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    Dream - Beauty For A Birthday

    by , 07-27-2017 at 12:30 PM (365 Views)
    Date of Dream: THU 27 JUL - 2017

    Dream No. 161 - Beauty For A Birthday

    The first part of the dream was taking place in my bathroom and I was talking myself through my upcoming test. The dream gave me a tip such as when I approach traffic lights, not only to look forward but also to pay attention to the cars bunching up around me. The dream then went to me checking my Facebook. I saw on WB's timeline a post about attending someone's 13th birthday party, with a photo of her and her family wearing medical outfits at the party.

    The dream then showed the actual scenario of the party without the Facebook surrounding. WB and her family were due to wear a green colour scheme to the party and what's more interesting is that each family member was wearing the exact same tone of mint green. The dream camera did zoom onto WB's outfit, really emphasizing the pattern of the dress and the overall elegance. I was then in my driveway and I was going to go with the to the party except my dress was dark blue and so if I was going with the family, I needed to somehow change my dress to be in the mint colour. I did so by activating one of my four elements, earth, which changed my colour to that exact green. Then the dream went further and showed the dress' colour due to my default element of ice, which indeed made the dress an icy blue. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

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