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    So you all know who's who, I'm the dreamer. Call me Karla. In the dream world, I am 18 years old and have a spirit for adventure and excitement. I logically deal with DCs when I have to but otherwise, it's all fun and magic.

    Here's who I am, in case you think, "How do I get KarlaB18 into a dream? What does she look like?"

    This is me in the outfit comprised by my dream guide in Dream 369 A:

    My dream guides:

    The first member of the dream guide team is Dreamy WB. Some facts about her:
    Name - Dreamy WB
    Age (2020) - 41 (dream guides are double the age of their real life counterparts)
    Species - Human
    Nationality - African
    Dreamy WB likes - Dressing up, dreaming, imparting knowledge onto others
    Dreamy WB dislikes - DCs that are mean to the dreamer
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - Smart, courageous, caring, gentle, intuitive, assertive
    Special Action - Dealing with very nasty DCs that Karla can't handle on her own
    Special Ability - Being able to communicate an event to Karla before it happens
    Copyright - @KarlaB18

    The second member of the dream guide team is Murray. Some facts about him:
    Name - Murray
    Age (2020) - 36
    Species - Humanoid Hippo
    Nationality - Unknown
    Murray likes - Using his fists, hugs, his van, eating
    Murray dislikes - Being beaten at his own game
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - Gentle, caring, strong-willed, ambitious, kind
    Special Action - Providing Karla with physical comfort
    Special Ability - Being able to recall and chain events from a past dream of the same night
    Copyright - @SuckerPunch/Sanzaru

    The third member of the dream guide team is 18-Volt. Some facts about him:
    Name - 18-Volt
    Age (2020) - 18 (His age remains frozen)
    Species - Human
    Nationality - Unknown
    18-Volt likes - Gaming, hanging with 9-Volt, rapping, loud music
    18-Volt dislikes - Getting into trouble, losing to anyone
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - The cool guy, enthusiastic, laid-back, patient, friendly
    Special Action - Coaching Karla on her doubts and fears
    Special Ability - Being able to assist Karla even if not physically present
    Copyright - @Nintendo

    The fourth member of the dream guide team is Riku. Some facts about him:
    Name - Riku
    Age (2020) - 18 (Riku chose his age in Dream No. 665) (His age remains frozen)
    Species - Human
    Nationality - Unknown
    Riku likes - Peace, finding balance, his friends
    Riku dislikes - Being used by darkness, evil, deception
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - Wise, humble, grouchy on occasions
    Special Action - Making Karla see the world in a more 'grown-up' manner
    Special Ability - Being able to take Karla to different worlds and other dimensions
    Copyright - @SquareEnix/Disney

    1. Dream - The Crazy Water Park Idea

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:39 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 13 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 597 - The Crazy Water Park Idea

      I canít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, my family were driving to see some extended family in Geelong, we knew that they were going to move to Sunshine soon and so thatís why we wanted to go and see them. I had made the comment to my mum and grandma that they werenít in the ďhouse with chainsĒ anymore (this is actually a feature on their real life house). Soon, we entered this long court and indeed, at the end of it was their house. Not the chain fence house but rather this very ugly looking house where half of it actually looked like it was demolished.

      RC and AC had come outside to greet us. I saw Peter but he wasnít talking to us much, rather, he was in the background, closer to the entrance of the house. In this dream, AC was talking like a motormouth and so I couldnít get a word in, but I needed to as I realised we were going to go somewhere but I wasnít wearing good walking shoes. Instead, I seemed to be wearing flip-flops (we call them thongs in Australia, okay?).

      Over ACís constant talking, I attempted to call 18-Volt and tell him that I needed some good walking shoes. I called out into the sky, saying to him that he could even give me the shoes in his colour scheme if he wanted although my silent wish was that he would give me a versatile colour. A pair of shoes had indeed fallen out of the sky and 18-Volt had fulfilled my wish over his. They were a pair of dark olive green flats with some sort of gold brooch on them.

      Later on, I was going to some shops in the area by myself. My job was to look for something for AC from Dymocks but I forgot what the item specifically was. Later on, there was suggestion that AC had booked a water-park for my birthday but I was slightly concerned about this idea as I didnít want to go on too many crazy rides or slides. Apparently the booking was made for Friday the 30th of August. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 597

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
    2. Dream - I Want To See The Hippo

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:30 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 11 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 596 - I Want To See The Hippo

      I canít remember how the dreams started. From where I do remember, I was at a slightly distorted version of my high school around the area where the outside portables were. My year 7 homeroom teacher Mrs C was saying something to me but I forgot what it was. Out of nowhere, we got onto some sort of boat with a group of other students and set sail out onto on the seas. At one point, the boat had converted into some sort of submarine.

