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    Rabbit at dinner

    by , 02-28-2020 at 03:01 PM (361 Views)
    J ai acheter un lapin. Je le ramene a la maison mort mais il a encore ca fourure dessus. Je me dit qu il va etre meilleur qu en super marcher mais que ca va etre galere a depecer. J essay de me rapeller comment papa faisait. Je pense deja que je vais garder la patte comme porte bonheur.

    I bought a rabbit. I bring it back home, dead but is fur is still on him.I said to myself that it will be better than super market but I m gonna struggle to unskin it.I try to remember how my dad did when I was kid.I m allready thinking to keep the feet for good luck.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. Lang's Avatar
      Did your father make Lapin au Saupiquet? Dreaming of a rabbit's foot is a representation of your courage and steadfastness. It symbolizes that very positive, unpredictable changes will enter your life.
    2. Kalios's Avatar
      Cool and my Dad use to prepare the rabbit and my mom cook it with mustard on grill. Only to think about it I start to have my mouth watery haha.