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    1. Dream of June 5th, 2015 - Pirate Ships and a Train

      by , 06-06-2015 at 04:23 AM
      I don’t know how the dream began, but this is the furthest back I can remember. I was with my mother and some other people. I’m not sure what we were doing. Suddenly, some of my teeth began to become loose so I pulled them out. I looked in the mirror though and it didn’t seem like I had lost so many, I only noticed one spot, and I’m not sure if the gap was right.

      The dream later changed to be more like a video game. I was playing with a guy and my sisters. We were trying to steal a pirate ship that was docked. We died the first time we tried though. We later tried again and then retreated but the owners of the pirate ship chased after us. The owners were two caucasian teenage or young adult guys. The boss had light brown or dirty blond hair and I think his friend had brown hair. For weapons they had two daggers and a saber.

      The order of events becomes a bit fuzzy after this point, mostly in relation to the pirate ship stuff.

      The game became slightly less game-like and a bit more real, as in I didn’t view everything from 3rd person. Again, I attempted to steal from the pirate ship, but the boys chased after me. They chased me up many series of steps to the top of a platform. The leader held a dagger to my throat and threatened to slit my throat. I knew that I would not die in real life, but I still did not want to die. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but somehow I stalled them enough to slip out of the boys grasp and jump off the platform and soar away. I remember saying something along the lines of “Sorry, I don’t feel like dying” before soaring off. I soared to a white stone-brick tower a little ways away and landed at its entrance. I then ran up the stairs. The boys were fast though and after not long I could hear their feet stomping up the wooden stairs. I ended up getting to a balcony before they could reach me though and jumped off and soared away.

      I soared to the ship while they were away and stole it. The ship somehow shrunk to kid size and it could no longer carry all of its items effectively. Many of its items floated in the water nearby, most of them food. My guy friend and I ended up gathering the floating items together and bringing them further out to sea, which was not far at all as our feet were still touching the ground. We later found a wooden shack though that we hid the stuff in. The pirates ended up coming looking for it but I don’t think they found it, or maybe they found us. I remember leaving for one reason or another anyways.

      For some reason I ended up getting on a flying train with my sisters and a guy friend, but I’m not sure if it was the same guy (btw, not any guy I know in real life). The train was white with brownish floors had a sort of bubbly shape to, it sort of looked like a blow-up vehicle (like a bouncy house sort of feel). The train ride was very cool. We flew over beautiful nature landscapes, an ocean, and brilliantly lit city at night. Some of the buildings were all glass so that the whole building glowed. The city felt a bit familiar, like I might have dreamt about it before. During the ride though, a few strange things happened.

      On the train, I somehow became pregnant, and the guy that had come on the train with me was apparently the father. The supposed father was pale and fairly tall with short black hair. He was busy during most of the train ride though and we didn’t really talk much. On the train was also my mother. I know we spoke to each other, but I can’t remember the details. All I know was that it had something to do with my pregnancy.

      After some time, I had my baby. It was very weird though. Well, the whole pregnancy had been weird really. It had lasted only a short time and I’m not sure if I had any signs of being pregnant (no large belly). When I did “give birth” the baby actually just appeared outside of me and began walking around. The baby did not look like a newborn. They were very clearly toddler age. They had light skin and red hair like Disney’s Ariel. After only a few minutes they grew again and their hair grew halfway down their back. I tried to get their “father” to interact with them but they were always busy working. Not long after I woke up.
    2. School, Stealing, and Flying – Dream of January 27th, 2013

      by , 01-27-2013 at 05:21 PM
      I first dreamt that I was at school. I think I was either there for review or exams. At the school I saw a guy from my school and acted like my usual shy self. At one point he put his head close and looked at me and said “Hi” quietly and I said “Hi” back as well. He then pointed and said, “Look”. I looked to where he was pointing and saw that Aurora (my pet dog) was lying down by me looking cute. Later I left to drive somewhere for some reason. It seemed pointless why I drove though since I simply drove into the country and then returned home. After driving though I said “Well, at least I got some driving practice.”

