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    1. Dream Journal 27: True Blood characters, trying to kill myself.

      by , 08-13-2011 at 07:25 PM (World of Kaos)
      Warning: Little graphic.

      Lucid state: Only got to semi lucid

      So this dream was fairly long, although I only remember bits and pieces of it.

      In the first part of the dream I am helping set up a giant aquarium for this class room. When I put it up, I completely shattered the glass on accident and water came pouring out of the tank. Feeling terrible, I all of a sudden found out I was dreaming for some reason. I was lucid, but part of my mind was still not lucid. So, knowing it was a I dream I started attacking people after growing my canines out only (which is weird that I didn't shape-shift fully). People were screaming and running out of the classroom as I was severing several of their necks out with an explosion of warm blood all over my face. After everyone had left, and several DCs' throats were lying on the ground covered in blood, Something crossed my mind.

      I started feeling bad about what I did so I decided if I try and kill myself in order to restart the dream, and do everything the right way. So I found a long sharp spike, and repeatedly started stabbing myself in the heart as I lay on the ground. By this time, windows had appeared in the classroom and a bunch of people started staring at me while I lay there attempting to commit suicide. It wouldn't work.

      Fast-forward: I am in a different class room and a new dream. Suddenly I realize I am dreaming, and suddenly decide to have a full voluntary mental-shift just for the hell of it (sill semi lucid). I am jumping around on other students' desks and growling/drooling while on all fours. Same thing happens, all students leave. I decide to try and commit suicide again, and start stabbing myself in the temple of my head.
      Once again it doesn't seem to be working, as blood starts shooting out the side of my head with every pump of my knife.

      I see one of the characters from True Blood, Alcide. He explains he needs help finding someone, so I shape-shift into my wolf as he shape-shifts into his wolf, and we follow a scent until we come across an old couple.

      Fast-forward: Me and Alcide watch weird alien space ships leaving and arriving at a lake we walk by. We stand and watch in awe.
    2. Log 26 Medal of Honor, towel, and riot of people

      by , 07-28-2010 at 05:23 PM (World of Kaos)
      Dream starts off with me playing a new game. It looks like battlefield, but plays differently, so I assumed it is the new Medal of honor game coming out some time.

      In real life, I hate FPS' that don't allow you to go prone on the ground, so I was surprised when the developers of battlefield made it so you could go prone.

      "When did they change their mind about the prone?" I asked a neighbor.

      "Just before release."

      From what I remember, the game was a blast. To think, my brain made it all up, lol.

      I am walking home alone in the dark, it is pouring rain and is dark out. For some reason I have absolutely no clothes on except for a towel as well.

      The way home is a road back at my old home, and I pass my high school on the way. Suddenly, I stop by a run down house that has things broken and scattered everywhere.


      I am in the middle of a road with other people. Someone who was in the middle of the road with me grabbed a bulldozer near by and folded the road into a giant wall. I asked why, and the others with me told me that "they were coming."

      Sure enough, a riot broke out in the woods behind us, with thousands of people running towards us. Dream gets a bit hazy after that.
    3. Log 25 Lucid at the mall, Predator costume

      by , 07-27-2010 at 07:17 PM (World of Kaos)
      I am at a mall, the reason I am there I completely forgot. For some reason or another, I do a reality check by looking at some dots on the wall, looking away, and looking back at them. Well, even if it was not words, it worked and I became lucid.

      After that I decided to not jump into any activities yet, and tried to concentrate more on making my lucid more stable, longer, and clearer. So, I first began by walking very slowly and observing every small bit of detail I saw in the dream world with all my senses. As much as transforming into a wolf came across my mind, I knew these LD exercises were far more important to me.

      I looked at a small railing next to an escalator, and looked closely. The light reflected off the chrome railing beautifully. I sat there and tried to smell anything, but I could not smell a damn thing. I figured that was weird, as I have smelled things in my LDs in the past. I thought that maybe my brain assumed malls smell like nothing.

      In order to stabilize my LD further, I decided to reach into my pocket to grab a stress ball to squeeze in order to exercise my sense of touch. However, when I reached down to put my hand in my pocket... I had no pockets. All I had was my boxers on. I tried to further summon a stress ball in my hand but it refused to appear.
      After that, the dream got real fuzzy and I woke up in the middle of the night.


      Next dream involved me going to some costume party. I decided to grab a Predator costume I had.

