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    Log 19 Wolf figurines, "Nerf" war, and a T-Rex

    by , 07-17-2010 at 05:17 PM (554 Views)
    Starts off with me on a vacation with a bunch of relatives. We are all down in the basement of wall looks identical to my house at home. There are several fishing rods standing up on a stand that look weirder than normal.

    I go in a room and see two small wolf figurines/statues. One is gold, and one is gray in color. For some reason I decide I need them and place both into my pocket.

    Fastforward: I am laying in bed with Sookie from Trueblood (I don't know what the hell is with me and hooking up with girls from that show, lol). We hook up.

    Fastforward: Me and all my relatives are outside having a nerf gun war. The nerf guns look very real however, and shoot very realistically as well. I pick up an RPG, and it shoots the foam rocket identically to it's real predecessor. I thought about how sweet of a nerf gun it was.


    I am driving in a suburban to see a surprise that one of my friends has for me. When we get out of the suburban, I see a full sized, as well as an alive T-Rex.

    "How in the hell is that thing existing right now?!" I asked my friend.

    "They did took DNA from bone morrow of a T-Rex that was frozen." My friend replied (been watching too much Discovery channel I think lol).

    I continued to watch in complete awe, as it's trainer made sure the T-Rex would not do anything ridiculous. I remembered watching this whole thing and noticing there was a small rope "caging" in the T-Rex.


    I decided to try and DEILD when I woke up in the morning. It worked, at least for a minute. I am standing in the middle of a grass-field, and a wolf is standing in front of me. All of a sudden I feel the dream pulling away again, so I start to inspect the grass blades on the ground to stabilize it. It worked for a couple of seconds, however, it soon completely crashed down, even after an attempt to rub my hands and spin.

    Note: Starting to notice that the gold/blonde wolf and gray wolf in my dreams seem to be yet another dream sign, as they show up a lot.

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