      When I returned home for some odd reason the same guy from my school was there visiting (don't really know him well at all). I feel like there might have been some of my relatives visiting as well but I’m not sure.

      I later dreamt that I was on a pirate ship and stole something from the pirates, then climbed up their mast, and flew away. I flew very high (I wonder if their ship was in the sky) and sprouted wings, but it seemed like my body was too heavy and the wings didn’t help that much and I started to drift downwards. I appeared to be semi-lucid at this point since sprouting wings again and flying has been one of my dream goals for a while. Strangely, the captain followed me. He jumped off his boat and fell from the sky with me. I was falling towards a city with tall buildings, but for some reason the stuff didn't look that interesting or detailed so I tried to focus to make it feel/look more realistic. While falling I saw a temple that apparently was related to me. It was supposed to have my special object inside, whatever that was.
    3. Slime Creatures and Other Oddities – Dream of January 20th, 2013

      by , 01-20-2013 at 08:30 PM
      I dreamed about a bunch of weird children of varying races. One of the people was a slime creature. The slime creature was supposed to make a croaking sound like a frog (in the beginning) and I tried to teach it how to. I took their point of view for a large portion of the dream. The slime creature went in a dancing competition where they gave themself a tail and different colouring. When in the dance their gender changed to female when they were originally male. Apparently they could change their gender and shape to fit whoever they were attracted to or acted like, which I found out by talking to my dad who was also a slime creature. Later I (the slime creature) went to some sort of scientific facility. One of the women there was scared by my odd appearance, and also because she had heard bad things about slime creatures.
    4. One of my strangest dreams - The Eel

      by , 07-05-2011 at 09:56 PM
      This dream is very old (and long)...

      I once dreamt that I was in a fishing competition at a giant swimming pool that was so deep that you couldn't see the bottom of the pool, only blackness. While I was fishing I caught a decent sized fish but the person beside me was jealous and bumped me so the fish fell of my rod so I had to try again. The second time I cast out my line I noticed something coming from the depths of the pool, and it was very long and black. It appeared to had gotten my fishing line and as it got closer I saw that it was a giant eel. The announcer then announced on the speakers that I was the winner of the competition, but I wasn't thinking about that. As the eel got closer I noticed how large it was and began to get scared, I dropped my rod and started to run away. I ran through the tunnel that was behind me which had old wooden planks for the floor. The tunnel was dark and you could see water underneath the planks. As I was running I tripped and my foot broke through one of the boards, and then I blacked out.

      When I awoke again I was sliding down the throat of the eel. The eel's throat and stomach were disgusting. There were bits of dead flesh and bone floating in the water and also something very strange. Near the back of the eels stomach was a pale, naked man crouched down in the water and debris. He seemed almost inhuman and for some reason reminded me of the pale man from pan's labyrinth, except that he didn't have a weird face like them or eyes in their hands. He looked and me and smiled, but it wasn't a friendly smile. I then decided that I was going to escape. I turned around and started to crawl up the throat of the eel.

      When I reached the mouth of the eel I noticed another thing that was very strange. From the eel's mouth I could also see their nostrils and their eyes, which were clear like windows. I looked out of one of the eyes and saw that we were flying through a city. After looking out the eel’s eyes I prepared myself and leaped out of their right eye. I floated slowly to the ground, turned back to glance at the eel, and then started to run and sometimes levitate or jump. As I was trying to escape from the eel I saw the man who was in the eel’s stomach climb out of its mouth and onto the eel’s head. He appeared to be controlling the eel and he kept pointing his finger in my direction and yelling stuff to the eel.

      While I was running from the eel I came across some train tracks and I noticed a train coming so I flew up over the train, hoping that the eel might not be able to get me since it appeared to only be able to fly close to the ground. The eel tried to follow me and sort of jumped over the train, but then it went down again and I was able to escape. I flew high into the sky and saw the city spread out below me. I then flew towards one tall building that had a swimming pool on it. I dived into the pool and went straight to the bottom. At the bottom of the pool was a little tunnel. I went through the tunnel and then came out of a pool of water in a different area.

