lead to the outside on balconies, which was all surrounded by water. I was fighting some monsters there when I remembered how I had wanted to sprout my brown feathered wings again and learn how to fly better with them. I floated down from one of the upper levels of the tower and then tried to sprout my wings. I kept repeating out loud “I will grow my wings”. After repeating the phrase a few times brown feathers started to appear from my arms. Usually I have my wings come from my back but I wanted to try it on my arms. Eventually my arms transformed into wings and then I tried to fly around with them. Having wings on my arms turned out not to work so well, so I focused my mind and tried to shift the wings to my back. It felt so wonderful being able to fly again, and at one point I fell down towards the water and I almost thought I would crash, but at the last moment I pulled up and only my arms and legs ended up grazing the water. The water felt so cool and refreshing.

      Later I was with some guys, and one of them wanted something but I can’t remember what. They were talking about some extremely hot water that was below us, but I don’t remember why. They ended up getting mad at me and tried to attack me but they couldn’t harm me, and the other guy that was there tried to stop him, and soon after I woke up.

      Yay! I'm so happy! ^_^ I seem to be having at least one lucid dream a month, and a few semi-lucids. :3 Actually, I think I haven't updated the number of lucid dreams I've had on my profile enough, because I'm sure I've had more. :/ I hope I can have another lucid soon.

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    7. The Chase (Dream of September 4th, 2010)

      by , 09-11-2010 at 04:30 AM
      I dreamt that I was at a funeral. The building that the funeral was being held in reminded me of the Whitehouse. The inside had long red carpets and white walls and statues. In one part of the building was a bar and my cousin was working there. I asked them if I could have a limeade but she didn’t know how to make it because she was new at the job.

      Since my cousin didn’t know how to make limeade a lady came and made it for me by just squishing the lime on a lemon press, and then she poured the juice into a glass and ordered me to drink it. I did drink it but it was a bit sour.

      After drinking the lime juice I went outside. Outside I saw a giant bronze globe which was supposed to be some kind of crypt. There was also a bunch of people lining up to play a game; I joined in with them. Once the game started everyone had to go in a line and go through obstacles. I was behind a friend of mine who broke an earring which parts looked like they were from a clock. We went up a hill then up some stairs with bushes and trees on each side and then we went down the hill on a different part.

      After going down the hill I appeared in a new area. Well, I wasn’t really in the area I was actually watching it from above like a camera. The scene was of an alleyway in an Arabic country and the globe/crypt was there on a transport truck. The truck drove into the alleyway and the drivers, who were a woman and two men, exited the vehicle. The drivers talked about stopping and getting lunch but strangely they were speaking a different language and I could see subtitles at the bottom of my view. I then started to get a feeling of déjà vu and then I remembered that I had had the dream before (or at least I think I did).

      Since I remembered the dream I knew that a gang was going to come and try to steal the globe so I floated down from where I had been watching and my view changed to 3rd person. I tried to tell the transporters what was going to happen in their language but I couldn’t speak it so instead I used my powers to make them understand what I was saying. The drivers were still confused though, maybe they didn’t believe me. Soon enough though, the gang came.

      The first few gang members came out from one of the warehouses at the side of the alleyway and then more came from the front of the alleyway. There were quite a few guys but I wasn’t scared, for I knew they wouldn’t be able to hurt me. The men had clubs and bats with them and they circled around us. Some broke off from the circle and charged at me so I used my mind and sent out a shockwave which sent them all flying into the walls. This got most of the guys but some of them weren’t hurt too bad and got back up and tried to fight me again. Instead of sending a shockwave out again I used telekinesis and moved them around like puppets by moving my hands. I made them hover in the air a ways and then I’d send them crashing to the ground, but sometimes it was a bit laggy.

      Eventually I had beaten all of the men, or so I thought. I walked towards the truck that was carrying the globe and saw that in the driver’s seat was one of the gang members. I cursed and went to get them but they I was too slow. They smirked at me and then drove away quicker than what seemed possible.

      I think that maybe if I had this dream before that this is where it had about ended, but I did not want to lose.

      I quickly shot up into the air and flew super fast after them. When I was following the truck we somehow teleported and ended up in a mall. In the mall there was a wall that the truck had somehow gotten past so I tried to follow them and go through the walls like a ghost. I ended up only getting my arm through but then I doubted myself briefly and I got it stuck for a few seconds, so instead I brought my arm back and flew through a door. I flew through the mall a ways and then up an escalator. After going up the escalator I ended up in a new scene.

      I ended up in another white building that appeared to either be the nut house or an old folk’s home. An old man was sitting in an armchair and there were other elderly also sitting in the chairs. The man was mumbling how he thought he was going crazy. When I flew past him I said “Now you know you’re crazy for sure.” and then I flew towards the television and window and teleported again.