      Fast-forward: I am at the party when I realize I don't have the head/mask to my Predator costume. The people at the college party start to stare, and I begin t feel judged.

      Note: Was furious at myself for not trying to DEILD, spinning, or rubbing my hands yet again. I know it works because I have done it in prior lucids, I have just forgotten to for some reason. Even when attempting to stabilize my lucids, they are cut off even shorter. May be due to either me thinking about being asleep too much, or it being the end of that certain REM cycle for the night.
    4. Log 24 Night at the movies, and Manholes

      by , 07-26-2010 at 02:31 PM (World of Kaos)
      small fragments:

      Me and another person are looking for a place to park. We are thinking about parking inside a giant manhole that is next to some parking spaces, but realize they are filled with trash. I hear cop sirens and begin to panic, so we park in a regular spot.


      We just got done watching a movie at the movie theater, and someone tells me we just watched the "Dark Knight". As everyone exits the theater, are start looking for a bottle of Old Spice Body Wash that I thought I brought into the theater with me.
    5. Log 20 Breaking in and huge snowflakes

      by , 07-20-2010 at 02:31 PM (World of Kaos)
      First dream I wake up to go and work out. After putting on some clothes I gather all of my things and realize my wallet is missing. I think that maybe I left it in my brother's apartment next door (even though he doesn't live next door in real life), so I head next door.

      The door is locked. I decide that I should try the key for my door on the balcony screen door, so I climb up on the balcony and try it out. It works! When I walk in there are two guys sitting down on lazy boys playing a video game, and my brother is no where to be seen.

      "Who in the hell are you! Get out of here!" They proceeded to yell at me.

      "It's not what it looks like! I thought this was my brother's apartment, I left my wallet in there. I am so sorry." I say back to them.

      I proceed to climb down the balcony and meet my land lord in the parking lot of my apartment. She looked pretty pissed at me.

      "(My name), I am going to have to start from scratch with you regarding background checks," She says to me, "I don't know if I can trust you anymore."

      "M'am, it isn't what you look like! I was just looking for my wallet and I could have sworn that the apartment I walked into was my brother's!" I told her in desperation.

      The boys playing video games in the apartment scream down to us to make sure to do another background check on me, because they think I was going to rob their place.

      Fast-forward: I am sitting in my apartment with my wallet somehow, and my roommate walks in. He proceeds to tell me "Hey, there's my wallet."

      Dream gets hazy after that.

      I walk out of my apartment (very much could have been another false awakening) that I live in at college, and the cul-de-sac from my hometown is there somehow instead of my regular apartment building parking lot. It is snowing outside, but by no means is it regular snow. Dropping from above were snowflakes the size of my head, dropping extremely slow. Along with these massive snowflakes were regular sized snowflakes as well. I remembers asking about the snowflakes to one of my friends standing with me about why they were so huge, but I do not remember what their reply was.

      I was extremely fascinated by the gigantic snowflakes, and I grabbed one. As I grabbed it, it proceeded to fall apart in my arms. I remember how weird it was for these massive snowflakes were to me, but I didn't even RC at all.

      After this, we all ran into the middle of the cul-de-sac and started having a snowball fight. The snow felt so cold and so real. After this, my alarm went off and I woke up for real.

      Note: This second dream really pissed me off. This is because this dream in particular was basically begging for me to perform an RC. This is because snow is by far the biggest dream sign I have, and not only that, but the huge snowflakes was intuitively telling me about how weird it was. Ugh! frustration...
    6. Log 19 Wolf figurines, "Nerf" war, and a T-Rex

      by , 07-17-2010 at 05:17 PM (World of Kaos)
      Starts off with me on a vacation with a bunch of relatives. We are all down in the basement of wall looks identical to my house at home. There are several fishing rods standing up on a stand that look weirder than normal.

      I go in a room and see two small wolf figurines/statues. One is gold, and one is gray in color. For some reason I decide I need them and place both into my pocket.

      Fastforward: I am laying in bed with Sookie from Trueblood (I don't know what the hell is with me and hooking up with girls from that show, lol). We hook up.

      Fastforward: Me and all my relatives are outside having a nerf gun war. The nerf guns look very real however, and shoot very realistically as well. I pick up an RPG, and it shoots the foam rocket identically to it's real predecessor. I thought about how sweet of a nerf gun it was.


