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    Log 17 Nap: Hotel in a city, Keith Barry, Hell in North Korea

    by , 07-15-2010 at 06:04 PM (441 Views)
    I am in a hotel room with some friends from high-school. We all at first greet one another and sit around the nice bar in the hotel room. We then decide we are hungry and head down to the cafeteria. All of a sudden, I am wearing a green sleeveless water suit. I see a lot of people in the cafeteria eying me because of the odd outfit, but I shrug it off. I continue to walk around the cafeteria and find some girls from my high-school, and one of them begs be to meet their dad. So, I follow them and proceed to meet up with their dad. Dream is a bit fuzzy after that...


    This blonde haired guy is driving me to his house somewhere in the suburbs, and now that I think of it, the man looked a lot like Keith Barry (the magician/mentalist). He took me to his house and I was forced to follow him around, I forget exactly what he was trying to train me to do.

    Fast-forward: I am going back to Keith Barry's house, however I am rollerblading for some reason and it is poring rain outside on the way there. Keith then meets me outside of his house and urges me to get in his car. Dream ends.


    Warning: can be considered to be disturbing

    I am traveling with a bunch of family members, friends, and famous people to a vacation spot on the beach to relax and have fun. We are all taking these white vans. When we get to our destination, however, it is far from any beach, and North Korean officers (at least it seemed like North Korean) snatched us by our hands and bound us so we couldn't struggle. We are forced up a hill, and on top of the hill, they force all of us to go through torturous exercises. While changing exercises, I remember glancing over at medicine bottles and gold bond on a rack in the middle of the hill we were forced to perform torturous exercises. On the bottles, I was trying to make out the date of them for some reason, but they seemed too far away. I glimpsed at what looked like an 8 on one of them, so I concluded it was the 8th (of whatever). At the end of the torture, the placed me bound on my knees with a gun pointed at my head. They then asked me what the date was on the medicine in the middle of the hill, and if I got it wrong I would be killed.

    "It's the 8th!" I said, as I felt an unnatural sweat covering my body like a film.

    "let him go," One of the officers said, as he tossed me to another officer. He then escorted me down the hell to meet up with a bunch more people who had passed the same test apparently after going through the torture. I asked one of them when we are leaving.

    "You think we are getting out of here soon? Where are the vans?" I said desperately.

    "Hah!" One of the DCs said, "You think we are leaving? They are going to keep us here and control us forever."

    The white vans came back, and the officers filed us into the vans (those of us that were alive still), and drove us somewhere remote that we had no idea about. The question about where we were going was answered soon enough however, as we stepped out of the van we entered the property of a perfectly circular island, With a bunch of buildings in the center that were enormous. On the border of the circular island were millions of beds, and roofs over top of them like awnings. We were escorted into the middle of the island where the gigantic buildings were, and were sent to our hotel rooms in them. The men escorting us were unnaturally large, like the size of the hulk in the movie. These men were kind of weird looking.

    I met my parents in my hotel room I was assigned to, and there were cameras and bugs everywhere in the hotel room. I talked with them about how this must be a concentration camp in North Korea or something, and that the hotel room we were assigned to was actually extremely nice.

    Fast-forward: It is night time, and I am sleeping on one of the beds around the outer edge of the island. All of a sudden Tara, from True Blood, sits and lays down two beds beside me. She has blood all over, as well as patched up wounds on her arms and legs I could see. I ask a guy beside me about what happened to her, and he explained that the officers had Tara in "custody" all day, and that she was most likely beaten and raped for a long time. Poor girl, I thought to myself, as I examined her beautiful body that was littered with patched up wounds and blood. I continue to lay there for a while trying to play on my phone, but the phone keeps messing up, so I abandoned the idea.

    All of a sudden I hear 2 officers coming into the area where the beds were, screaming in a language I did not understand. They went up to Tara, and yelled in her face for a long time, and Tara returned the favor and was screaming at them as well. Eventually the language turned into English, and the North Korean officers said to her "Now your really going to pay."

    Tara starts screaming "NO! NOOO!" as she starts to weep again, and the officers reappear with a chair that resembled what looked like a chair to completely constrain someone so they could not move at all. Although she struggled, the officers subdued her in the chair and strapped her down. They gathered a bunch of tools that looked extremely evil in nature, such as large pliers, needles, tweezers, and a screwdriver. I couldn't bare to watch so I got up and put my back to it as I leaned against a ledge that was separating the walkway from the area of beds. The guy I talked to a little earlier had joined me on the ledge. As I over-heard Tara's shrieks of pain, I couldn't even think of what they were doing to her in that chair... it made me sick. It made me so sick I began crying in me dream. I had one hand on the ledge I was leaning against while the other covered my tears rolling down my face.

    "If I could only shift into a wolf right now like I do in my dreams, these fuckers would really pay," I actually thought to myself, which is quite ironic. Little did I know I WAS dreaming (fail).

    I then asked the buddy next to me what he thought about it. He then proceeded to tell me that they are most likely going to strip some of her fingernails and toenails off. This made me weep a little more as I continued to hear the sounds of Tara screaming in agony. After a while, the screaming ceased, and me and the buddy next to me saw the two officers covered in blood, carrying the chair towards the buildings in the middle of the island. Then they had disappeared. I knew Tara would need some consoling, so I ran up to her bed and sat next to her.

    I opened up my arms offering to let her cry on my shoulder, and she took the offer generously. She came into my arms and pressed her eyes as hard as she could into my should and proceeded to cry excruciatingly loud. the tears and the loud crying made me ache, and I clutched her as hard as I could until the crying ceased a bit. She let go and laid next to me still half way in my arms. Then, all of a sudden she creeped her hands down my pants, and brought me in close to kiss her. It didn't feel right to go from such excruciating pain to being sexual, so I told her to relax. I definitely was not in that mood at the time.

    "But I want it! Please!" she begged.

    "Tara I can't, just relax," I said with concern, and continued to lay there.

    Fast-forward: A person appears on the balcony of one of the tall buildings in the center that was close to the beds we were laying in. It was morning, and we all stood up to see what the hell was going on. A large lady was on the balcony with a microphone or a megaphone, one of them. She proceeded to tell us we must say everything that she says. Then, she started chanting words, and the crowd at the bed level would follow. I knew I had to do what they said now, especially after what I saw they did with Tara the night before. I joined in.

    The thought of turning into a wolf like in my dreams creeped into my head once again, however, I did not think to do a reality check (another fail). One of the hulk looking men came up to me and started a conversation with me after the morning's chant session we had with the large lady on the balcony.

    "What's wrong (my name)?"

    "Oh nothing, just thinking about something." That something was ripping apart the place with my large wolf jaws.

    "What is it?" He asked again.

    "Honestly it's nothing. I am a little hungry actually, so that may be it." I lied.

    That's when I woke up, and actually recalled quite a bit of the nap's dream. Was extremely vivid, and was quite disturbing as well. Not to mention I had plenty of opportunities to RC (such as the medicine bottles, and shifting thoughts), but still failed.

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