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    Makeshift Spa

    by , 09-25-2015 at 08:07 AM (385 Views)
    I directed the bodypainter girl toward the Art class, letting her know I was already late and she could go without me,actually wanting to be alone. This was after speaking to Nestor about comig past California and Yosemite, and him wanting to know how much i would be saving a month, to which I replied 6k.

    The organisers where young etnical guys and didnt seemed to care much how we created the pool.
    I even over-exaggeratted the proccess and told him that i was to do some damage, which he non-chalantly ignored.

    I took the big bag of bentonite clay and threw it into the middle of the makeshift square pool along with boiling water.
    It filled quicky and Mel, Justin and other friends where soon immeresed and muddy, feeling the benifits,

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