      I am driving in a suburban to see a surprise that one of my friends has for me. When we get out of the suburban, I see a full sized, as well as an alive T-Rex.

      "How in the hell is that thing existing right now?!" I asked my friend.

      "They did took DNA from bone morrow of a T-Rex that was frozen." My friend replied (been watching too much Discovery channel I think lol).

      I continued to watch in complete awe, as it's trainer made sure the T-Rex would not do anything ridiculous. I remembered watching this whole thing and noticing there was a small rope "caging" in the T-Rex.


      I decided to try and DEILD when I woke up in the morning. It worked, at least for a minute. I am standing in the middle of a grass-field, and a wolf is standing in front of me. All of a sudden I feel the dream pulling away again, so I start to inspect the grass blades on the ground to stabilize it. It worked for a couple of seconds, however, it soon completely crashed down, even after an attempt to rub my hands and spin.

      Note: Starting to notice that the gold/blonde wolf and gray wolf in my dreams seem to be yet another dream sign, as they show up a lot.

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    7. Log 18 semi-lucid and a new credit card

      by , 07-16-2010 at 02:32 PM (World of Kaos)
      The first dream was extremely fragmented. There are two major things I barely remember: One is that I was lucid for at least a little bit, and the other is that a lady asked me to grab her a revolver. so I walked around looking for one and I did. Last thing I remember was walking around on a dock by the water, and there was heavy fog around me.


      I walk into a 7-11 and I notice there is a computer by the slurpee machine. It was a computer that allowed you to register a brand new credit card. For some reason, I knew one of my friends needed a new credit card, so I sat down at the computer and started imputing information. One of the questions I remembered that showed up on the computer screen was what I wanted the last 4 digits to be on my new credit card. There were like 4 choices, I can't remember what the choices were exactly however. The next screen asked me what I wanted the credit card to look like, and some of the choices included a NASCAR theme, one was a dirt bike theme, another was a video game theme. One of my parents showed up to get coffee while I was putting in the information, and asked me how it was going. Then, my alarm woke me up.
    8. Log 17 Nap: Hotel in a city, Keith Barry, Hell in North Korea

      by , 07-15-2010 at 06:04 PM (World of Kaos)
      I am in a hotel room with some friends from high-school. We all at first greet one another and sit around the nice bar in the hotel room. We then decide we are hungry and head down to the cafeteria. All of a sudden, I am wearing a green sleeveless water suit. I see a lot of people in the cafeteria eying me because of the odd outfit, but I shrug it off. I continue to walk around the cafeteria and find some girls from my high-school, and one of them begs be to meet their dad. So, I follow them and proceed to meet up with their dad. Dream is a bit fuzzy after that...


      This blonde haired guy is driving me to his house somewhere in the suburbs, and now that I think of it, the man looked a lot like Keith Barry (the magician/mentalist). He took me to his house and I was forced to follow him around, I forget exactly what he was trying to train me to do.

      Fast-forward: I am going back to Keith Barry's house, however I am rollerblading for some reason and it is poring rain outside on the way there. Keith then meets me outside of his house and urges me to get in his car. Dream ends.


      Warning: can be considered to be disturbing

      I am traveling with a bunch of family members, friends, and famous people to a vacation spot on the beach to relax and have fun. We are all taking these white vans. When we get to our destination, however, it is far from any beach, and North Korean officers (at least it seemed like North Korean) snatched us by our hands and bound us so we couldn't struggle. We are forced up a hill, and on top of the hill, they force all of us to go through torturous exercises. While changing exercises, I remember glancing over at medicine bottles and gold bond on a rack in the middle of the hill we were forced to perform torturous exercises. On the bottles, I was trying to make out the date of them for some reason, but they seemed too far away. I glimpsed at what looked like an 8 on one of them, so I concluded it was the 8th (of whatever). At the end of the torture, the placed me bound on my knees with a gun pointed at my head. They then asked me what the date was on the medicine in the middle of the hill, and if I got it wrong I would be killed.

      "It's the 8th!" I said, as I felt an unnatural sweat covering my body like a film.

      "let him go," One of the officers said, as he tossed me to another officer. He then escorted me down the hell to meet up with a bunch more people who had passed the same test apparently after going through the torture. I asked one of them when we are leaving.

      "You think we are getting out of here soon? Where are the vans?" I said desperately.

