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    Log 14 Nap: horses in the hotel

    by , 07-12-2010 at 04:52 PM (355 Views)
    I am settling into my new hotel room right on the beach with some friends. the hotel has a big atrium where you can see all levels of the hotel from each level, going from the bottom of the hotel all the way up to the top.

    Me and a friends are hanging out on our level when all of a sudden we see a horse walking right next to us. For some reason I decide to egg it on and start to play with it a bit. Next thing I know the horse starts running as fast as it could down the one side of the building. Then, it jumps from our level to off of a balcony that goes to the outside. I watch it as it plummets down to the Earth, but I couldn't bare to watch it hit the ground. Then, the friend I was talking to followed the horse, and did the same thing.

    "What in the hell was going on?", I thought to myself. I walked over to where the balcony was to the outside of the building and found two massive water filled pools in the hotel parking lot outside. As I looked at the two massive pools, I then witnessed a different horse and a different person jump from the same balcony into the two pools. They sunk to the bottom, and exited out of a door at the bottom of the pools. Then they proceeded back into the hotel.

    The rest of the dream consisted of watching the two horses I saw jump off the balcony running around the hotel. One was blonde colored, and one was brown. The blonde one kept jumping from one level to like 5 levels down through the atrium, neighing while doing it. Eventually the two horses disappeared for a while and I walked down to the bottom floor where the lobby was.

    I found the two horses laying on top of one another, and the first thing I assumed is that the two horses were blackout drunk. I said something about it and the DCs around me starting agreeing and laughing really hard.

    I run into my girlfriend and my family, who was apparently moving in my girlfriend into one of the rooms. I asked them if they needed any help, but they replied the only thing that would be tough is the bed, and they had already moved it in. All of us then got in the car and were driving somewhere.

    We ended up at a garden, where a bunch of plants were being grown in pots. There were roped of sections of them. I remember reading the sign of one section saying "Horses," and immediately started contemplating whether the sign meant that horses had grown the plants, or that the plants were used to feed the horses.

    Then the dream became fuzzy, and I woke up.

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