      The group had ended up in literally the middle of nowhere, on the sea. I had gotten off the ship though and had swum to some sort of town, ending up on a wide road but then it also looked like an alley at the same time. All three members of the Cooper Gang were there, with Sly wearing a green helmet, Bentley wearing a pink helmet, and Murray wearing a blue helmet. I had a feeling of nostalgia as if I had never left Murray as a dream guide. He had his arms wide open and so I came into him for a hug.

      As I was enjoying the lengthy hug, Mrs C yelled out and demanded that I get back onto the ship. When I was on, the submarine had submerged and I was hoping that I could see Murray again. At some point in the dream, I did end up returning to the same place to see Murray. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 596

      Dream Guide: Murray
      Lucid?: No
      memorable , non-lucid
    3. Dream - Check The Assignment

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:23 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 10 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 595 - Check The Assignment

      It was a long dream but I cannot remember any events enough to write a recount. Only that after the completion of some massive school choir event, I was in some sort of cinema and trying to navigate my way around it to find someone. It was at the very end of the dream, in a completely different scene, I was by myself but then I was perceiving this powerful energy. It was 18-Volt telling me to check something I had done on one of my university assignments. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 595

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No

      The end of this dream had an actual resemblance to a real life issue. As soon I woke up, I knew exactly what assignment 18-Volt was talking about in the dream and indeed, I had intentions to check it the night beforehand. I had the dream on Friday, the assignment was due on the same Sunday, and so I had fixed a crucial mistake.
    4. Dream - Please Forgive Me

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:19 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 9 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 594 - Please Forgive Me

      I donít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, it was the same scene that repeated itself three times. In the first instance, the scene took place in some unknown room of a large house. The background was somewhat blurry but in sharp, clear and vivid appearance, 18-Volt was walking towards me. He was in his realistic Game & Wario appearance but he was also wearing his green jacket and pants. The second scene played exactly the same.

      The third scene had the same background but the main aspect of it was different. Rather than 18-Volt, it was Edward (Ed) B himself. He was wearing a dark blue short-sleeved t-shirt with the Chicago Cubs logo on it. He had this remorseful and somewhat defeated look on his face, it was some look suggesting that he knows he had hurt me but as if he could not find the strength to verbally repent. Rather, I was perceiving this energy from him as if he was silently asking for forgiveness.

      Dream No. 594

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Dream - The Twitch Community

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:15 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 7 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 593 - The Twitch Community

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I seemed to be just casually chatting to the member in Edward (Ed) Bís Twitch community on the actual channel page. I actually felt like I was a strong part of the community myself. Nothing else happened in this dream.

      Dream No. 593

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    6. Dream - A Dodgy Party Invitation

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:10 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 6 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 592 - A Dodgy Party Invitation

      The dream started with my at my old house, lying in bed very early in the morning. My mum had told me the previous night to wash my hair and so I promised her that I would get up very early and do it in the morning instead. The alarm had soon gone off and I actually found it very hard to get up, I was extremely drowsy. I had these three weird paper versions of 18-Volt with me as well as one actual resemblance in paper form. The real paper 18-Volt had actually started slightly gesturing and pushed me out of bed by the cheek. I ended up going to the shower but something was wrong, I forgot what it was. This was actually a big relief for me as I could go back to bed. I donít remember anything about this scene.

      Later on, I was talking to a family friend, EW on Twitch. He mentioned something about there being a really ďcoolĒ broadcasting channel that was dedicated to the community of all the Eds. I couldnít find the guy on Twitch though, apparently there was a link to go to YouTube and this is where the guy was located. He seemed to be live-streaming this RTS game for the time being. There was a grid around the units and the units could move around by squares, kind of like some campaign.

      I was then at my current house, in the driveway, when I went to check the mail. I was really excited to receive a handwritten piece of mail but when I opened the envelope, it was some weird party invitation. Upon reading out, I found that someone was having a birthday party but at the same time holding a birthday party for me with the theme being My Little Pony. At first I was excited but then I came suspicious, I thought to myself, ďwho would invite me when they donít even know me personally?Ē.

      I thought of who it could possibly be, a friend of one of friends and so I ended up sending that person a message on Facebook. She replied to me and said that it wasnít her. Though she said she had been reflecting on the relationship with me over the past few days and she sent me all these photos of the group when we had met previously.

      Once I had finished on Facebook and found out that it wasnít the girl, I was starting to become even more suspicious and somewhat concerned. As I walked over to the kitchen bench, a thought had entered me head; it wasnít anybody that I knew. Rather I had the idea that it was some creepy ďinternationalĒ man that had somehow unlawfully obtained my address. I was actually in a state of distress now and went to find my mum straight away, telling her what I thought had happened.