      "Hah!" One of the DCs said, "You think we are leaving? They are going to keep us here and control us forever."

      The white vans came back, and the officers filed us into the vans (those of us that were alive still), and drove us somewhere remote that we had no idea about. The question about where we were going was answered soon enough however, as we stepped out of the van we entered the property of a perfectly circular island, With a bunch of buildings in the center that were enormous. On the border of the circular island were millions of beds, and roofs over top of them like awnings. We were escorted into the middle of the island where the gigantic buildings were, and were sent to our hotel rooms in them. The men escorting us were unnaturally large, like the size of the hulk in the movie. These men were kind of weird looking.

      I met my parents in my hotel room I was assigned to, and there were cameras and bugs everywhere in the hotel room. I talked with them about how this must be a concentration camp in North Korea or something, and that the hotel room we were assigned to was actually extremely nice.

      Fast-forward: It is night time, and I am sleeping on one of the beds around the outer edge of the island. All of a sudden Tara, from True Blood, sits and lays down two beds beside me. She has blood all over, as well as patched up wounds on her arms and legs I could see. I ask a guy beside me about what happened to her, and he explained that the officers had Tara in "custody" all day, and that she was most likely beaten and raped for a long time. Poor girl, I thought to myself, as I examined her beautiful body that was littered with patched up wounds and blood. I continue to lay there for a while trying to play on my phone, but the phone keeps messing up, so I abandoned the idea.

      All of a sudden I hear 2 officers coming into the area where the beds were, screaming in a language I did not understand. They went up to Tara, and yelled in her face for a long time, and Tara returned the favor and was screaming at them as well. Eventually the language turned into English, and the North Korean officers said to her "Now your really going to pay."

      Tara starts screaming "NO! NOOO!" as she starts to weep again, and the officers reappear with a chair that resembled what looked like a chair to completely constrain someone so they could not move at all. Although she struggled, the officers subdued her in the chair and strapped her down. They gathered a bunch of tools that looked extremely evil in nature, such as large pliers, needles, tweezers, and a screwdriver. I couldn't bare to watch so I got up and put my back to it as I leaned against a ledge that was separating the walkway from the area of beds. The guy I talked to a little earlier had joined me on the ledge. As I over-heard Tara's shrieks of pain, I couldn't even think of what they were doing to her in that chair... it made me sick. It made me so sick I began crying in me dream. I had one hand on the ledge I was leaning against while the other covered my tears rolling down my face.

      "If I could only shift into a wolf right now like I do in my dreams, these fuckers would really pay," I actually thought to myself, which is quite ironic. Little did I know I WAS dreaming (fail).

      I then asked the buddy next to me what he thought about it. He then proceeded to tell me that they are most likely going to strip some of her fingernails and toenails off. This made me weep a little more as I continued to hear the sounds of Tara screaming in agony. After a while, the screaming ceased, and me and the buddy next to me saw the two officers covered in blood, carrying the chair towards the buildings in the middle of the island. Then they had disappeared. I knew Tara would need some consoling, so I ran up to her bed and sat next to her.

      I opened up my arms offering to let her cry on my shoulder, and she took the offer generously. She came into my arms and pressed her eyes as hard as she could into my should and proceeded to cry excruciatingly loud. the tears and the loud crying made me ache, and I clutched her as hard as I could until the crying ceased a bit. She let go and laid next to me still half way in my arms. Then, all of a sudden she creeped her hands down my pants, and brought me in close to kiss her. It didn't feel right to go from such excruciating pain to being sexual, so I told her to relax. I definitely was not in that mood at the time.

      "But I want it! Please!" she begged.

      "Tara I can't, just relax," I said with concern, and continued to lay there.

      Fast-forward: A person appears on the balcony of one of the tall buildings in the center that was close to the beds we were laying in. It was morning, and we all stood up to see what the hell was going on. A large lady was on the balcony with a microphone or a megaphone, one of them. She proceeded to tell us we must say everything that she says. Then, she started chanting words, and the crowd at the bed level would follow. I knew I had to do what they said now, especially after what I saw they did with Tara the night before. I joined in.

      The thought of turning into a wolf like in my dreams creeped into my head once again, however, I did not think to do a reality check (another fail). One of the hulk looking men came up to me and started a conversation with me after the morning's chant session we had with the large lady on the balcony.

      "What's wrong (my name)?"

