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    Log 21 Scary ass roller coaster

    by , 07-22-2010 at 02:35 PM (439 Views)
    Starts out with me having a nice dinner in a ball room with a bunch of people. I think people may have been dancing, but I do not recall exactly if they were. Everyone was dress very nicely, in tuxes and in dresses.

    Suddenly someone asks if I want to go on a roller coaster that is in the same building, and I agree to it. I follow them to a place where there are a bunch of roller coaster carts sitting and waiting for their passengers to board. Each of the roller coaster carts looked different, and also had different colors.

    I ask them what the ride is like, and the people with me replied that it was a fun-house haunted roller coaster type of deal that you will see at theme parks and what not. One of the people with us also explained that the yellow cart that is second in line has the scariest ride. Then, right after that one of the people with us pushes me into the yellow cart that is second in line.

    I asked him what the hell he did it for, but I don't recall exactly what he replied. It was something about how I shouldn't worry, and proceeded to make fun of me.

    The ride then started, and I noticed how the roller coaster was in what looked like an abandoned building with nothing in it.
    the ride took us through different rooms that sometimes had creepy people standing and watching us go by. There was probably more to it, however, I do not remember.

    I remember when the ride ended, it brought all of us back in front of an entrance to the ball room we were at earlier. On either side of the entrance were doors, that were very slim. We decide to open both doors.

    When I opened the door there were three people standing in a formation facing us. The room was dark, but the light from the room we were in gave it enough light to make out the three figures. They were extremely pale, wearing suits, and I could not make out any facial structures that they had other than their eyes.

    "Well, that is pretty creepy!" I remember telling the group of people I was with.

    We were about to open the next one when the dream basically fell apart and I woke up.

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