      I walked down the stairs, checking out some of our Christmas decorations in the storage cabinet underneath when I noticed that both my mum and dad were in the garage next door. My dad had just returned home from work and my mum was telling him about the situation with the suspected unlawful use of our address. My brother went out of his room and was going into garage but I called out to him ďnot now!Ē.

      He seemed to ignore me and continue to where my parents were. He asked them what was going on but my dad wasnít in a good mood and shouted at my brother. He said something like that if he wanted to know what was going on, he should have been there from the start; I forgot what was said exactly. When my brother came back inside, I told him that I had tried to warn him not to go to the parents.

      I went back out into the driveway and I started feeling this energy as if the person was frustrated that I wasnít responding to the invitation; frustrated that I wasnít falling for their dirty trick. A small black car had pulled up right in-front of the driveway and out came Mr. McP, who looked normal at first but my senses were telling me that there was something not right about him. He turned nasty very quickly and was expressing his frustration most certainly about how I didnít accept the invitation.

      This ended up turning into him trying to physically assault me and therefore I had to defend myself. The actions from him didnít feel too painful but in just the way the dream was animating his movements, it seemed he was trying to inflict some serious damage. For a while I could defend myself but as more and more time went on, I was becoming very frightened of him and needed some help.

      At first I called for Dreamy WB but nothing happened. I then perceived some energy telling me that if the dream guideís real life counterpart had some sort of relationship to Mr. McP, then that dream guide wouldnít be valid. It seemed as if the dream guide was placing their trusts on their counterpartís opinions and so would not come to handle Mr. McP no matter how much obvious danger I was in. The dream had made me automatically move onto another dream guide, one I had in the past but I quickly stopped myself as I realised that his counterpart also had some real life relationship with Mr. McP.

      I had to think fast about who did not have a real life counterpart in that position. After a few seconds, it came to me and I yelled ď18-Volt!Ē. Something happened almost immediately, I perceived 18-Voltís energy and when I turned back around, I saw Mr. McP frozen into an absolute statue. I wasted no time and I got to giving Mr. McP a spoon of his own medicine. I kicked and punched him into the ground. Striking him as many times as I could before 18-Voltís effect would wear off.

      After a few seconds, Mr. McP sat up looking dazed and wondered what had happened to him. He asked himself why he was all of sudden weak and just like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz, I declared to him, ďIt was 18-Volt, he paralysed you!Ē.

      Dream No. 592
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No

      At the end, the fact that I said "It was 18-Volt, he paralysed you!" reminds of when in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy said to Ms Gultch, "It was my dog, he bit you!". I seemed to say in the exact same emotional tone as her.
    7. Dream - The Quicker Return & Medieval Unexpectables & Massive Easter Shopping & No Volt For You

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:05 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 5 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 591 - Separated Sections

      Dream 591 A - The Quicker Return

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in this national park area which seemed to be within the Australian city of Canberra. There was a scene where I was speaking to Dreamy WB but I donít remember what happened exactly. Her appearance was the symmetrical with the black pencil dress. Itís as I was near the end of the walking track, she told me that rather than the Killester students catching a plane home, she could take them home herself via a lap ride, which would reduce their travel time greatly.

      There were extra details that she ended up disclosing to me. I asked her how long it would take the students to get home with her and she said about three hours. I then asked if there was any way she could make the trip quicker and for the first time, Dreamy WB actually verbally admitted that she wasnít perfect. She said that it would take a long time with such a big group of people and that the only way she could make the trip quicker was to take a smaller group at a time.

      At first, I thought about splitting the year 11s into three groups but then Dreamy WB said it would still take a long time. I then thought that maybe I could declare that students travel home in their teacher groups and each teacher had about 12 students in their group. I donít remember Dreamy WB saying anything in return but she had insinuated that she agreed that this was a good idea. I now had to hurry to Mr. Bl. and tell him before they they got to the airport and wasted their evening.

      Part way back down the track, I caught up with Mr. Bl. and asked him what was going on with the airport arrangements. It was still day time and he said that they booked the flight very late, for about 10:30 PM, which was a relief to me. I told Mr. Bl. and Dreamy WBís preposition and he agreed with it, thinking it was in fact a good idea. He did his part for the preparation while I went further backwards down the track to speak to as many students as I could find. Some were actually sitting on the track, having conversations with their friends.

      Later on in the dream, we seemed to be at the accommodation complex. As soon as Dreamy WB has turned up, I asked Mr. Bl. to assemble all the students in the backyard. He asked me why; I hesitated to answer even though I knew what to say, Dreamy WB ended up answering instead. She said that although the students would be in one big group, it would be easier instead of having to round them up; she could easily select who she was going to take on each trip.