      "Oh nothing, just thinking about something." That something was ripping apart the place with my large wolf jaws.

      "What is it?" He asked again.

      "Honestly it's nothing. I am a little hungry actually, so that may be it." I lied.

      That's when I woke up, and actually recalled quite a bit of the nap's dream. Was extremely vivid, and was quite disturbing as well. Not to mention I had plenty of opportunities to RC (such as the medicine bottles, and shifting thoughts), but still failed.
    9. Log 16 Paintball, Failed RCs, and walking around in a mall

      by , 07-15-2010 at 03:38 AM (World of Kaos)
      First I am involved in a paint-ball fight in the middle of a mall. Unfortunately, I suddenly remembered I left my gun back at home, so I had to run from the blaze of gun fire while unable to defend myself. I don't remember much more than that.


      I am walking through the first level of a 2 level mall, and I am following my parents through it. I start to stare at a symbol on a marble wall that was isolated in the middle of the mall. Although I "knew" I was not in a dream (haha or so I thought), I decided to try and do a reality check on the metal symbol on the marble wall. I looked away and looked back at the symbol 3 times, and it did change small details about it.

      "Holy shit, am I dreaming!? But it feels too real to be a dream, everything looks somewhat normal..." I told myself

      I decided to try and see if I was dreaming by aiming my arm at an object on the second level in the mall, and tried to make it explode with my mind. Nothing... I guess I am not dreaming. One more RC to see if I am.

      So, I chose to close my nose with my fingers to see if I was able to breath still. I was, but it felt like I was barely able to.
      It felt like there was a small crack that my fingers didn't cover that allowed me to breath a bit, and it seemed realistic to me at the time. So, I decided I was not dreaming in the end...

      As the dream continued and any lucidity left was completely gone, I walked up to the symbol I was doing RCs on before and took it down. I continued to walk around the mall with my parents with the large metal awkward looking symbol in my hand. I remember that I continued to do RCs on it through the rest of the dream, but the symbol changed very little every time. Thus, no lucid.

      Note: Next time I am not sure whether the RC was successful or not, continue to use different RCs until I am positive I am in or not in a dream...
    10. Log 15 Getting hit on, 2 close LDs, and a Camry

      by , 07-13-2010 at 02:42 PM (World of Kaos)
      Dream started off with me at subway, then going to class right afterwards. The class I was in seemed to be bigger than normal, and seemed like it held around 600 hundred people or more. Although I was not paying attention to what the professor was talking about at the time, there was a professor at the front of class.

      There was a very attractive girl sitting next to me in class, and we started to flirt a bit. During class she started to rub my "junk," and started talking dirty to me in my ear. After class was dismissed, she grabbed my hand and brought me behind a trailer that was just outside the classroom we were in. There, she told me how she wanted to bring me back to her place and have sex. She brought me in close and tried to make out with me.

      "I can't, I am sorry but I can't do this! I have a girlfriend," I said to her in sincere honesty.

      "Fine, have it your way you fucking asshole," the attractive girl said before she left.

      I sit there behind the trailer by myself for a little bit until I see my girlfriend approach me from behind and proceeded to give me a big hug. I think she might have drove me home after that, but I am not 100% sure.


      I am staring at a wooden floor in my house, and there is a floor sweeper standing on it's end straight up. I thought to myself that this could be a dream. However, before I could even do an RC I had woken up.


      I am standing behind a glass door that has some words on it. I am about to walk outside, but I decide to do an RC to see if I am dreaming. Sure enough, every time I looked back at the words they changed into symbols or different letters.

      "This is a dream!? it is so fucking vivid... I better do some more RCs just to make sure," I thought to myself.

      The short lived LD then ended as I saw a Camry outside of the door that my mom was ordering for me to move out of the driveway for some reason. Before I could do any more RCs, I completely forgot about doing any more RCs and continued on my way out the glass door to the Camry.

      I put it in reverse, but the car would not stop. I slammed on the breaks, attempted to put it into drive or parking, but the Camry kept going in reverse. All of a sudden I remember my mom and several other people watching in horror as I was going in reverse uncontrollably in circles in the street.
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    11. Log 13, coyotes, hotel before game, snowing

      by , 07-11-2010 at 10:02 PM (World of Kaos)
      A majority of this dream consisted of being a part of a sports team and the night before a big game the next day. I could not find the place to get my room key for a long time so I traveled all over to find it with no luck. I run into a family friend who is talking about me and embarrassing me while making a toast extremely intoxicated in the lobby. I am late getting into my room and look around it for a while.


