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    Dream - A Dodgy Party Invitation

    by , 05-26-2019 at 02:10 PM (38 Views)
    Date of Dream: MON 6 MAY - 2019

    Dream No. 592 - A Dodgy Party Invitation

    The dream started with my at my old house, lying in bed very early in the morning. My mum had told me the previous night to wash my hair and so I promised her that I would get up very early and do it in the morning instead. The alarm had soon gone off and I actually found it very hard to get up, I was extremely drowsy. I had these three weird paper versions of 18-Volt with me as well as one actual resemblance in paper form. The real paper 18-Volt had actually started slightly gesturing and pushed me out of bed by the cheek. I ended up going to the shower but something was wrong, I forgot what it was. This was actually a big relief for me as I could go back to bed. I don’t remember anything about this scene.

    Later on, I was talking to a family friend, EW on Twitch. He mentioned something about there being a really “cool” broadcasting channel that was dedicated to the community of all the Eds. I couldn’t find the guy on Twitch though, apparently there was a link to go to YouTube and this is where the guy was located. He seemed to be live-streaming this RTS game for the time being. There was a grid around the units and the units could move around by squares, kind of like some campaign.

    I was then at my current house, in the driveway, when I went to check the mail. I was really excited to receive a handwritten piece of mail but when I opened the envelope, it was some weird party invitation. Upon reading out, I found that someone was having a birthday party but at the same time holding a birthday party for me with the theme being My Little Pony. At first I was excited but then I came suspicious, I thought to myself, “who would invite me when they don’t even know me personally?”.

    I thought of who it could possibly be, a friend of one of friends and so I ended up sending that person a message on Facebook. She replied to me and said that it wasn’t her. Though she said she had been reflecting on the relationship with me over the past few days and she sent me all these photos of the group when we had met previously.

    Once I had finished on Facebook and found out that it wasn’t the girl, I was starting to become even more suspicious and somewhat concerned. As I walked over to the kitchen bench, a thought had entered me head; it wasn’t anybody that I knew. Rather I had the idea that it was some creepy “international” man that had somehow unlawfully obtained my address. I was actually in a state of distress now and went to find my mum straight away, telling her what I thought had happened.

    I walked down the stairs, checking out some of our Christmas decorations in the storage cabinet underneath when I noticed that both my mum and dad were in the garage next door. My dad had just returned home from work and my mum was telling him about the situation with the suspected unlawful use of our address. My brother went out of his room and was going into garage but I called out to him “not now!”.

    He seemed to ignore me and continue to where my parents were. He asked them what was going on but my dad wasn’t in a good mood and shouted at my brother. He said something like that if he wanted to know what was going on, he should have been there from the start; I forgot what was said exactly. When my brother came back inside, I told him that I had tried to warn him not to go to the parents.

    I went back out into the driveway and I started feeling this energy as if the person was frustrated that I wasn’t responding to the invitation; frustrated that I wasn’t falling for their dirty trick. A small black car had pulled up right in-front of the driveway and out came Mr. McP, who looked normal at first but my senses were telling me that there was something not right about him. He turned nasty very quickly and was expressing his frustration most certainly about how I didn’t accept the invitation.

    This ended up turning into him trying to physically assault me and therefore I had to defend myself. The actions from him didn’t feel too painful but in just the way the dream was animating his movements, it seemed he was trying to inflict some serious damage. For a while I could defend myself but as more and more time went on, I was becoming very frightened of him and needed some help.

    At first I called for Dreamy WB but nothing happened. I then perceived some energy telling me that if the dream guide’s real life counterpart had some sort of relationship to Mr. McP, then that dream guide wouldn’t be valid. It seemed as if the dream guide was placing their trusts on their counterpart’s opinions and so would not come to handle Mr. McP no matter how much obvious danger I was in. The dream had made me automatically move onto another dream guide, one I had in the past but I quickly stopped myself as I realised that his counterpart also had some real life relationship with Mr. McP.

    I had to think fast about who did not have a real life counterpart in that position. After a few seconds, it came to me and I yelled “18-Volt!”. Something happened almost immediately, I perceived 18-Volt’s energy and when I turned back around, I saw Mr. McP frozen into an absolute statue. I wasted no time and I got to giving Mr. McP a spoon of his own medicine. I kicked and punched him into the ground. Striking him as many times as I could before 18-Volt’s effect would wear off.

    After a few seconds, Mr. McP sat up looking dazed and wondered what had happened to him. He asked himself why he was all of sudden weak and just like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz, I declared to him, “It was 18-Volt, he paralysed you!”.

    Dream No. 592
    Dream Guide: 18-Volt
    Lucid?: No

    At the end, the fact that I said "It was 18-Volt, he paralysed you!" reminds of when in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy said to Ms Gultch, "It was my dog, he bit you!". I seemed to say in the exact same emotional tone as her.

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