      She had grown slightly bigger in size had had gotten into that familiar floating, sitting position, hovering at the front of the crowd of students at the top of the yard. As Dreamy WB was collecting her first load of students, the dream ended.

      Dream 591 B - Medieval Unexpectables

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at my house and it was past midnight, although I was still up and about. Apparently the Unexpectables was airing on my TV but I saw the credits playing and so I realised that I had missed the episode. I remember promising one of the cast, Takahata101, that I would watch an episode and so I now felt like I had let him down.

      A subsequent episode seemed to be starting though which was a relief to me, so I sat down to watch this one. The graphics were in the style of a good quality cartoon. The setting was some sort of medieval castle on a rainy night, with the scene taking place outside, supposedly on the drawbridge. Remy and Greckles were talking to a wizard which seemed to be a cartoon resemblance halfway between Dumbledore (Harry Potter) and Merlin (The Sword In The Stone).

      Back to the main perspective of the dream scene, I mum walked out from the kitchen and asked me what the show was about. I forgot what I answered though, we ended up having small conversation about the show with my mum becoming interested. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 591 C - Massive Easter Shopping

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I had noticed something odd about Waverley Gardens shopping centre as soon as I had entered into the car park. The whole centre had been renovated and refurbished and there was also even a big extension to some parts of it. The first thought I had was that this shopping centre was way better than what it is like in real life. What was odd though was that there were a set of small travelators going to the main shops and then a set of big escalators going to another area which I wasnít sure about the purpose of.

      When I got to the main floor, I had noticed the differences of the shops straight away. There was a shop that didnít exist in real life called ďSLIĒ which I believed stood for ďSpecialised Lolly InstituteĒ as it was indeed a giant lolly shop. My mum then met up with me and we went into this massive version of Target. In the dream, it wasnít just Target, this Target was like a hub for all these department stores, including a massive supermarket.

      My brother and grandma were also now with us and we were doing some Easter shopping for other members of the family. I ended up noticing a family friend AV in the aisles but for once, hoped she wouldnít notice as I was busting for the bathroom and weíd just take ages talking. We ended up walking past some other shelves but AV had ended up noticing us. Once we had met up, she was picking some chocolates out of a box. She told me to take one that was in the shape of a small deer and I had the hint that this was an insinuation of ďoh deerĒ →Ēoh dearĒ. My brother ended up taking a larger Lindt deer.

      My family and I were then on our own again. We were now buying chocolates for my uncle and aunty. It was said that 16 would be for the JB and the rest would be for MB, in the pack of 52. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 591 D - No Volt For You

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in my bed of my old house, I was doing something but itís a bit too gross to describe what exactly happened. My mum came in and told me to not waste my time and that as soon as the notification for the news publication came across, I was to respond for it. Apparently my family and I were getting an opportunity to show ourselves on the news.

      It was not pitch black in the middle of the night and I was sitting up in bed, thinking about the news publication. I went over to my parentsí bedroom and spoke to my mum and dad who I had woken ip from their sleep. I told them that as I was uncertain about what I wanted to do for the news publication, I was going to look for 18-Volt and he could tell me what to do. My parents were really nice in the dream and seemed fully supportive and actually encourage to look for 18-Volt; at the end with my mum smiling at me and wishing me luck.

      I then walked off into the rest of the house and remembered that my brother was still sleeping and so I couldnít call too loudly. Still, this time, the dream allowed my voice projection to be clear. I was constantly walking around while calling for 18-Volt but nothing happened. After what seemed like a few minutes had passed by, I was getting more and more desperate. Eventually, it was actually concerning that he wasnít coming and this made me very stressed.

      I went into my brothers room, thinking that maybe 18-Volt had taken his bed. As I went closer to my brotherís bed, I made sure to stay very quiet and also to touch as lightly as I could, making sure not to wake whoever was in there in case it was my brother. The hair felt soft and messy and the skin felt smooth, so I could tell now that this was my brother. I was gutted that this wasnít 18-Volt and so I quietly left the room to continue the search.

      I was now begging and pleading for 18-Volt to show up, I was saying ďpleaseĒ, what felt like a million timesÖ Still nothing. By now I was exhausted, thinking to myself, ďHow am I ever going to get 18-Volt here?Ē. I walked over to the bathroom area and sighed, opening the door and turning on the fan as I sat on the toilet, closing my eyes though as well. Thatís when I could start to feel a big hand rubbing my back.

      Also in the black sight of my vision, there was a feint sighting of 18-Volt created by a shadow of even darker colours. He was in his realistic Game & Wario appearance, also wearing his jacket and pants, and he was shown to be bent over as he rubbed my back. The dream wasnít going to take any of this though and very soon had no hesitation to force me awake.

