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    Dream - Double Winged Spider

    by , 12-01-2017 at 08:05 AM (361 Views)
    Date of Dream: FRI 1 DEC - 2017

    Dream No. 232 - Double Winged Spider

    The first part of the dream took place at TAFE. I was in the tax class on Monday morning, when I was bound to prepare for my birthday celebration. I thought to myself that I wanted to go somewhere to have a shower. It ended up being on Tuesday that I had a shower at the TAFE after that tax class... Yes, there was actually a shower unit at an education institution. The birthday celebration then took place in the second and final class on Tuesday.

    The dream scene changed to me being in front of The Glen Shopping Centre where I was standing up on a stage, facing the road and all these people were standing in front of me. KG was announcing to everyone that I was going to become a bus driver for PublicTransportVictoria. I am then actually driving the bus that aids the Glen Waverley line. The first half of the route ran smoothly but the second half was messy.

    For the second half of the run, I told the people I knew how to get to the city but only by one specific way I knew. One guy came and told me off because I wasn't sticking to the designated route map. Everyone eventually arrived at the city as promised and we were all standing on this rocky coastal area, facing all the buildings. I am whispering something in Croatian but the same guy that told me off earlier comes to me and says that I'm being disrespectful. I was actually surprised that he heard me because I thought I was really quiet.

    The dream scene than changes again. I am at my current house in the front room when I see this weird looking spider hanging off the roof. Upon further examination, it was actually two spiders tangled into one web, making it one living being... It was apparently called the double winged spider. As start walking away from one corner of the room, the spider starts swinging backwards and forwards, ultimately coming for me in that direction.

    I get to the other end of the room and I find I'm trapped. My brother is now there, cornering me beside the heater as well and he is giving me some sort of weird smile. Both parts of the double winged spider jump on me and start biting me. I now thought my brother was behind this act, so give him a taste of his own medicine, I go to bite his nose, sticking my teeth there and pressing them into him, while I stressfully call with my gritted teeth, alternating between both her names, “Dreamy WB!” and “Miss T!”. I eventually woke up to curtains thrashing about and really bad gusts of wind at 6:40 AM.

    Dream Trophies Achieved:

    - None

    At first, I wasn't sure whether to classify it as a normal dream or nightmare. I wouldn't think of it as a nightmare because it didn't have a gory or generally traumatising vibe to it. But then the majority of nightmarish aspects are there in that the look on my brother's face was really twisted like I've never seen before. Also, when I called for Dreamy WB, she didn't come... I exited that scenario by waking up. Thirdly, I don't usually retaliate in nightmares... I run. But this time, I defended myself by trying to bite my brother and the most horrifying thing is that he's the most innocent in real life... So the dream has really messed him up. Very odd dream, I hope not too many of these occur in the future.

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    1. Lucidit's Avatar
      What were the words you mumbled in croatian? I'm curious (as I'll understand )
    2. KarlaB18's Avatar
      I knew the language was Croatian I've forgotten exactly what the words were.
    3. Lucidit's Avatar
      Destroys my insatiable curiosity..