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    Stealing for the laid Back Boss

    by , 09-25-2015 at 07:58 AM (352 Views)
    I had somehow gotten away with stealing from work without my laidback boss knowing.
    My girlfriend was also in on the plot and we planned to cash in on the affair at a later stage when things simmered down.
    The prize was around 75k, and in order to procure the money I had to do some crazy things, namely:

    - Jump off a high building with a parachute
    -Betray a few co-workers that chased me down in the urban work setting
    -Fly away from my problems using a plastic bag technique,putting them over my feet.
    -D0 some solid espionage and hide the fact that I was the thief from co-workers and my boss.

    The only problem was that in order to cash in I would have to leave and they would find a certain book behind(almost like a black bible) that would give me away. I toyed with the idea and eventually decide against it, and the money woud be void.

    I the process of this decision a few memorable scenes where:
    -Making my way over mountains to Silicon valley using my pump action leg flying skills
    -Surfing and watching near perfect a frame with only one blue bottle in the water, and seeing it double up.
    -Running away from civilization and getting stuck in 'the jelly cliff faces " that hung unbelievably on the side of the mountian
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