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    Log 12, Goth girl and knife thrower

    by , 07-11-2010 at 09:46 PM (579 Views)
    Starts out with bringing an extremely attractive gothic girl into my bedroom to watch TV. We are laying in bed when suddenly her clothes come off and she is lying naked beside me. I begin kissing her chest, and neck, and things start to get intimate. All of a sudden she starts crying, however, her tears are jet black (looked like pen ink). The black tears are smeared all over her naked body and the bed in which we were laying in. I try to console her the best I can, however, nothing seems to be working.

    Fast-forwards to an airport (dream sign!?). The very attractive gothic girl is by my side, and she begins running through the terminal as fast as she could while clutching onto my hand.

    "Why are we running?" I ask.

    "That guy!" She said as she screams and pointed towards a blonde haired guy in a red shirt and jeans with a dozen or so knives in his hand chasing us at full speed. Next thing I know, the man who is now chasing us is hurling his knives. I hear one or two wizz by head. Thats when something clicked in my head.

    "I am dreaming!"

    I decide to take the frightening situation into my own hands. I stop running, and do an RC with a DC that was wearing a green shirt with words on it, just to make sure of it. The DC whom I was staring at gave me an evil eye as I did an RC by looking at the words on his shirt and looking back at them. Yep, I was definitely dreaming.

    I turn around and stare at the man who was chasing me with throwing knives, and hold my ground. The man stopped running at a distance, and stared for a second before he hurled a knife at my stomach. While surprising myself at the same time, I quickly snag the knife out of the air before it was even close to touching me. I then break it in half in attempt to further scare the DC who was hurling knives. Now that I knew I was in complete control of my dream I was furious with this DC and could not wait to punish him for scaring the shit out of me.

    I sprinted full speed at the blonde haired DC and grabbed his throat with my hand and lifted him as high as I could off the ground. The DC who was now showing signs of choking and helplessness was flailing in the air as he dangled at the mercy of my raised arm. I forced the transformation of only my head this time to become a wolf, so I could continue to hold him in the air as I revealed my weapons to kill the DC. After my head had completely undergone the transformation, I put my muzzle up to his now helpless face as close as I could without touching him, and bared my wolf teeth and growled as loud as I could. Then, all of a sudden the dream world began getting hazy and fuzzy, and felt my real self in bed as I awoke.

    Notes: Another dream sign that could help me attain lucidity is airports, have seen them a lot in my DJs. I also need to continue to work on immediately attempting to spin or rub my hands to remain lucid and not wake up. LDs have not been lasting too long lately...

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