      The new area was a building for scientific research. For some reason my clothes were gone now and I appeared to have the ability to create life. I made a pool of water in the middle of the floor and made plants grow around it and salamanders in water. The scientists were very interested in me and appeared to be studying me. Soon after that I woke up.

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    5. Dream of March 6th, 2011

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:25 PM
      Dream of March 6th, 2011

      Yay! I made progress! Last night I actually had a lucid dream. (btw the dream is very weird and hard to understand at parts, and it is also sloppily written at parts)

      The part of the dream I can remember the furthest back was where I was at this place with a village. At one point I was talking to either my mom or some other lady who was asking me what kind of dinosaurs the people usually were there. I said that they were either baby t-rexs or baby velociraptors, and if not they were pterodactyls. After saying that, we all changed into dinosaurs and went to the beginning of the dream. In that dream it was about these other dinosaur children bullying me. It wasn’t very interesting.

      Once that part was over I somehow went to a store where they were holding some kind of game show. The people were chosen to go into two teams where the leaders were already set. I’m not sure who the left team leader was but the right one was David Bowie. They didn’t really explain the game very well and it seemed as if

      people were going to the other guy’s team for some reason even though they started with David Bowie.
      At one point in that chapter I somehow realized it was a dream. Once I realized this it felt as if I had opened my eyes and everything felt extremely realistic. I was so happy but then I remembered that I had to remember my dream goals. I then remembered that I wanted to have a shared dream with saltyseedog, though I didn’t quite say their name right. Instead I called out “salt-sea-dog!?” multiple times, but nobody came. So, I left the store and went into the parking lot.

      Outside the sky was stormy and gray; well, not very stormy but very gray. I ran and then jumped and flew towards a road and dodged some vehicles. Once across the road I tried to fly, but every time I hit this one tree while flying I would start to sink. This started to annoy me so while I was flying I yelled “fly, fly, FLY!!!” but it didn’t really help much. Instead of flying I decided to climb the tree. Near the top of the tree was a big rock thing. I thought of flying but was too scared that I’d fall all that way.

      After that I somehow got back in town and I walked by some stores. I was really angry and wanted to teleport to Hyrule or maybe the moon so I tried to imagine behind the doors would be one of those places. As I ran past the shops I pushed or broke the doors open, and when it didn’t work I just moved on. Eventually I came to a strange district where a pub was. Out of the pug came a man who told me to watch out for a conning pixie. Right after he said that a male pixie (really just a drunk with wings) came out and started talking to me, but the other guy interfered and started arguing with them. As they were talking I woke up.
    6. More success! :D

      by , 10-13-2010 at 12:24 AM
      Dream of October 12th, 2010

      Yeeesss!!! Success again! ^_^ When I was going to sleep I tried to keep my mind fairly awake like when trying to WILD, but eventually I pretty much gave up and just let my mind wander.

      I my random thoughts ended up turning into a dream, which I wasn’t lucid in. I had been thinking about these people fighting is some futuristic armor like robots and that’s what my dream was at first.

      Later I dreamt that I was at a playground and I saw my old cat Osiris (my white cat who died a few years ago). Osiris looked like a kitten, about the age of older black kitten I saw a few houses down from where I live. My sisters and my cousin were with me and we were all younger. We ran up to Osiris and started snuggling her, which then it reminded me of another dream that I had a long time ago where Osiris had come back to life. I told my sisters and cousins this, and then I realized that this was also a dream.

      At first I was going to just keep going along with the dreams plot because I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time to do what I want to in the dream, but then I decided that I’d just try to get done as much as I could in the dream for now. The first thing I remembered was how I want to go to Hyrule by making a portal. I ended up remembering the dream I had a few nights ago where I drew a portal with a marker, so I tried reaching into the pocket in my pants and imagining that I would pull out a marker.

      When I took my hand back out of my pocket I found that I was not holding a marker, but I was determined to make a portal. So, even though I didn’t have the marker I still tried to draw a portal in the air like I had done before. I found that when I went to draw the marker appeared in my hand. The drawing ended up appearing in the air like last time but after drawing it the drawing started to fall to the ground; I tried holding it up but it didn’t work.

