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    Log 22 Nap: Lucid in a Grocery store

    by , 07-22-2010 at 04:43 PM (401 Views)
    I walk into a grocery store, and there is a person in all black by the door after I enter. He was wearing a black shirt that said "Free Alpha Wolf and Beta Wolf." I kept walking, and started thinking to myself how weird it was that the person was wearing that shirt.

    Then I thought to myself, well, maybe I am dreaming? So I do an RC at the sign where it says "bathrooms." I looked away and looked back, and the sign turned into the letter "m". Looked away and looked back and it turned into symbols. I also noticed when I looked down I didn't have any pants on, just boxers.

    "Holy shit, I am dreaming!"

    I remember thinking to myself how real it felt, and it was very, very vivid. I decide to try and relax and to explore my environment for a while before I decided to do a transformation. So, I walk into the bathroom and start to look around.

    As I am heading down this hallway, the weight of the entire dream shifted to one side. Then right as I gained my balance and got up, the weight shifted to the other side. All of a sudden I started freaking out. For some reason I figured that while I was in this dream, I was in my car driving, and that was why my weight started to shift from side to side in my dream.

    I wanted to wake up, I started trying to force myself to wake up by any means possible. I was yelling and punching the mirror, but that only seemed to make things clearer and more lucid ironically. It was a weird feeling, because I never wanted to get out of a lucid before this, and it felt like I was genuinely stuck in the dream world.

    I decided to just relax and calm down. I figured if I was stuck in a lucid dream, might as well take advantage of it. So, I continued down the hall way looking around.

    When I turn the corner, I see that it is a guys dressing room for like a gym. I recognized some of the faces, and it was a little awkward.

    "This has got to change." I said out loud to myself, "The next corner I turn, this dressing room will turn into a ladies dressing room."

    Sure enough, around the next bend the room was filled up with extremely attractive women getting dressed and undressed.

    I said out loud, "Now this is more like it."

    starting to feel a tad perverted, I decided to leave it behind and continue on to explore. On the wall of the ladies dressing room was a hand dryer with some words on it,and I decided to make another reality check with it. I looked away and looked at it again. The words above the dryer then turned into some symbols. Did it again, the words turned into letters in no particular order. I finally did it one more time and the words spelled out "droy dinosaurs."
    I thought it was hilarious so I crept closer to the words and made a mental note to make sure and remember it to write in my dream journal when I woke up.

    I think that making this mental note actually kick-started me into waking up. I started to feel my body in my bed, and I completely forgot to recover it by spinning or rubbing my hands.

    Note: Finally! Didn't end up doing what I really wanted in the dream, but at least it is an end of a dry spell for me.

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