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    Log 13, coyotes, hotel before game, snowing

    by , 07-11-2010 at 10:02 PM (292 Views)
    A majority of this dream consisted of being a part of a sports team and the night before a big game the next day. I could not find the place to get my room key for a long time so I traveled all over to find it with no luck. I run into a family friend who is talking about me and embarrassing me while making a toast extremely intoxicated in the lobby. I am late getting into my room and look around it for a while.


    I am outside and it has been snowing. There are thousands of people playing in it, and I spot some of my friends who have laid down a tarp so that we could slide down a hill on it. I try it but I get stuck. I look around, the snow is gone, and everyone else who was playing in the snow is gone. I was by myself on the tarp.


    We are on a boat somewhere in a jungle and in the woods. A man spots a coyote out to me and a person sitting next to me in the boat.

    "You know, coyotes get eaten by wolves all the time" The man sitting next to me says.


    I am in a van, all of a sudden the van stops, and the sliding door opens up. I get up off my seat and am about to step on the ground, until I look closer at the asphalt and notice it is moving like a liquid would. All of a sudden something clicks and I realize I am dreaming.

    After I become lucid, I hop down and get on all fours to kickstart a full transformation into a timber wolf so I can accomplish one of my lucid goals. The transformation, however, brought incredible pain to my face where the wolf snout was being contorted and broken outwards from my face. The pain was so unbearable that I thought I may have been feeling the pain in my real life body in bed while I was LDing, so I got spooked and forced myself to wake up before the transformation was even finished.

    Notes: Pain has been occurring randomly with my transformations now. Going to have to find a way to either not get spooked and deal with the pain, or take a "pain killer" before I begin a transformation from now on.

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