      I was quite disappointed that the drawing hadn’t worked, but then I decided I try a different way to get there. I decided I’d try the second thing I had done after drawing the picture, rubbing the air as if I were defogging a window and imagining what I would see on the other side, and that’s what I did. I walked into one of the play structures in the playground and rubbed my hand in the air, and it felt as if I were actually rubbing a window. After rubbing it a bit I noticed that my breath was starting to show up on the invisible window and then I started to see a scene from Ocarina of time (pretty much just some grass and trees but I could recognize it). I started to get excited and then I tried to break the window to get through, but my hand just kept going through, except for the one I still had laying on the glass, so I tried to aim closer to where my other hand wasn’t going through. After many attempts I gave up and just wandered into some other part of the dream.

      After some other events I ended up in my bedroom at my old house. For some strange reason I was on the floor in my covers squirming around in them, trying to get warm when my mum burst into the room. She walked up to me and she was holding a glass of water, she bent down and then said, “Control this water.”

      I looked at the cup filled with water, then at my mother and said “Ok”. I held up my arms and then focused on the water I used motions with my hands and the power of my mind to lift up the water, but then my mom told me to try to only control the water with my mind and not use any motions, so I did; it felt so awesome to control the water with just willpower alone. ^_^

      I can't wait till I have more lucid dreams!

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    7. Drawing portals

      by , 10-09-2010 at 02:20 PM
      Dream of October 9th, 2010

      Well….. I’m making progress. ^_^

      Last night I attempted a WILD, but it didn’t work, although later I ended up having a DILD. I can’t quite remember how it happened because I had two dreams last night and in the first one I was lucid.

      In the dream I was at a house where a lady was and maybe my sisters. The lady that was there ended up chasing me, but I can’t remember why. To escape her I flew, which caused me to suddenly realize, “Hey, I’m dreaming”. Strangely, I started to feel almost like I was dreaming and awake at the same time, like I could feel light near my eyelids in bed, so I tried to concentrate on the dream and make it stabilize, and I tried to remember my goals. After flying for a ways I either teleported or my flight just brought me to a different area. The area I was in was quite dark, and I think I was in a building. I tried thinking about my goals again.

      The first thing that came to my head when I was thinking about goals was making a portal, and going to Hyrule. I had imagined many times in waking life how I would make a portal. I would draw an oval like shape in the air and then the air would shimmer inside the oval and on the other side I would be able to see my destination; it did not go as I had planned. When I went to draw the portal a blue marker materialized in my hand. I used the marker and drew an oval in the air. The air did not shimmer like I had wanted, and when I put my head through the floating oval I found that I was still in the same area, but I was determined to make it work.

      I took my head out of the floating drawing of an oval and then I focused my will and tried to rub the area inside the oval as if I were trying to defog a window; it worked. The area I had rubbed started to become a semi-transparent image of a underground tunnel. Rubbing the air was difficult, for I had to focus to keep my hand from just going through the oval, but I managed. Eventually I had a big enough area to go through and there was now a clear opaque image of a scene on the other side. Now I had to figure out how to get through the floating window; I decided that I would break it.

      I smashed the floating window and bits of glass, or something of that nature, fell onto the ground. Now it seemed like there was a big hole floating in the air. I jumped into the hole. Once I was through the hole I saw that I had indeed made a portal, for I was now in a completely different area, but unfortunately not in Hyrule. I remember running or flying down the tunnel after that and meeting some enemies but I can’t remember what happened after that, and think it might have been because I had woken up.


      My second dream involved a game. There was this shadowy inky stuff that infected people and somewhat controlled them. I was flying around in the area, which was a valley with a crater lake on one side and a tower on the other. I flew by the tower when the black goop tried to attack me. The goop was trying to control me but I wouldn’t let it. I flew away and saw a group of people who appeared to have been infected by the goop and some other people who weren’t infected. The two groups started fighting each other and I could hear the infected telling them “Join us, give in”, or something of that nature.