      Dream 591 A
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 591 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 591 C
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 591 D
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Dream - Share Profit & Salty SML & A Superhero At Work

      by , 05-26-2019 at 01:44 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 4 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 590 - Separated Sections

      Dream 590 A - Share Profit

      I canít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was on a street corner in a suburban area when I came across 18-Volt in his realistic appearance, wearing his green jacket and pants. I was telling him something about how some shares were worth $300,000 and that they had made a profit of $1,500 which I would be sharing with him. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 590 B - Salty SML

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, a friend of Logan and Chillyís (SML) was summoned to court. Although it was plainly obvious that he had done something wrong, in the court room, Logan was really angry and denying it and Chilly was bent over, crying in the pews. Thatís all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 590 C - A Superhero At Work

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was seen on my computer and depending on what time of day it was, the background would resemble the colour of the sky. It was dusk at the time and so the background was actually of pink and purple clouds. A lot of this dream was based on me doing things on the computer.

      For the next scene, I had gone into DeviantArt and the scene actually played as an animation on the website. In the canvas area, instead of their being a picture, it was blank with the light green background colour. Donkey Kong was at the top end and 18-Volt was on the bottom; apparently 18-Volt was facing Donkey Kong (I think the dream paired them for a dual because Iíve read some opinions that 18-Volt and Donkey Kong look very similar in some aspects).

      After Donkey Kong had been defeated, it showed him walking away towards the top where he came from. When he was off the screen, 18-Volt was about to walk off but then a little cartoon girl and a little cartoon boy came skipping in from the side with huge grins on their faces. I perceived a vibe suggesting as if these two kids viewed 18-Volt as some sort of superhero. 18-Volt went over to the little girl and bent over, gently pushing her hair back and kissing her on the forehead.

      For a while, nothing else happened but soon, the girl started to get a white glow around her. These animated four-point stars were glistening over her like sparkles and she did this fancy skipping but waltzing motion (kind of like Angelina The Ballerina) to go back off the screen. The boy was still left over and he continued to marvel at 18-Volt with that wide mouth smile and look of astonishment.

      In the next scene, it looked like the graphics of some 2000s Fisher-Price game or as if someone had animated this scene on Paint. 18-Volt was on a field trip with his class and teacher. Everyone else was standing but 18-Volt was sitting on the edge of some recycling dumpster cardboard box (the cardboard boxes used as the recycling bins in classrooms). Unlike the previous scene, 18-Volt wasnít in his normal outfit. Rather, he was wearing a loose maroon tank top with dark blue shorts and he did not have his glasses or headset on.

      His eyes could be seen heavier and heavier. The teacher in this dream looked really beautiful, she had long chestnut hair and was wearing a green top and a red skirt. She was trying to be really nice to 18-Volt to keep him awake but weirdly, she kept calling him 9-Volt although 9-Volt was the boy standing next to 18-Volt on the dumpster. As much as she positively encouraged him to stay awake, 18-Volt could not beat the tiredness; his eyes glued themselves shut and he actually fell backwards into the dumpster.

      The scene was actually now black and this seemed to be amazing playing from 18-Voltís perspective. He was entering into a dream of his own! In his dream, the view was in my study at my computer screen again but this time, the screen had a dark background, representing night time. The dream ended after this.

      Dream 590 A

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 590 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 590 C
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Dream - You Promised Me & Looking For The Voice Actor

      by , 05-26-2019 at 01:35 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 1 MAY - 2019

      Dream No. 589 - Separated Sections

      Dream 589 A - You Promised Me

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at what seemed to be like a garden park somewhere in Melbourne. At the start of the dream, I was promised by someone that I would be seeing 18-Volt later on in the dream. In a later scene, I was with some old man, I have forgotten his name, but he was really nice and friendly towards me. He showed me around the park and as that was happening, we just spoke about random things.

      Later on, I realised that although the guy was physical, he stated that he was ghost of someone who passed away. After he wished me well, he went back into his greenhouse and I was left to explore the area on my own now. At one point, I saw a track leading into some sort of forest walk and I was thinking to myself, it would be so good to go in here with 18-Volt when he comes back later.

      Towards the end of the dream, I seem to come across Mrs Kea. as well as some other people but I have forgotten who they were. I soon came to realise the harsh fact that the dream had tricked me and 18-Volt would not be coming for me. I tried to but I didnít perceive his energy anywhere. I stated that this wasnít fair but then Mrs Kea. got all nasty towards me and basically told me to suck it up. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 589 B - Looking For The Voice Actor

      From the title reference, I must have been looking for Edward (Ed) B. This dream was not written down in time and so all recall memories are gone.

