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    Dream - The Crazy Water Park Idea

    by , 05-26-2019 at 02:39 PM (58 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 13 MAY - 2019

    Dream No. 597 - The Crazy Water Park Idea

    I canít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, my family were driving to see some extended family in Geelong, we knew that they were going to move to Sunshine soon and so thatís why we wanted to go and see them. I had made the comment to my mum and grandma that they werenít in the ďhouse with chainsĒ anymore (this is actually a feature on their real life house). Soon, we entered this long court and indeed, at the end of it was their house. Not the chain fence house but rather this very ugly looking house where half of it actually looked like it was demolished.

    RC and AC had come outside to greet us. I saw Peter but he wasnít talking to us much, rather, he was in the background, closer to the entrance of the house. In this dream, AC was talking like a motormouth and so I couldnít get a word in, but I needed to as I realised we were going to go somewhere but I wasnít wearing good walking shoes. Instead, I seemed to be wearing flip-flops (we call them thongs in Australia, okay?).

    Over ACís constant talking, I attempted to call 18-Volt and tell him that I needed some good walking shoes. I called out into the sky, saying to him that he could even give me the shoes in his colour scheme if he wanted although my silent wish was that he would give me a versatile colour. A pair of shoes had indeed fallen out of the sky and 18-Volt had fulfilled my wish over his. They were a pair of dark olive green flats with some sort of gold brooch on them.

    Later on, I was going to some shops in the area by myself. My job was to look for something for AC from Dymocks but I forgot what the item specifically was. Later on, there was suggestion that AC had booked a water-park for my birthday but I was slightly concerned about this idea as I didnít want to go on too many crazy rides or slides. Apparently the booking was made for Friday the 30th of August. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream No. 597

    Dream Guide: 18-Volt
    Lucid?: No

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