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    Snow and Bears - Dream of December 6th, 2012

    by , 12-06-2012 at 11:38 PM (477 Views)
    A lot of the details of the dream are fuzzy but there are a few things I remember. I had somehow ended up in a place with a bunch of snow, which triggered my memory and made me remember one of the basic tasks for the month, to make it snow. I also remembered reading about dream stabilization though so I tried to do that first. I crouched down and felt the cold snow on my hands and feet and its grainy texture. The snow felt very real, but I still had trouble focusing on things far away and some things in the distance seemed to change slightly every so often. Even if the dream wasn’t that stabilized yet though I decided I’d attempt the basic task for the month. I waved my hands in the air and willed the snow off of the trees and swirled it in the air, then I focused on the clouds in the sky and willed some snow to fall from them as well. When I was done I looked up into the sky and watched the snowflakes gently fall to the ground.

    After the previous event I somehow ended up indoors, and lost my lucidity for the most part. There was a wall of snow indoors and I was trying to dig behind different layers of it to get something but I don’t know what. Later it changed again, and I remember being at some place with a lot of big, intricately decorated buildings with my mom and dad who were talking about pregnancy for some reason. We left that place on a boat. There was supposedly somebody evil that lived there even though it looked colourful, bright, and happy.

    The next part in the dream I remember is being at some sort of park place. I think I’ve been there before in previous dreams. The place I was at was surrounded by pine, spruce, birch, and other trees found in a Canadian forest. I was getting onto a miniature train that took people from one end of the forest to the other. In the middle of my ride though I decided to get off at the top of a grassy hill, which wasn’t very smart I soon realized. The train I had been on went on without me and sun was setting and it was beginning to get dark. I knew that a lot of carnivores would be coming out at dusk. Soon enough, I saw four large brown bears. I they walked around in the middle of the path and along the tracks for a bit then walked back into the woods. As soon as they were behind the trees I ran down the hill to try to get back the entrance of the park, but the bears were only slightly in the bush and saw me. One of the bears jumped on top of me. I screamed and then made squeaking type noises. The bear put my arm in its mouth bud didn’t hurt me. It was only playing. They bears reminded me of my dogs. It appeared that they were still fairly young. After that one of the train type things came back and I and all four bears went inside it for some odd reason. While in the train we saw a wolf but I wasn’t really worried since I had the bears with me. As we rode further we eventually met up with another person on a train. Soon after that I woke up.
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