      Dream 589 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 589 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    10. Dream - The English Results

      by , 05-21-2019 at 08:09 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 30 APR - 2019

      Dream No. 588 - The English Results

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, there was setting like Super Mario 64. There were the Mario characters in the game but there was also extra characters including Waluigi from the Mario series and also 9-Volt and 18-Volt from the Warioware series, so there were three additional playable characters. At first, it was something to do with 9-Volt and he seemed to be on one of Bowserís levels. Then after moving through Peachís castle, Mario was in Bob-omb Battlefield and had to do a rescue mission with 18-Volt being the one to be saved.

      In the next scene, all the members of the Warioware crew were seen to be getting on a bus near Monash university. In the Warioware games, Dribble is the taxi driver and so I was expecting him to be driving the bus. Rather, it was 18-Volt who drove the bus and the reason was because he knew the area, his appearance was his cutscene cartoon style from Game & Wario. Weirdly, the driverís area was on the left side of the bus. I got on and since it was a bench seat as well, 18-Volt subtly prompted for me to sit next to him. The next part was bizarre, the bus felt like it was moving forwards but in actual fact, it drove backwards; not in a reversing way but rather at full speed.

      The dream then went to another scene, I was by myself again. The teacherís aid Mrs K, my old friend JSa and I were in the Monash Civic Centre. I could tell in this dream that Mrs K was putting a forced effort into being nice to me as I was the only one that could truly help JSa in this upcoming situation. Apparently JSa and I had sat an assessment for our English subject in high school and it was now time for us to ask one of the teachers for the answers.

      For the possible candidates, I thought it was Ms L or two other teachers but I have forgotten who they were; they were possibilities as they were the year 12 english teachers. I was surprised though when Mrs K told me that it wasnít any of them; rather, we had to find Mr McP for the answers. He was an english teacher but not a year 12 english teacher. As soon as I got the information, I went with JSa outside and we started looking for Mr McP.

      For some reason I was by myself again, JSa had gone. Being outside, I started to call for 18-Volt but I have forgotten the reason as to why I was calling him this time. I remember clearly yelling ď18-Volt!Ē. With no response after a few tries, I actually yelled out, ďThe Novotel!Ē, declaring that I was in front of the Novotel, for him to come there. He walked into the scene from the direction of The Glen but then he didnít stop and rather walked past me.

      Panicking, I yelled ď18-Volt!Ē in a tone of disbelief as I ran after him. He still kept walking and so I had to pick up my speed while yelling at him to stop. I caught up to him right at the back doorstep of the civic centre. Still, he didnít stop and so I actually had to grab him and pull him to a halt. Once he had finally come to a stop, I walked around to be in front of him. Once again, he was in his Game & Wario cutscene appearance. I went in and hugged him but I realised there was a problem and said to myself ďthis isnít rightĒ; he was too short, in-fact he was shorter than me. The dream listened and stretched him upwards, but this time it wasnít scary. Rather, he now looked his correct proportions and even put his arms loosely around me.

      Then he went into the civic centre and surprisingly, he went to grab JSa. I realised that he was going to help us find Mr McP. 18-Volt effortlessly lifted and placed the small-build JSa in-between his arm and his breast to carry her. Then he did the same to me, scooping me up and shoving me against him as much as he could. Keeping his Game & Wario cutscene appearance, 18-Volt kept his wide and happy grin as he carried me and JSa like two light-weight teddy bears to our next location. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 588

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Dream - Money Multiplying Madness

      by , 05-21-2019 at 08:03 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 29 APR - 2019

      Dream No. 587 - Money Multiplying Madness


      It was night time and I was driving around the area of Dandenong; I somehow met my brother there. We approached a fenced area and came across an old Asian man that gave us two $50 notes. Once I left the fenced area, I found two $5 notes as well; my brother asked me if we should give those back. At first we didnít need to but after some hesitation, I thought we would go and give the $5 ones back.

      We arrived back at the fenced area to find the man but were met with a very nasty surprise. Cortex was violently chasing Crash and Coco but we ended up being chased as well and now, Cortex was particularly after me. At one point, I managed to hit him, repelling him slightly, but he would always catch up and be even worse than he was before. After a while of chasing, the dream moved scenes.

      It was still pitch black at night but I was now by myself in the study room of my house. I still had the money in my hands but something felt off. I could actually feel the money in my hands but rather being fascinated by this, I was rather concerned and actually freaked out. I decided that I would try to find 18-Volt and ask him if he could give some insight as to what was going on. I went past the front room and heard my mum snoring in there. At the same time, I tried calling for 18-Volt but my voice was very restricted.