      After that the dream turned into even more of a game, well, more like a game editor. My sisters were there and they were telling me what to make. I was able to use the characters and set them up in different areas, change their personalities, and basically just change the whole story. My sisters and I ended up deciding on a story about a large black dragon, and soon after I woke up.
    8. I'm the Avatar

      by , 09-19-2010 at 10:03 PM
      Dream of September 19th, 2010

      I was in a desert, but I can’t remember how I got there or what had happened before this. I was Aang from Avatar the last Airbender. I was flying along in the desert when I saw a young girl with tanned skin and black hair. She said that there were people after her and asked me to help her. I agreed and took her with me to my friends, Katara, Sokka, and Appa.

      When I entered the camp I told the gang the girl’s situation. After talking a bit I realized that I wasn’t acting quite how Aang would act, I was acting to serious, so I tried to smile more and sound happier and optimistic like Aang usually does. The girl then told everyone the rest of the details, such as where the bad guys’ base was, and then she showed me that she had wire handcuff type things on her wrists. To cut the wire off of her wrists I put my fingers as if I were using scissors for the game “rock, paper, scissors” and then I closed the two fingers and attempted to cut the wire. The first attempt didn’t work but then I tried to focus my mind and inhaled to bring in energy and then I tried to cut it again, this time it worked.

      After cutting the wire we all got ready to leave for the base. For the first part of the journey we just walked, but once we arrived at the tunnel where the enemy base was I had everyone ride on Appa while I flew (which doesn’t make sense since usually Aang walks Appa through tunnels and flies through open areas).

      As we descended down into the base we encountered some of the bad guys, which I quickly took care of. Once we got further down the tunnel it started to transition from the rough rock to smooth white painted walls and wooden floors. I’m not sure how it happened but I ended up getting separated from the rest of them. I found the leaders in what looked to be a kitchen but they fled out the door into a hallway.

      I’m not sure after if I separated from Aang’s body and became myself or just went into first person after that. Anyways, I walked down the hallway and searched for the leaders when a boy came and said that they had placed illusions and that we would have to break them to find them. I think I went into one of the rooms after that and broke one of their illusions and found one of the guys, and then I went back into the hall and into another room. In this room there were many windows, some chairs, and at the end a grand piano. Something felt wrong about the room, the appearances of things seemed to change slightly every so often, and it made me feel a little weak and my mind fuzzy. I tried putting my hands in front of me and touched everything to see if it was real, and then I went up to the piano and picked it up and moved it. While I was moving the piano it ended up touching some pipe like object which shattered the illusion.

      The appearance of the room had changed drastically. Most of the windows had faded away and the chairs and everything else looked plain instead of elegant like it used to. Since the windows faded away the room became darker, and it actually made me feel a little scared. I turned around to leave the room and saw one of the men escaping into a different room. I went to follow him but then the dream faded away.
    9. Just... odd.

      by , 09-10-2010 at 12:02 AM
      Dream of September 9th, 2010

      I remembered more of the dreams earlier in the day but after school I forgot most of the details.

      I remember warriors, fighting, and such and I remember ceiling cat appearing at one point to smite some dude.

      I later woke up at 4:00 and then went back to sleep.

      I dreamt that my family and I were walking our dogs Suka and Aurora. We went into someone’s yard without asking them and it made me a bit worried. Their yard was beautiful with many flowering trees and gardens. Later the owner of the house and yard came and gave us a ride in their helicopter.

      The dream later somehow transitioned from the helicopter to me riding on the front of the jeep. There were handles in the front but I sometimes accidentally put my feet on the ground while we were driving. After driving for a while we came to a forest and started to slow down. Finally, we stopped and I got off the jeep and everyone else got out of it.