      I am outside and it has been snowing. There are thousands of people playing in it, and I spot some of my friends who have laid down a tarp so that we could slide down a hill on it. I try it but I get stuck. I look around, the snow is gone, and everyone else who was playing in the snow is gone. I was by myself on the tarp.


      We are on a boat somewhere in a jungle and in the woods. A man spots a coyote out to me and a person sitting next to me in the boat.

      "You know, coyotes get eaten by wolves all the time" The man sitting next to me says.


      I am in a van, all of a sudden the van stops, and the sliding door opens up. I get up off my seat and am about to step on the ground, until I look closer at the asphalt and notice it is moving like a liquid would. All of a sudden something clicks and I realize I am dreaming.

      After I become lucid, I hop down and get on all fours to kickstart a full transformation into a timber wolf so I can accomplish one of my lucid goals. The transformation, however, brought incredible pain to my face where the wolf snout was being contorted and broken outwards from my face. The pain was so unbearable that I thought I may have been feeling the pain in my real life body in bed while I was LDing, so I got spooked and forced myself to wake up before the transformation was even finished.

      Notes: Pain has been occurring randomly with my transformations now. Going to have to find a way to either not get spooked and deal with the pain, or take a "pain killer" before I begin a transformation from now on.
    12. Log 12, Goth girl and knife thrower

      by , 07-11-2010 at 09:46 PM (World of Kaos)
      Starts out with bringing an extremely attractive gothic girl into my bedroom to watch TV. We are laying in bed when suddenly her clothes come off and she is lying naked beside me. I begin kissing her chest, and neck, and things start to get intimate. All of a sudden she starts crying, however, her tears are jet black (looked like pen ink). The black tears are smeared all over her naked body and the bed in which we were laying in. I try to console her the best I can, however, nothing seems to be working.

      Fast-forwards to an airport (dream sign!?). The very attractive gothic girl is by my side, and she begins running through the terminal as fast as she could while clutching onto my hand.

      "Why are we running?" I ask.

      "That guy!" She said as she screams and pointed towards a blonde haired guy in a red shirt and jeans with a dozen or so knives in his hand chasing us at full speed. Next thing I know, the man who is now chasing us is hurling his knives. I hear one or two wizz by head. Thats when something clicked in my head.

      "I am dreaming!"

      I decide to take the frightening situation into my own hands. I stop running, and do an RC with a DC that was wearing a green shirt with words on it, just to make sure of it. The DC whom I was staring at gave me an evil eye as I did an RC by looking at the words on his shirt and looking back at them. Yep, I was definitely dreaming.

      I turn around and stare at the man who was chasing me with throwing knives, and hold my ground. The man stopped running at a distance, and stared for a second before he hurled a knife at my stomach. While surprising myself at the same time, I quickly snag the knife out of the air before it was even close to touching me. I then break it in half in attempt to further scare the DC who was hurling knives. Now that I knew I was in complete control of my dream I was furious with this DC and could not wait to punish him for scaring the shit out of me.

      I sprinted full speed at the blonde haired DC and grabbed his throat with my hand and lifted him as high as I could off the ground. The DC who was now showing signs of choking and helplessness was flailing in the air as he dangled at the mercy of my raised arm. I forced the transformation of only my head this time to become a wolf, so I could continue to hold him in the air as I revealed my weapons to kill the DC. After my head had completely undergone the transformation, I put my muzzle up to his now helpless face as close as I could without touching him, and bared my wolf teeth and growled as loud as I could. Then, all of a sudden the dream world began getting hazy and fuzzy, and felt my real self in bed as I awoke.

      Notes: Another dream sign that could help me attain lucidity is airports, have seen them a lot in my DJs. I also need to continue to work on immediately attempting to spin or rub my hands to remain lucid and not wake up. LDs have not been lasting too long lately...
    13. Log 11 Nap: Saving someone's life, Gasoline tentacles.

      by , 07-08-2010 at 04:12 PM (World of Kaos)
      I had to workout pretty early this morning, so I finally had a chance to have a nap for the first time in a really long time. Bunch of really vivid fragments of a dream, but nothing solid.