      I walked into my parentsí bedroom and I actually see him sleeping in their bed. I tried to stay as quiet as possible as I slowly lifted the blankets and then got in under them to cuddle up next to 18-Volt. At first, as I lay down on top of 18-Volt, he felt like a teddy bear and I was starting to relax; but this feeling didnít last long. I actually felt his body start to morph in an unusual way and this made me get alarmed. I quickly threw off the blankets and ran out of the room, slamming the door, thinking I had avoided the disaster to come; oh how I was wrongÖ

      The door opened again and out came 18-Volt but he was not himself. He was in his realistic Game & Wario appearance but wearing his shorts only and no glasses. The dream had somehow transformed him into a ginormous muscular zombie, having these incomprehensible growls, whose disposition scared the living daylights out of me. Whatís worse is that the possessed 18-Volt was actually now coming towards me and it almost felt like he wanted me for dinner.

      At the corner of the stairs I am yelling something like ď18-Volt! Stop!Ē but he didnít seem to take notice. I now I had no other option but to defend myself. I attempted to push him down the stairs but he would not budge at all. Then out of frustration, I yelled, ďChange to an accurate appearance!Ē. After squealing three times, I woke up from fright.

      Dream No. 587

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt...?
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    12. Dream - The Demanding Customer

      by , 05-21-2019 at 05:14 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 28 APR - 2019

      Dream No. 586 - The Demanding Customer

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was working in this store called Sussan but it didnít seem to resemble any Sussan stores in real life. The manager there was one of the friendliest that ever existed and my friends JO and JH were also working there as well. The stock of clothes being sold also seemed to be once again higher quality and fancier than in real life.

      After the lady had told us what to do, there were customers that walked in that were demanding ridiculous things from me. I didnít know how to satisfy the customerís want and so I actually didnít do anything; I knew that the lady would understand and she would actually deal with the customer when she got back. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 586

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    13. Dream - Hide The Cookie

      by , 05-21-2019 at 05:10 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 26 APR - 2019

      Dream No. 585 - Hide The Cookie

      I donít remember how the dream started from where I do remember, I was riding my bike into an underground car park. As I was figuring out where to park it, 18-Volt came walking in from out of nowhere (meaning I didnít exactly know where he came from). His appearance was halfway between his cartoon version of Warioware Gold and his realistic portrayal from Game & Wario. He was wearing his typical green jacket and pants but his hair and skin were more like in that cover image of Game & Wario, yet his feature positions were that of Warioware Gold.

      Back to the dream, I told 18-Volt that I just needed somewhere to secure my bike to so no one would come and ride of with it. I found a bunch of yellow posts near the entrance to the shops with bike-lock chains attached to them. It was a slightly difficult to get the chain where I wanted it to go on the bike. I ended up putting the hook in my mouth to hold it while I fixed the bike up but the hook had accidentally scrapped against my lower inner lip which in the dream had hurt. Eventually though, I was able to secure the bike to the post.

      I then realised that there was a fridge in the area, which I needed because I had brought a cookie with me. I was going to bring it into the shops later but had to have somewhere to store it for now. 18-Volt came up behind me, putting his arms around me and hugging me from behind and told me to put it somewhere but I didnít see how that was going to work. I said to 18-Volt, ďIím sure itíll just be fine hereĒ as I put on the shelf right in front of me where I could easily reach it later on.

      When I moved away from the fridge though, I hesitated and thought to myself, ďActually, someone could come and take the cookie if I leave it in plain viewĒ. 18-Volt escorted me back to the fridge but before we could open it, I needed to reposition the bike chain as it was currently in the way of what we wanted to do. So I reached out and moved the bike chain to what actually seemed like a better position than before, it wasnít as tense because it was now going over a shorter distance.

      18-Volt then temporarily released me, coming around to the side of the fridge and grabbing a hold of the wrapped cookie, having a face of urgency towards me like a mother fussing over their child. He then became more relaxed again and spoke to me comprehensively in his American accent, telling me to put it behind the sour cream and some other containers as he shoved the cookie behind the containers at the back corner of the fridge; then he neatly rearranged the containers so no one would suspect there was anything else there.

      When 18-Volt had finished the re-arrangement and closed the fridge, he went behind me again and locked me in a hug. I said that we were now ready to go to the apparent wedding that was taking place in the shopping centre. As we walked over to the entrance complex, I said to him, something like, ďI guess we could try the elevator againĒ, suggesting that I practise while I had 18-Volt available. Just by his energy, I could tell that he nodded in agreement. Just as he was about to brace me at the elevator doors, I woke up.