      Now I was at a big open plane on top of a tall building. In the distance I could see the truck carrying the globe. I was going to chase them again but then I remembered how I wanted to make a portal and go to Hyrule. I tried to make a portal but then my dream started to fade and I woke up.

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    8. Fail dream, but at least lucid

      by , 08-30-2010 at 03:46 AM
      ((I had a hard time sleeping and I got woken up early. The two dreams are from the morning))
      I dreamed that I was watching a scene as if I were playing a strategy game. I ended up realizing that it was a dream and I wanted to take an active role in the dream so I tried to move into it but it made me wake up.

      When I fell asleep again I dreamed was in a house. At first I just went along with the dreams plot, which I can’t remember, but then I realized it was a dream. The first thing I thought about doing was sprouting my brown feathered wings that I had had in a different dream before but the dream was too unstable so I instead became weak. I stumbled outside after that and eventually woke up.
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    9. Reaching for the clouds

      by , 08-26-2010 at 07:32 PM
      This was very vivid and a lot of fun. (btw I had more dreams before this but I was too lazy to write them down)

      I was on a steep road near one of the churches in my city. I think there was a lot of water on the road so the road seemed almost like a waterfall. Also, for some strange reason I had transformed into a boy and there was a girl with me. I was calling her for something but she was taking too long so I started to go down the road myself, but once I was a few feet down the road I stopped to wait for her, or at least I tried to. I end up slipping down the road into a pool of water below. At first I held my breath but then I remembered that it was a dream so I could breathe underwater. The dream then felt very vivid and when I tried to breathe underwater I could feel the water going down my throat and in my nose, but after that I found that I could still breathe normally.

      After I get out of the water I and the girl go into a house and go to sleep, or at least that’s what we were going to do. Somehow I got out of the house, turned back into a girl (I can’t remember how) and ended up at the shore of a lake. I saw people chasing after me so I ran into the water. I then suddenly gained complete lucidity and realized that I didn’t really have to worry about the people and that I could do whatever I wanted, so I start to waterbend the waves to perhaps slow down the people chasing me. Controlling the waves then reminded me of Burke's Element Challenge on Dream Views. I thought about perhaps attempting the challenge but I couldn’t remember all of the criteria so I decided not to, but then I remembered something that I had wanted to do for a while in my dreams, touch the clouds.

      I then made up my mind that I was going to touch the clouds, but before I could try the people that had been chasing earlier captured me and brought me on their large boat. When I was on their boat they put some kind of vest thingy on me. They also had a rope somewhere that was supposed to be attached to the vest, but they seemed to have forgotten. After they put all the stuff on (at least that’s what they thought) they positioned me at the edge of one of the windows. They were going to push me out of the window with the rope attached to me, but I don’t know why. I was getting annoyed with the people because I wanted to fly away, but I guess my brain wasn’t working that well because I should have escaped earlier. Anyways, I told the people to hurry up so they pressed a button but it didn’t work and then they noticed that I wasn’t attached to the rope, but they had realized too late, for I had jumped out of the window without it.

      I didn’t fall into the water. Instead of diving underwater I landed on top of it and walked on it a bit and sometimes just floated above it. After a while the water came to a river which was moving a bit fast so I flew high up and went over it. On the other side of the river was a long road. I remembered wanting to fly up and touch the clouds so I looked at the sky to try to find some nice clouds, but the clouds above me were all gray and ugly, but in the distance I could see some nice and fluffy clouds and a bit of the blue sky. I decided that I’d go to those clouds.

      I’m quite a slow flier most of the time so I tried to do quick bursts of speed by slowing down and building up energy and then quickly propelling myself through the air like I did in a different dream, which worked a bit. After flying for a while I came to an area with a bunch of electricity wires and telephone wires. I was worried about colliding with the wires, but not because I was worried about being electrocuted. I was actually worried that I would get tangled in the wires and slow myself down, which is what ended up happening a few times.

      I was now quite close to the clouds, but there were also a lot of obstacles now such as trees and the wires. Eventually I came to the end of the road but there was a wooden wall with a ceiling too, but there were holes on the sides so flew down to the left. When I flew down to the left I saw a creepy forest and there was a strange old lady there that said “This place is sacred you can’t go here” and she got super mad and it seemed like she was going to attack me, so I just said sorry and went the other way.

      The place through the exit on the right was a beautiful glade with a little pool and waterfall, and it seems to me that it was the place that I had imagined and thought about sometimes before going to sleep. There was a bit of mist in the area and the clouds seemed to be lower here. I flew up to touch the fluffy white clouds and found that they didn’t actually feel how I thought a cloud was supposed to. The clouds actually felt kind of cushiony like cotton and not really cold or wet at all. I tried focusing my mind to make them feel more like a cloud, but then I changed my mind and instead flew on top of the cloud and lay there….Then I woke up.

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