      My first dream involved me and two wolves doing something, I am not sure what in particular. I felt like we were trying to save someone's life at the time. As I was with these two wolves, I ran on all fours in my human body and was not a wolf myself. One was a blonde wolf (which is odd), and one was brown or gray. There was an Ipod somewhere that I found, and it did not work properly.


      False Awakening: I wake up in a bed, and I think how I missed another chance at lucid dreaming. I tried to get back to sleeping as fast as I could so I could try again. The bed I was in was completely different, and it looked like I was in a dojo of some kind.


      I am in a hotel with Chris Tucker, and there are trees in the middle of the lobby. Chris Tucker decides to grab a container of gasoline and light it on fire. The weird thing is when he did it, tentacle like things flew out of the container and Chris Tucker attempted to hold on to them as they flew out. It looked like those ash snakes you can buy at a fire works store, just filled with a gas that made them float. My dad suddenly appeared and mentioned to me how dangerous it is to do that, and that he could have hung himself on it.

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    14. Log 10, Subway, Mellow Mushroom and Jacob Black fight

      by , 07-08-2010 at 11:06 AM (World of Kaos)
      The dream starts me off in the parking lot of my old neighborhood. I am going around looking for something to eat, so I go and grab some subway. The subway is there in the middle of the parking lot, out in the middle of the open with no building around it at all. I then remember ordering a chicken bacon ranch, then driving home and eating it at the same time.


      I go with some buddies to Mellow Mushroom to drink a few beers and hang out. Don't remember too much of this one...


      I am suddenly chasing after this kid on a skateboard, and I am on one as well. We start off in the parking lot, and end up right next to each other on the sidewalk. Ahead of us coming up are a couple of cars that are about to cross our paths, and I barely dodge one of them as I hauled ass passed it. The kid I was chasing wasn't so lucky and slammed into the car with a loud and satisfying THUD. With a smile on my face, I keep skateboarding down the sidewalk.

      All of a sudden he shows up again in front of me, so I try and use my super-powers to slow him down and spin him out of control. Thats when I realized... I don't have any superpowers, I must be dreaming! I actually said "I am dreaming out loud to myself" to ensure myself. I gathered myself together as I let the kid I was chasing run off into the distance, and remembered one of my lucid goals. So I flew to the nearest woods I was by to face off with that pathetic excuse of a werewolf Jacob Black.

      As I was flying over towards the woods, I could already see the body of a large brown bodied wolf chasing after my position in the air by foot. So, I sped up ahead of him and landed in front of him, making an effortless transformation into my own large gray wolf body. I could smell the musk of him, as well as see the anger in his facial expression as he ran on towards me. The sound of deep panting and his large paws hitting the ground was what I heard right before he made the first move.

      Leaping onto my side, Jake's jaws were ferociously snapping together trying to go in for the kill. As I lie on the ground, one bite did clip me in the neck. Furious, I got up as quickly as I could and shoved him off. As he stood there for a second, I took my opportunity and lunged for a kill shot. As I leaped towards him, I pressed both of my large front paws onto his chest, toppling him over onto his side. After I recovered from my own leap, I got back up and stood over top of him. He was pinned, and it was time to end it.

      I opened my jaws to show my teeth, and bit down on his neck as hard as I could and jerked from side to side.

      Then I woke up. What pissed me off is that I never knew if he was going to be dead or not. Also, take note that the lucid dream actually very short, as all of it happened very quickly after I became lucid. I could have used sustaining lucid dreaming techniques, such as spinning or rubbing hands, but that would be somewhat hard in wolf form.

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    15. Log 9 Disturbing film, walking through the snow, and a familiar kitchen

      by , 07-08-2010 at 04:58 AM (World of Kaos)
      I walk to class, it is quite nice outside. In order to get there I walked through a familiar kitchen, as well as some locker rooms. When I get the, my favorite professor is there. The class room was enormous, at least holding 20,000 people or more. In front of the class was a gigantic projector screen. The professor forced us to watch the most disturbing film I have ever imagined. Gray elephants with half their face ripped off, weird looking half human half something else crawling in the screen. I didn't remember most of it because I looked away most of the time, due to it's disturbing nature. After the film was over, two girls who were sitting next to me started to hit on me. One grabbed my "package" on the way out.


      I am on my way walking home from somewhere, through my old neighborhood I used to live. Snow is everywhere and it is extremely dark outside. Seems like I am walking long ways.
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