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    Dream - Distortion Medicine

    by , 04-24-2021 at 02:25 PM (57 Views)
    Date of Dream: TUE 13 OCT - 2020

    Dream No. 762 - Distortion Medicine

    The dream started off with me at some huge dreaming institution, where there were a large number of people; groups being split up into boys and girls, also with the gender of the teachers. Three of the boys were of a violent tendency and had ganged up to target me in a staged attack. This scene seemed to be brief.

    In the next scene, five of the girls from the institution came to my house, and I was keen for them to meet Riku, showing them that he’s my dream guide. I asked Riku to come, in which an extra small room then appeared where my TV was situated. Though the dream was threatening to wake me up, as it counted to 3; and so I had no choice but to tell Riku to wait in the room until I took my medicine.

    I ended up taking the medicine, but that made Riku distort. He and Mickey came out of the room and sat on my couch. Riku sat next to me with an arm around me, while Mickey sat further down. The five girls also appeared to fit on the couch, with some of them being on Riku’s lap. Then dream then changed scenes again.

    SP was going to be heading to some shops, but I couldn’t follow her, as the elevators were the only way to get there. Before I would lose SP, I ended up calling out for Riku to come and for him to be quick. I ended up losing SP, but Riku came out of one of the elevators, this time, in his correct KH3 appearance, and was ready to take me in the appropriate one.

    As Riku gently took me in and turned me around, he then stood beside me, but pretty close so that our bodies were touching (my eyes closed in the dream the whole time). After a while, I asked Riku why the elevator wasn’t stopping; it seemed to be going up AND like it was on rollercoaster rails (but slow) for a while. Riku said to me “I’m taking you down the scenic route so you can have more practise”. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream No. 762

    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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