      While walking down the road in the woods we encountered some strange chipmunk like creatures. They kind of freaked me out because their eyes were super wide and were placed too far apart. One of them walked up to me and bit me; it didn’t really hurt but it left a purple mark. I tried to push the chipmunk thing away but a bunch more came and also started biting me. Wherever they bit me a purple mark was left behind, soon after they started attacking me I woke up.
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    10. Gunshots

      by , 09-03-2010 at 10:49 PM
      I forgot most of my dream before this but what I do remember is being in a room with a bunch of soldiers. I was with my sisters and the soldiers were shooting at us, except for a few which appeared to be on our side. We ended up hiding behind some crates and we made some bombs, but I kept forgetting to light the fuses before throwing the bombs. Somehow I got a gun and I used it to shoot the guy that had been shooting at us, but strangely he doesn’t die. I’m confused by this and angry so I shoot him again twice and he still doesn’t die. The man then starts to get up and move towards a different gun so I shoot him a few more times, which makes him fall over again. To make things even more confusing the man doesn’t even seem to be angry or sad that I’m shooting at him. The man even seems to be mildly annoyed that I’m shooting at him or bored so he says “You know I’m probably just going to bleed to death so you can just stop shooting me and leave”.

      Shooting the guy didn’t seem to be doing anything so I just listened and left. I went to some weird abstract room after this with ribbon like roads floating through the air. I don’t really remember anything else after this.
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    11. Dream of June 15th, 2010

      by , 06-16-2010 at 12:15 AM
      This isn't actually where my dream started, but I can't quite remember how it did. All I know is that I had been in a forest.

      After walking through the forest for a while I came to a marsh. I was traveling with two other people but I can't quite remember their appearances, but I think both of them or one of them was part animal. We found a tiny house in this marsh and decided to go in it. The inside of the house was made of wood and it looked old and abandoned. Moss was growing in some areas of the house and the floorboards were wet and rotting. We decided that we wanted to live in this house.

      After deciding to stay we start house cleaning. One of my friends looks in the sink of the cabin. We then decide that we are going to wash laundry, but we didn’t seem quite serious about it. It was almost like we were playing make believe. The one that had looked in the sink now puts clothes in it and starts washing them in the water that was already there, which is dirty and stinky. They then say that my clothes smell, which are the clothes they’re washing (they also happened to be the pajamas I went to sleep in). We all laugh at their comment, perhaps because they were washing them in dirty water. After that I started washing clothes in a basin in the living room (btw we weren’t using washing boards), and then I started washing a doll’s dress in the water on the floor, which covered the living room floor and was fairly deep. When I dragged the dress through the water it puffed dirt and algae.

      After doing laundry for a bit I decided to find out more about the house. My view changed so that I could see the outside of the house. It then seemed as if I had clicked something so that a window came down with stats on the house. One of the things that it said was that vampires were supposed to live in this house (o__o) and the name of the house started with a ‘P’. Since I don’t like vampires and I was worried that some would come, I left the house.

      I can’t really remember actually walking to the next place, I more like just appeared. Now I and my friends were at a different house on a deck. There was my dog’s doggy pool on the deck and we washed laundry in it.

      After appearing at that other house and goofing off there I appeared at a different place and my friends were no longer with me. I was now on a cliff on a path with widely placed white stones. The dream felt a lot more like a video game now and as I walked down the path enemies appeared. They looked like they were part dog and deer but with no fur, white skin, and they stood on their hind legs. I fought them and killed them easily, but while I fought them I didn’t really feel anything, it was more like I was watching myself do it. I continued walking down the white path until I came to an open area. I continued to fight monsters in the new area I was in, but while I was fighting I was backstabbed by a woman.

      When I woke up again I was in a small room with brown walls and a concrete floor and it was filled with boxes and other storage containers. I got up too look around but the lady noticed that I had gotten up and killed me again, or at least tried to. After she tried to kill me she left. I sat there for a while after she had hit me over the head but then I got bored and went to explore the house. I started to walk down the hallway but one of the servants noticed me. The servant looked part bat, for he was covered in brown fur and he had large pointy ears on his head. At first the servant was going to try to kill me too but I told him that he wouldn’t be able to kill me since the lady had already “killed” me before and I appeared to be fine, so instead of killing me he just asked me to leave, but then kind of forced me a bit to go back into the room I was in previously. Once I was in the room he went out the door and then to the kitchen. I watched him as he walked there through the doorway, and once he was out of sight, I followed.