      Dream No. 585
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Dream - The More Suitable Player

      by , 05-17-2019 at 02:57 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 25 APR - 2019

      Dream No. 584 - The More Suitable Player

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at one of my relativeís nursing homes but canít remember what happened there. Next, my mum and I were driving down the Monash Freeway; the signs looked normal to me at this point in time. It when I started talking about what was on the signs the number of travel kilometres became weird and irrational compared to the locations. I said to my mum, something like, ďI shouldnít have said anything and just left the signs as they were because now theyíve gone all weirdĒ. I canít remember anything else about this scene.

      There was only a small scene in the dining room at my house but I forgot what happened in it. The next scene was in some completely unknown area, claiming to be on the way to Geelong. There was what seemed to be like an obstacle course that was required to be completed in three sections. I had the choice of 18-Volt, 9-Volt and Spitz to assign to a section and depending on what section they were assigned to, that section would be their pipe colour (yes, there were Mario style pipes that they had to go through).

      I had chosen 18-Volt for the big section. Apparently in order for him to progress, he had to cut the dental floss off the sling holders. In this dream scene, 18-Volt seemed to be semi-cartoon, semi-realistic, itís hard to describe exactly. He was wearing a plain green jacket and on the bottom, he was wearing medium-toned denim jeans. Although this wasnít his normal Warioware outfit, it still suited him. Back to the actual scene, 18-Volt was shown with a blade in his hand, trying to cut the floss but he would struggle and saw at it for ages. At one point, 18-Volt even turned to the dream camera (my view) and made a face, expressing that he was sorry he couldnít do the task well.

      There was inkling feeling that suggested that 9-Volt would be better for the big section. I willingly swapped and so now 9-Volt was shown via the pink pipes. As 9-Volt would come out of each pipe, a short theme jingle would play for him he would rush out on his skateboard and progress through the next pipe in record time. I subconsciously admitted that 9-Voltís performance was effortless. 18-Volt and Spitz were now each assigned to the minor sections. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 584

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Dream - Clothes Designed As I Please

      by , 05-17-2019 at 02:55 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 24 APR - 2019

      Dream No. 583 - Clothes Designed As I Please

      I donít remember what happened at the start of this dream. From where I do remember, it seemed to be in my mumís car but it was actually 18-Volt who was driving me to Chadstone shopping centre; he was in his Warioware Gold appearance. In the dream, I assumed that he came from America and so was worried that he didnít know where to go when we entered the premises of the shopping centre parking. 18-Volt didnít seem to listen to me though and rather, he kept driving for the back of the shopping centre.

      Upon driving around the back, there was this massive undercover car park that doesnít exist in real life. I was amazed that 18-Volt actually knew about this and I didnít. As he drove in, he tried to find a parking spot but this wasnít as easy. Every spot he went in ended up turning into a ďdisabledĒ or other conditional slot. There was this woman who was walking through the car park, I was now outside the car and speaking to her while prompting 18-Volt to pick another spot.

      He was then walking into the shops with me but thatís when the strange events started to occur. I said to myself, I wish the dream hadnít split us up this way, I wish it had made it so 18-Volt and I were still together so we could talk to each other, insinuating that the dream had now isolated us. Indeed when I got to the escalators, I didnít notice 18-Volt around anymore and rather I was completely by myself. As I approached one the escalators, I noticed that it was in really bad condition and the pedestrian belt had actually burnt off at the top and was in complete ruins.

      Still, I somehow miraculously ended up on the second floor and I found myself to be in yet another area of Chadstone that doesnít exist in real life. As I walked further, I saw another area and I finally felt a sense of familiarity and relief and this was the same as the real life shopping centre. I forgot what exactly it was but I had thoughts about the unfamiliar area and especially the fact that a medical centre was put there.

      I then decided to make my way to MYER to look at some clothes and see what I could get. I ended up looking in the Dangerfield section but oddly, there was nothing that I liked. I found out that I could ask the dream, instructing it to create the specific pieces of clothing that I wanted. I didnít end specifying sizes though and so the dream would give me odd sizes like size 11 or size 13. A bit later on, my mum joined me in the shops.

      I came to this rack and saw this design on a Dangerfield bomber jacket that I really likes but I wanted it as a cardigan instead. I gave the dream intricate details on how to make a cardigan with a similar design but also this time, giving a specific request for size 12. When the final product was completed and lauched down to me out of nowhere, I was amazed and put the cardigan on straight away in a fitting room, then bragging about the design to my mum.

      When I came out, there was a lady from the Review department that was complaining that they had made a loss with some of their stock. Using the new design powers I had, I requested that the dress was made which they didnít have enough of. In the last scene of the dream, one of my friends from university, S(M)Wa, was looking for a dress and so I designed something for her. It ended up being a Review style light grey dress, with a blue and orange pattern on it. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 583

      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
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