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    Dream - Dandy Danger & Dream Guide Troubleshooting & The Appointments Manager

    by , 12-29-2017 at 12:58 PM (267 Views)
    Date of Dream: FRI 29 DEC - 2017

    Dream No. 251 - Separated Sections

    Dream 251 A - Dandy Danger
    I don't remember much of this dream. I was heading along the Princes Highway towards Dandenong. I was walking towards the lonesome Coles store when there were also heaps of high school students, mostly boys, walking that way as well. One boy randomly approached me and bashed me really hard. After that, I was running out of that Coles car park. That's all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream 251 B - Dream Guide Troubleshooting (Lucid Dream 10)
    I can only remember this dream from the point where I became lucid. I was in my parents' bedroom, looking in the mirror, when I noticed my appearance was slightly messed up. I then looked at my fingers and said to myself, “I seem to have 6, or 7, or more!”. Then I tried moving my body around a bit. My hips ended up hurting when I was swinging them around and I could hear the bones cracking. I confirmed I was lucid and changed the scene so my body wouldn't hurt anymore.

    I was now in my own bedroom, calling for Dreamy WB. It was only becoming annoyingly harder and harder to get her. I walked out to the kitchen, which looks completely different in comparison to real life. A dream guide appeared eventually, but it wasn't Dreamy WB. On multiple examinations, I found that it was Dreamy SW, whom I was not intending. She obtained her traditional hairstyle with the fringe from 2014 and she was also wearing a sand-yellow coloured jumper.

    At first, I tried to show that I wasn't happy with the situation but I noticed the dream trying to fade out on me. I eventually sighed and said to myself “you'd better stop complaining or you're going to wake up”. Dreamy SW realised what was happening and said to me that I shouldn't just accept what the “Awareness Behind The Dream” says and that I should be allowed to get the dream guide I want. She then encouraged me to keep trying and said that she would help me in any way she could. The scene ended with me calling for Dreamy WB a few more times.

    The scene changed to this dark room with a round wooden table in the middle of it, laid out like an old fashioned office... It must have been the Dream Guide HQ! There was some random burly guy in a corporate outfit with dark hair, wearing sunglasses. He had a mean look about him; I'm thinking he must have been the boss and he was the one with the title of “Awareness Behind The Dream”. Dreamy WB was sitting across from him and the boss goes to her in a frustrated tone, “your bracelet's flashing”. Dreamy WB was wearing a black wristband and there was a light underneath it that was flashing a bright yellow/amber.

    Now I must say, the dream made her look horrendous... You could say that she was naked with minimal coverage. All she was wearing was a purple and orange g-string bikini with a bra top you'd expect to see at a stripper club. Additionally, her skin was all folded over and was very speckled with the wrong colour... She was an utter mess. The only thing half appropriate about her was the fact that she had hair on her head in the correct colour and a pigtail style.

    The dream camera showed her walking towards my location, which was a low balcony in the distorted, front area of my house. She was literally an unidentifiable, walking pile of jelly approaching the stairs. Wherever she walked, the path widened for her and then went back to normal after she left that area. The dream even made the stairs fly up and down when she walked on them. She did nothing except stand in front of me in the front yard and I didn't look pleased at what I was witnessing.

    I looked up aimlessly into the sky but soon, my face gained an expression of purpose. I yelled my head off at the “Awareness Behind The Dream”, throwing every curse at it I could think of. I said stuff like “You stupid! I called for a dream guide and I've got a slob! Give me someone I can bloomin' identify with at least!”. A few seconds later, I was still in frustration while I followed Dreamy WB to the lower part of the front yard.

    She eventually stood still and a pink holographic barrier came up around her, lifting her existence out of the dream world. While the pink barrier was still active, a pair of dress pants ascended from the ground. The second stage was when the top half of a man's tuxedo appeared on top of the pants. The blazer was a matching black and then there was a white shirt underneath with a hot pink tie to match the colour of the energy barrier. The last stage of development was where the head and all other body parts started to fade into vision and place itself onto the figure.

    There was now the resemblance of a full, decent human being who was fit to be classified as a dream guide. Something was still odd about Dreamy WB though; she wasn't human flesh, rather, her skin and hair were some sort of silver, stone-like metal. I stated to the environment that Dreamy WB's hair still wasn't right. The dream then zoomed in onto her undistinguishable hair and showed it being slowly morphed into an afro. The dream went into really slow motion, to make sure that Dreamy WB parted her hair really well.

    When the transformation was finished. Dreamy WB gave me a wide, pleasant smile and just stood there, waiting for me to make my next move. I came closer to her and gave her a hug. Although she appeared as metal, she still felt human like. The dream then showed the area where the stairs previously were and the pathway had morphed itself into a love heart, with the limestone pavement on the outside as a border to the shape and the grass on the inside.

    The dream then moved back to my parents' bedroom where I was under the belief that I had woken up. Since it was a double bed, my brother was lying next to me. I looked over at the clock on my dad's side of the bed (which was my side in the dream) and it said 7:42 with no distortions. After reflecting with my brother about the lucid aspects of the dream, the dream truly ended and it went into a straight transition to Dream C.

    Dream 251 C - The Appointments Manager
    My brother was due for a check up at the dentist. The differences are that the exterior of the building looked different in comparison to real life and it was also night time. I forgot what I was doing exactly but I was walking around in the dark, in the middle of the night with my dad. We eventually found our way back to the clinic and I found out that I had to cancel some people's appointments on the dentist's behalf.

    There was a electronic list of people outside, the door and then a bigger list inside the clinic. I went to the area in the waiting room and started swiping random people off the appointments register. There were originally 7 appointments and now there were only 3 left. A random lady came and told me to also swipe another one so now they only had two remaining.

    After that, AD came into the clinic and surprisingly, she came up behind me and briefly patted me on the back... She'd typically be angry at me. In this dream I could tell what she was wearing; a plan navy top and black leggings, her hair was in the default style with a slight gingerish tinge to it. Although AD was nice to me, I still couldn't find myself to trust her incentives, so I squeezed my water bottle really hard to try getting all the nerves out of me. After my dad questioning me on why I was squeezing my bottle so hard, the dream ended and I woke up.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:
    - Free Roaming (Have 3 lucid dreams)

    Haven't done a "Behind The Scenes" entry in ages. I think Dream 251 B has a lot to get to the bottom of.
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